Quentin Burdick Papers
Box and Folder Inventory, Series II, Sub-Series D

Quentin Burdick Papers  
Series II: Senate, 1960-1968  
Sub-Series D: Quentin Burdick Legislation  
Folder Title Box - Folder
(1.) 1961-1962  
Correspondence: letters sent. 12-30
Lists of Bills 12-1
S.1. Unemployment in certain distressed areas. 12-2
S. Con. Res. 4, Industrial development for adequate supplies of fuel and energy resources in all forms. 12-3
S. Con. Res. 16, Summer Recess. 12-4
S. Con. Res. 37, Resolution on the U.N. 12-5
S.J. 58 Amend. Constitution relative to qualification of electors 12-6
S.J. Res. 63, Hebron Brick Co. (clay depletion) 12-7
S.J. Res. 77, To establish a Joint Comm. on foreign information and intelligence. 12-8
S.J. Res. 84 American Indian Day. 12-9
S.J. Res. 88. 12-10
S. Res. 97. 12-11
S. 97, Utilization of Indian-owned resources, Fort Berthold Reservation 12-13
S. 98, Interior to provide water and sewage disposal to Medora 12-12
S. J. Res. 98, Homestead Act. 12-14
S. 99, Interior Dept. to convey property to city of Bismarck. 12-15
S. Res. 101, Dakota Territory. 12-16
S. J. Res. 133. 12-17
S. J. Res. 142. 12-18
S. J. Res. 150, Railroad mergers. 12-19
S. Res. 166. 12-20
S. 239, National Policy on Conservation of Natural Resources. 12-21
S. 341, Federal Assistance for education of Indian children. 12-22
S. 349, G.I. Education Bill. 12-23
S. 404, Youth Conservation Corps. 12-24
S. 480. 12-25
S. 529, to amend the Legislative reorganization act of 1946. 12-26
S. 717, Use of Land of the U.S. for grazing purposes. 12-27
S. 777, National Advisory Committee on Interstate Crime (et al ) 12-28
S. 886, Freight car storage and supply   12-29
S. 909, King-Anderson Bill 12-31
King-Anderson Bill (Health care for aged)  12-32
S. 909, King-Anderson Bill. 12-33
King-Anderson Bill (Health care for aged) 12-34
S. 909, King-Anderson Bill. 12-35
S. 909, Medical care for Aging.    13-1
S. 909, Social Security Amendments of 1960. 13-2
S. 909-Social security Amendments of 1960. 13-3
S. 938, Kensal School District.         13-4
S. 979, N.D. and Minn. Boundary.        13-5
S. 1021, Federal Aid to Education.       13-6
S. 1123, Exemption of Agriculture Employees from Child Labor Provision. 13-7
S. 1021, School Assistance Act of 1961 13-8
S. 1124, Ed. Facilities for children of migrant workers. 13-9
S. 1125, Adult Education for migrant workers. 13-10
S. 1126, Registration of contractors of migrant agricultural workers. 13-11
S. 1127, Provisions for Housing for domestic farm labor 13-12
S. 1128, To amend the National Labor Relations Act so to make provisions applicable to Agriculture 13-13
S. 1129-Farm Stabilization Act. 13-14
S. 1130-Grants for improving domestic Agricultural migratory workers. 13-15
S. 1131-Day Care Facilities. 13-16
S. 1132-National Citizens council on Migratory Labor. 13-17
S. 1139-Consent to compact Relating to Little Mo. River Waters. 13-18
S. 1160-Richard Klava 13-19
S. 1161-Use of land in the Garrison Dam by three affiliated tribes of Ft. B. 13-20
S. 1196-Railroad Unemployment Insurance Benefits. 13-21
S. 1241-Financing the construction of Public and other Institutions of Higher Learning. 13-22
S. 1253-Thru S. 1259-Civil Rights Legislation. 13-23
S. 1313-Wheat unfit for human consumption. 13-24
