DATES: 1940-1975

SIZE: 2.5 linear feet


ACQUISITION:The Thomas McGrath Papers were deposited in the Orin G. Libby Collection Manuscript Collection by Thomas McGrath on August 22, 1975. The acquisition records are unavailable.

ACCESS: Available for inspection under the rules and regulations of the Department of Special Collections.


The following sketch was taken from:
Stern, Frederick. "A Biographical Sketch of Thomas McGrath." In The Revolutionary Poet in the United States: The Poetry of Thomas McGrath, edited by Frederick Stern. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1988.

Thomas McGrath was born in 1916, the oldest son of James and Catherine (Shea) McGrath. There were four younger brothers, Jim (killed in World War II), Joe, Martin, and the youngest, Jack. His sister Kathleen was born between Joe and Martin. His parents were farmers, the second generation of them, working the land in Ransom County, North Dakota, near the town of Sheldon, about forty miles west of the Minnesota border, between the Maple and Sheyenne Rivers.

McGrath went to grade and high school in Sheldon, and then started somewhat delayed and intermittent University studies at Moorhead State University. Eventually, he attended the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks, where he earned a B.A. in 1939. Awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, he found that he could not use it immediately, because of the outbreak of World War II. He had received offers from a number of universities to begin work on an advanced degree - as had other Rhodes Scholars that year - and accepted and offer from Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge. There he studied, most intensely with Cleanth Brooks, was involved in radical political activity, wrote, and met Alan Swallow, who published McGrath's first book of poems as part of the development of The Swallow Press.

In the 1940-1941 academic year McGrath taught at Colby College in Maine, but did not find teaching there entirely satisfactory and thus left at the end of the academic year to go to New York City. There he wrote, organized, did legal research for attorneys engaged in "political" cases, and worked at the Kearney Shipyards, until he entered the armed forces in 1942. Most of his time in the service was spent on Amchitka Island. He was discharged with the rank of sergeant in 1945. After a period of adjustment he was finally able to undertake the year of study provided by the Rhodes Scholarship and spent 1947-1948 at New College, Oxford, England.

Returning from the United States after some travel, McGrath engaged in various occupations and eventually found a faculty position at Los Angeles State University, where he taught from 1951 to 1954. His dismissal from this institution was directly connected with his appearance as an unfriendly witness before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, when that infamous body brought its hearings to Los Angeles in 1953.

From 1954 to 1960 McGrath worked variously as a secondary school teacher at a private institution, for a company that manufactured carved wooden animals, and at other jobs that might earn him his keep. He wrote film and television scripts from time to time, several of the former for director Mike Cimino. In 1960 he resumed his academic career, teaching at C.W. Post College (now part of Long Island University) in New York. At about this time he founded, with his wife Genia, the journal Crazy Horse.

In 1962 he returned to North Dakota, where he taught for five years at North Dakota State University at Fargo. In 1969 McGrath accepted a faculty position at Moorhead State University where he had first begun his studies as an undergraduate. At the end of the 1982-1983 academic year he retired from Moorhead State and moved to Minneapolis, where he now lives. [Note: Thomas McGrath died on 19 September 1990 in Minneapolis]

McGrath has held a variety of significant editorial positions and has been awarded a variety of distinguished prizes and fellowships for his work as a poet. Among the former, in addition to his founding editorship of Crazy Horse, he has been a contributing editor of Mainstream (later Masses and Mainstream) and has served on the editorial board of the California Quarterly. He has held an Amy Lowell Travelling Fellowship in Poetry (1965), has twice been awarded National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships (1974, 1982), was a Guggenheim Fellow in 1967, and was twice a Bush Fellow (1976, 1981). In May 1981 the University of North Dakota awarded him a Doctorate of Letters. In 1977 he received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Society for Western Literature. In 1986, The Associated Writing Programs presented McGrath an award at a dinner in Chicago, at which tributes to him were presented by author "Studs" Terkel and poets Philip Levine and Michael Anania. In the same year, a "Ceili" was held by Minneapolis's "the Loft," at which many distinguished poets and writers celebrated McGrath's seventieth birthday.

McGrath has been married three times, to Marion, Alice, and Eugenia (Genia), all of whom appear in his poetry. He is the father of a son, Tomasito, to whom much poetry from McGrath's later work is addressed and dedicated.


The Thomas McGrath Collection was reprocessed in February 1994. In light of recent additions that have been made to this collection, material that was previously divided into five boxes has been consolidated into three. The inventory was revised to reflect this change.