S. 1314-To amend the federal seed Act 13-25
S. 1315-Highway system to extend from St Louis to L&C expedition. 13-26
S. 1322-Chiropractic practitioners. 13-28
S. 1349-Submarginal Lands. 13-28
S. 1470-Star Route Contracts. 13-30
S. 1629-Water Resources Planning. 13-31
S. 1643-Amendment to farm Bill. 13-32
S. 1643. 14-1
S. 1669. 14-2
S. 1737-Trade Agreement extension so as to include livestock industry. 14-3
S. 1740-Truth in Lending. 14-4
S. 1752. 14-5
S. 1805-Mrs. Chong Shee Wong. 14-6
S. 1806-Kensal School. 14-7
S. 1835-Freda Feller. 14-8
S. 1855-Judgeship in North Dakota. 14-9
S. 1904-Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention. 14-10
S. 1945-Mexico Employment Workers. 14-11
S. 1959-Fred C. Mullen. 14-12
S. 1960-The Vournas Family. 14-13
S. 1966- James Nenow. 14-14
S. 2007-Tariff Act. 14-15
S. 2027-Homestead Act (Stamp) 14-16
S. 2056-Soil Bank. 14-17
S. 2113-Soil Bank.  (Hay) 14-18
S. 2138-See S .2770, Fish and Wildlife Land. 15-1
S. 2170-John Wing Wong (Bill withdrawn) 14-19
S. 2197-Another Soil 14-20
S. 2210-Tax Relief 14-21
S. 2300-Byron Wong. 14-22
S. 2393-Federal Impact Area. 14-23
S. 2395-Railroad Retirement 14-24
S. 2411-Minot Federal Building 14-25
S. 2412-Garrison Lake 14-26
S. 2442-School Lunch Program. 14-27
S. 2526-Sugar. 14-28
S. 2526. 14-29
S. 2535-Wheat. 14-30
S. 2563-Forestry (agriculture) 14-31
S. 2563-Forestry 14-32
S. 2638-State Forestry Work. 14-33
S. 2624-Hay on Conservation Lands 14-34
S. 2770-Fish and Wildlife Land. 14-35
S. 2777-Arild Ericksen-Sandli. 15-2
S. 2864-Additional District Courts. 15-3
S. 2890. 15-4
S. 2890-Ammendments to S. 2814. 15-5
S. 2911-Fort Totten Land. 15-6
S. 3062-Hay Bill. 15-7
S. 3097-Railroad Mergers. 15-8
S. 3118. 15-9
S. 3241. 15-10
S. 3289. 15-11
S. 3290. 15-12
S. 3322. 15-13
S. 3373. 15-14
S. 3382-Migratory Farm Labor 15-15
S. 3398. 15-16
S. 3457. 15-17
S. 3592-Manpower Development and Training Act of 1962. 15-18
S. 3556-Dunn County Relief. 15-19
S. 3668-Theodore Roosevelt Park Highway  15-20
Eftyhios Psaltinas 15-21
S. 3704-Fort Union. 15-22
1-100 Senate Bills 15-23
H.R. 10 16-13
Senate Bills 100-200 15-24
S.J. Res. 159 15-25
S. 174. 15-26
Senate Bills 200-300. 15-27
Senate Bills 300-400. 15-28
Senate Bills 400-500. 15-29
Senate Bills 500-600. 15-30
Senate Bills 600-700. 15-31
Senate Bills 700-800. 15-32
Senate Bills 800-900. 15-33
S. 895 15-34
S. 895 16-1
Senate Bills 900-1000. 16-2
S. 993 Feed Grain Program. 15-35
Senate Bills 1000-2000. 16-7
S. 1197-Truckers. 16-3
S. 1197. 16-4
S. 1228-National Defense Education Act 16-5
S. 1322 16-12
Senate Bills 2000-3000. 16-8
S. 2153. 16-6
S. 2996-Foreign Aid 16-10
3000-4000 Senate Bills. 16-9
5000-6000 Senate Bills. 16-11
(2.)  1965-1966  
N.D. Bills 64-1
S. 1-Hospital Insurance for the aged (Anderson) (PL89-97) 64-2
S. J. Res. 1-Presidential succession (Bayh) 64-3
S. Con. Res. 2-Joint Committee on Organization of Congress (Mahroney) 64-4
S. 2-Amend legislative Reorganization Act of 1946. 64-5
S. 3-Appalachian Program (Randolph) PL 89-4 3/9/65. 64-6
S. Con. Res. 4-Kennedy Film (McGovern) PL 89-274 10/20/65 64-7
S. 5-College Student Assistance (Hartke) PL 89-329 11/8/65. 64-8
S. Con. Res. 8-Sakakawea Statue.       64-9
S. 9-Cold War G.I. Bill-(Yarborough)     64-10
S. Con. Res. 16-Nazi War Criminals. Extend Statute of Limitations (Javits) 64-11
S. Con. Res. 17-Condemnation of Soviet Persecution of Jews, ((No Suggestions))          64-12
S. 22-Promote National Program of Water Research. (Anderson) 64-13
S. J. Res. 27-Establish Annual National Farmers Week. 64-14
S. 30-Establish National Economic Conversion and Diversification Commission (McGovern) 64-15
S. Res. 30-Create Select Committee on Small Business (Prouty) 64-16
S. con. Res. 32-Planning for Peace (Clark) 64-17
S. 34-Garrison Diversion P; 89-108      64-19
S. Res. 34-Create Standing Committee on Veterans' Affairs 64-19
S. 34. 64-20
S. Con. Res. 43-Stevenson, Adlai E., Tribute to  (Gruening) 65-1
S.J. Res. 52-Establish American Indian Day.  (Javits) 65-2
S. 54-Establish A Mint at Bismarck (Young) 65-3
S. 55-Authorization of funds to complete International Peace Garden. (Young)       65-4
S. 56-Construction of classroom facilities for Indian Children (Young)         65-5
S.J. Res. 65-Establish Commission on art and antiquities. (Mansfield) 65-67
S. Con. Res. 71- Utah for site of 1972 Winter Olympic Games. 65-6
S. Res. 84-Establish Committee on Consumers.  (Javitts) 65-7
S. J. Res. 85- Equal Rights for Women (McCarthy) 65-8
S. 99-Amend Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act. PI 89-337 65-9
S. 101- Theodore Roosevelt Road. 65-10
S. Con. Res. 101-To avoid heavy population concentrations of Federal activities, etc. (Miller) 65-11
S. Ill-Establish National Humanities Foundation (Gruening) pi 89-209          65-12
S. Con. Res. 114-National American Indian And Alaska Natives policy resolution. (McGovern) 65-13
S. Res. 121-Murals for Beauty (Moss) 65-14
S.J. Res. 127-Designate April 9 as Sir Winston Churchill Day (Dodd) 65-15
S.J. Res. 162-To'establish American Revolution Bicentennial Commission (Eastland)        65-16
S. Res. 179-Nuclear Proliferation (Pastore) 65-17
S. J. Res. 195-Direct Secretary of Labor to study anti-strike laws. (Javitts)      65-18
S. Res. 250-Requesting information from National Science Foundation (Church)     65-19
S. Res. 252-82nd. birthday greetings to Harry S. Truman. (Montoya) 65-20
S. 253- Jurisdiction over cases arising on Indian Reservations. 65-21
S. 290-Contempt to publish information not properly admitted in criminal case-Morse. 65-22
S. 291- Speedy Trial of Criminal Cases. Morse 65-23
S. 298- For the relief of Fang Luke Chiu. (Young) 65-24
S. Res. 298- Establish select Committee on Technology and Human Environment (Muskie) 65-25
S. Res. 300-Troop deployment in Europe (Mansfield) 65-26
S. 316-National Humanities Foundation Act of 1965, (Pell) P1 89-209 65-27
S. 317-For the relief of the Swanston Equipment Company 65-28
S. 318-For the relief of Jane Jast Delorme 65-29
S. 319-For the relief of Cathryn Glesner 65-30
S. 320-For the relief of Denis Ryan 65-31
S. 321-For the relief of Leo Mondry 65-32
S. 322-For the relief of Choy-Sim Mah PL 89-131 65-34
S. 323-For the relief of Gertrude Margitta McCannel 65-35
S. 360-Indiana Dunes (Jackson) 65-36
S. 438 Drug Control Act of 1965 (Dodd) PL 89-74 65-37
S. 457-Jursidiction of Federal Power Commission over nonprofit cooperatives.  65-38
S. 523-Duty-free Articles for International Peace Garden 65-39
S. 534-Amend Social Security Act (Jane Romhorst) PL 89-97 65-40
S. 525-Make available surplus personal property to Indian Tribes 65-41
S. 526-Appropriate money for three experimental stations 65-42
S. 527-Indian rape 65-43
S. 530-Chropractors  65-44
S. 568-Relief of Denis Ryan 65-33
S. 576-Physicians and Doctors encourage to practice where shortage exists (Cotton) PL 89-290 65-45
S. 600-Higher Education Act of 1965 (Morse) PL 89-329 65-46
S. 601-Uss Utah (Moss) 65-47
S. 602-Amend Small Reclamation Projects Act of 1956 (Moss) 65-48
S. 624-Black Market Babies (Dodd) 65-49
S. 646-Bail-Release on Personal Recognition (Erwin) 65-50
S. 647-Bail, Receive Credit for time spent in custody for lack of (Erwin) 65-51
S. 648-Bail, Refundable Cash deposit (Erwin) 65-52
S. 662-Upper Great Plains Regional Development Act of 1965 (McGovern) PL 89-136 65-53
S. 706-Missouri River Bridge 65-54
S. 707-Amend Federal Property and Administration Services Act 65-55
S. 708-Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (Private Clubs) PL 89-44 65-56
S. 812-Regional Development Act of 1965 (McNamara) PL 89-136 65-57
S. 937-Amend Federal Aviation Act of 1958 (Brewster) 65-58
S. 938-Resources and Conservation Act of 1965 (McGovern) 65-59
S. 948-Export Control Act Amend-Williams of N.J. 65-60
S. 969-Veterens-advance Notice of closing of facility (Boggs) 65-61
S. 994-National Wool Act of 1954, Extend operation of (McGee) PL 89-321 65-62
S. 1032-Coal Mines, Amend Act (Moss) 65-63
S. 1034-Amend Consolidated Farmers Home Administration Act (Montova) 65-64
S. 1098-Freight car supply, Insure Adequacy of (Maguson) 65-65
S. 1160-Freedom of Information 65-66
S. 1203-Teachers-Deduction of Continuing Education Expenses for (Hartke) 66-1
S. 1341-Indian Heirship (Young) 66-2
S. 1355-Student Social Security PL 89-97 66-3
S, 1356-Indian Tribes-Maintain Civil Actions in Federal District Courts.  66-4
S. 1357-Bail Reform Act of 1965 (Erwin) 66-5
S. 1438-National Foundation on Arts and Humanities Act of 1965 (Pell) PL 89-209 66-6
S. 1564-Voting Rights Act of 1965 (Mansfield) PL 89-110 66-7
S. 1589-Indians-Provide public assistance (Burdick) 66-8
S. 1642-Change name of Garrison Dam to Lake Sakakawea 66-9
S. 1648-Public Works and Economic development Act PL 89-136 66-10
S. 1750-Attorneys practice responses-N.D. Lawyers PL   89-332 66-11
S. 1758-Right of Persons to be represented by attorneys in matters before Federal Agencies PL 89-332 66-12
S. 1766-Amend Consolidated Farmers Home Administration Act of 1961 (Aiken) PL 89-240 66-13
S. 1793-Amend Federal Disaster Act (Mondale) PL 89-321 66-14
S. 1808-Legal-Facilities Rehabilitation of Persons Convicted of Offenses (Long) PL 89-176 66-15
S. 1861-Disaster Relief Act of 1965 (Bayh) 66-16
S. 1884-Overtime services exempt private aircraft from paying 66-17
S. 1885-Minimum Wages for Laborers and mechanics re. postal work 66-18
S. 1886-Mail, prohibits IRS from opening (Long) PL 89-44 66-19
S. 1968-Presidential Assassination (Eastland) PL 89-141 66-20
S. 1976-Repeal Highway Revenue Act of 1956 (Hartke) 66-21
S. 1956-Indians-Submarginal lands.  66-22
S. 1993-Milk Sanitation (Mondale) 66-23
S. 2052-Relief of Dr. Leonardo M. Cabarilla 66-24
S. 2067-War Orphans Educational Assistance Act Amend (Kennedy-Mass) 66-25
S. 2080-Coinage Act (Robertson) PL 89-81 66-26
S. 2087-Flood farm bill PL 89-112 66-27
S. 2121-School Lunch Program Expansion (Ribicoff) 66-28
S. 2152-Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act of 1965 (Dodd) 66-29
S. 2159-Freight rare changes (Young) 66-30
S. 2180-Railroad Transportation Improve safety of (McGee) 66-31
S. 2191-Provide for civil commitment of persons addicted to use of narcotic drugs (McClellon) 66-32
S. 2196-Indians-Establish Indian revolving load fund. 66-33
S. 2197-Indians-Provide for guaranty and insurance of loans to Indians and Indian organizations 66-34
S. 2200-Milk, add vitamins A and D to (Ribicoff) 66-35
S. 2204-Bimarck-Mandan Sewage Treatment Facilities 66-36
S. 2205-For the relief of the widow of Albert M. Pepoon 66-37
S. 2229-Foreighn Food Aid Supplement (McGovern) 66-38
S. 2278-School assistance-administrative expenses (Metcalf) PL 89-313 66-39
S. 2410-Student Social Security 66-40
S. 2328-For the relief of Dr. Harbans Singh Gill 66-41
S. 2429-For the relief of Dr. Antonio S. Mimay 66-42
S. 2479-Antitrust suits, disallow tax deduction for (Hart) 66-43
S. 2657-To establish Commission on Alcoholism (Moss) 66-44
S. 2715-Federal Inventions Act (Hart) 66-45
S. 2734-Adjust sugar quotas for domestic areas 66-46
S. 2816-Alleviate national freight car shortage 66-47
S. 2817-Adjust sugar quotas for domestic areas, (supersedes S. 2734) 66-48
S. 2837-Veteren Pension benefits, prevent loss of 66-49
Amend to S. 2859-Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. (relates to Am. Schools and hospitals abroad) 66-50
S. 2875-Water, increase yield of from atmosphere sources 66-51
S. 2921-Provide Special Milk Program for Children (Proxmire) 66-52
S. 2934-Community Development District Act of 1966 (Ellender) 66-53
S. 3076-Extend and amend the Library Services and Construction Act (Hill) 66-54
S. 3089-Provide comprehensive program to combat alcoholism (Moss) 66-55
S. 3107-To provide review of national resource problems and programs (Jackson) 66-56
S. 3273-To regulate imports of milk and dairy products (Proxmire) 66-57
S. 3322-To hold certain land in trust for Fort Berthold Indian Reservation 66-58
s. 3296-Civil Rights Act of 1966 (Hart) 66-59
S. 3463-Amend Bankruptcy Act re. dischargeability or non-disrechargeablity of debts 66-60
S. 3467-Establish a special summer lunch program for children (Ribicoff) 66-61
S. 3514-To provide for National Eye Institute at N.I.H. (Hill) 66-62
S. 2580-Provide readjustment assistance to veterans in Armed Forces during Vietnam Era (Montova) 66-63
S. 3646-Abolish death penalty (Hart) 66-64
S. 3662-Establish a price support level for milk (McGovern) 66-65
S. 3670-Permit free entry of citizens of Trust Territory of Pacific Islands to U.S. 66-66
S. 3698-St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (Mondale). 66-67
S. 3699-Provide for separate accounting of funds for Dept. of Ag. for farmer and consumer. 66-68
S. 3703-"Bill of Rights" protecting federal employees to their privacy.      66-69
S. 3769-Clean Lakes Act of 1966 (Mondale) 66-70
S. 3777-Amend Railroad Retirement Act of 1937 and R.R. Retirement tax Act.      66-71
S. 3779-"Bill of Rights" protecting federal employees to their privacy.      66-72
S. 3784-Redefine eligibility for membership of American Legion (Eastland)     66-73
S. 3888-To establish an executive organization review Commission. 66-74
S. 3910-White House Conference on Indian Affairs. (Harris) 66-75
H.R. 14765-Amendments to the Civil Rights Act of 1966. (Hart) 66-76
H.R. 12362- 66-77
88th Congress. 66-78
(3.)  1967-1968  
S. 9-To improve the Cold War G.I. Bill to insure equality of benefits between Korean and Vietnam War Veterans.        150-1
S. Con. Res. 10-Deferment of Highway Trust Fund expenditures should be lifted. 150-2
S.16-Readjustment assistance to veterans serving in Armed Forces during Vietnam era. 150-3
S. 18-Establish Small Tax Division within the Tax Court of the U.S. (Magnuson). 150-4
S.J. Res. 19-Establish a National Farmers Week. (Burdick). 150-5
S. 20-Establish a National Water Commission. (Jackson). 150-6
S. Con. Res. 29-To avoid heavy population concentrations in Fed. govt. activities (Miller). 150-7
S. Res. 49-Sense resolution re troop deployment in Europe. (Mansfield).       150-8
S.J. Res. 50-Proclaim April 9, 1967 as Bataan-Corregidor Day. (Scott).         150-9
S. Res. 86- Congratulations to people of Puerto Rico on their 50th Anniversary of U.S. citizenship. (Jackson).         150-11
S.J. Res. 93- Walt Disney Medal (Murphy) 150-12
S.J. Res. 97-Establish Commission to investigate riots and civil strife.       150-13
S. 109-Control unfair trade practices affecting producers of agricultural products. (Aiken). 150-14
S. 119-Establish a National Wild Rivers System (Church). 150-15
S. 120-Establishment of Mint as Bismarck (Young). 150-16
S.J. Res. 140-Designation of "Freedom Week." 150-17
S. Res. 143-Looking toward a stable and durable peace in the Middle East (Symington) 150-18
S. 154-Establish Redwood National Park in Calif. (Metcalf). 151-4
S. Res. 180-To assure UN's Security Council consideration of Vietnam conflict. 150-19
S. 272-Permit inspection of certain grain on basis of submitted samples.     150-20
S. 272. 150-21
S. 278-Reclassify certain positions in the postal service field (Brewster).      150-22
S. Res. 281-Establish Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs (McGovern). 150-23
S. 325-Establish National Eye Institute at NIH (Hill). 150-24
S. 449-Provide for popular election of Governor of Guam (Jackson). 150-25
S. 450-Provide for popular election of Governor of Virgin Islands (Jackson).     150-26
S. 460-Indian Classroom facilities (Young of N.D.). 150-27
S. 471-For the relief of the Swanston Equipment Co. (Burdick). 150-28
S. 472-For the relief of Dr. Eugene B. Finch (Burdick). 150-29
S. 473-For the relief of Dr. Edward Ting Liu (Burdick). 150-30
S. 475-Provide for holding Court at Williston (Burdick). 151-1
S. 477-For the relief of the widow of Albert M. Pepoon (Burdick). 151-2
S. 483-Relative to: Veterans Service Centers (Boggs). 151-3
S. 537-Modify comprehensive plan for Missouri River Basin (Young of N.D.).     151-5
S. 538-Amend Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946. (McClellan). 151-6
S. 544-Prevent loss of veterans benefits as result of increases in social security (Burdick). 151-7
S. 546-To make available surplus personal property to Indian tribes. (Burdick) 150-10
S. 550-Funds for maintenance and operations of three experimental stations. (Burdick) 151-8
S. 551-For the relief of Dr. Antonio S. Mimay (Burdick). 151-9
S. 552-Vandalism to trains shall be criminal offense (Burdick). 151-10
S. 553-Require minimum wages to laborers and mechanics re postal work (Burdick) 151-11
S. 577-With respect to purposes for which surplus personal property may be donated (Burdick) (recreational). 151-12
S. 612-Regulate imports of milk and dairy products. (Proxmire). 151-13
S. 682-Provides for control and prevention of erosion and sediment damage on rivers and streams. (Nelson) 151-14
S.796-To clarify the tax status of American Indians  (McGee). 151-15
S. 810-Provide for White House Conference on Indian-Affairs (Harris).         151-16
S. 824-Local law officers Education and Equipment Act. (Tydings). 151-17
S. 876-Education of Indian students in secretarial institutions of higher education. 151-18
S. 915-Provide for establishment of Federal Judicial Center (McClellan).        151-20
S. 928-Right of Privacy Act of 1967, (wiretapping) (Long of Mo.). 151-21
S. 987-Prevent loss of veteran's benefits as result of increases in social security (Burdick). 151-19
S. 988-Change Garrison Reservoir or Lake Sakakwea (Burdick). 151-22
S. 991-Provide street lighting facilities to aid in prevention of crime. (Kennedy of Mass.) 151-23
S. 992-To establish a National Institute of Criminal Justice (Kennedy of Mass.) 151-24
S. 993-Provide grants for establishment and operation of Regional Academies of Criminal Justice 151-25
S. 1148-Provide for annual audits of the accounts of the Disabled American Veterans (Burdick). 151-26
S. 1316-Re_ Tenure and retirement benefits of referees in bankruptcy.         151-27
S. 1376-To extend rural mail delivery service (Burdick). 151-28
S. 1575-To provide enclosures for traditional outdoor facilities (Burdick). 151-29
S. 1763-To promote the economic development of Guam (Burdick). 151-30
S. 1811-Provide that Highway #2 be designated as part of National System of Interstate and Defense Highways (Burdick). 151-31
S.1866-Doctor Berchamans Rioux.         151-32
S. 1892-For the relief of Leo Walker (Burdick) 151-33
S. 1893-To reallocate part of filing fee from clerk's earnings to referee's salary and expense fund. (Burdick).      151-34
S. 2318-For the relief of Kelley Michele Auerbach (Burdick) 151-35
S. 2345-For the relief of Rosie L. Fadul (Burdick). 151-36
S. 2356-For the relief of Adela B. Cadag (Burdick). 151-37
S. 2648-Authorize VA to pay Servicemen's life insurance during tour in a combat zone (Burdick). 151-38
S. 2713-For the relief of Dr. Amando Chanco Jr. 151-39
S. 2935-To define the term "disability" in Social Security Act (Metcalf) 151-40
S. 2973-Provide for orderly marketing of agricultural commodities by producers there of (Mondale). 151-41
S. 3070-Extend provisions of the Small Business Act to the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (Burdick).          151-42
S. 3072-Amend Act entitled "An Act to provide for the rehabilitation of Guam approved 11/4/63. (Burdick) 151-43
S. 3207-Provide for continuance of civil government for Trust Territories (Burdick). 151-44
S. 3642-Approve public Laws of Guam relative to Guam Power Authority Revenue Boards (Burdick). 151-45
Miscellaneous Bills 150-31
Miscellaneous Bills 151-46

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