This portion of the collection consists of correspondence from 1962 to 1973, several screenplays written by McGrath, various manuscript versions of Letters to an Imaginary Friend, and numerous poems by McGrath. McGrath's book, First Manifesto, published in 1940 by Alan Swallow is included as are poems from Selected Manuscripts: 1942-1962, and manuscript versions of Tomasito Songs. Works by other writers including David Cumberland, Robert Bly, Mel Weisburg, Henry Wolff, Arnold Rattenburg, E.P. Thompson, R.P. Kingston, Jack Beeching, Sid Gershgoren, Vahan Gregory, and Robert Hazel may also be found in this section of the collection.


Box 1

  1. Guggenheim Fellowship - application and correspondence
  2. Poem - "Lear's Murzzuschlag Song: Allegro Energico E Passionato" for Edward Dahlberg, September 1968
  3. Poem - "Elegy on Fortification's Illusions" for Truman Nelson, by David Cumberland
  4. Correspondence July 1968 - August 1968
  5. Correspondence January 1968 - June 1968
  6. Correspondence September 1966 - October 1966
  7. Correspondence August 1967
  8. Correspondence July 1967
  9. Correspondence June 1967
  10. Correspondence May 1967
  11. Correspondence April 1967
  12. Correspondence January 1967
  13. Correspondence (no dates)
  14. Correspondence January 1969 - June 1969
  15. Correspondence and poetry related to Crazy Horse 1967
  16. Correspondence (no dates)
  17. Correspondence from Allen Planz (no dates)
  18. Correspondence April 1966
  19. Correspondence May 1966 - June 1966
  20. Correspondence August 1966
  21. Correspondence June 1966 - July 1966
  22. Correspondence February 1966 - March 1966
  23. Correspondence 1966
  24. Correspondence November 1966 - December 1966
  25. Correspondence January 1965 - December 1965
  26. Correspondence August 1968 - September 1968
  27. It #9, Robert Bly, featured poet in a small poetry magazine
  28. Correspondence (no dates)
  29. Correspondence January 1964
  30. Correspondence February 1964
  31. Correspondence July 1964 - August 1964
  32. Correspondence January 1962 - August 1963
  33. Correspondence May 1963 - August 1963
  34. Correspondence September 1963 - December 1963
  35. Correspondence November 1962
  36. Poetry submitted to Thomas McGrath by Mel Weisburg and others
  37. Book review of The Disinherited
  38. Screen play The Bravest Boat September 11, 1961
  39. Screen play, first version of KEF
  40. The Ages of Time a script for the Hamilton Watch Company by Thomas McGrath and Lloyd Ritter, 2nd revision - January 1959
  41. Screen play, The House of Man
  42. Screen play, Revised to include suggestions by Dr. Bacon and Rand McNally staff
  43. Screen play, The Johnson County War by Michael Cimino
  44. Ms. "NYC" (New York City). Probably by Gene Frumkin
  45. Ms. of a Mel Weisburg novel (untitled) and correspondence from c. February 1963
  46. Correspondence from Open Skull Press, 1968 and excerpt from Letter to an Imaginary Friend
  47. Poems from Henry Wolff, 1969
  48. Poems from Arnold Rattenburg
  49. Poetry submitted to Crazy Horse (C. 1970)
  50. Screen play Silent Running by Dennis Lynton Clark and Robert Dillon, with notes by Thomas McGrath
  51. Photocopy of Disenchantment or Default? a Lay Sermon, by E.P. Thompson
  52. The Incidence of War and Other Poems, by R.P. Kingston
  53. Correspondence and essay from Jack Beeching
  54. Poems from Sid Gershgoren
  55. Preview June 1973, Volume 7, Number 3 "Dakota is Everywhere - A Conversation with Thomas McGrath"
  56. Letter to an Imaginary Friend, Book II, typed with proper line spacing and length
  57. Letter to an Imaginary Friend, Book II, typed with corrections
  58. Letter to an Imaginary Friend, Book II, "1st typed copy from the handwritten Ms. in the Barredor notebook"
  59. KEF, a screenplay by Thomas McGrath and Michael Cimino, 2 copies
  60. PARADISE, a screen play by Thomas McGrath and Michael Cimino, 2 copies
  61. Conquering Horse, a screen play by Thomas McGrath and Michael Cimino, 2 copies
  62. HIKA (Kenyon College), V. 28, #3, Spring-Summer 1966. Poems by Robert Hazel
  63. Sun Dance by Vahan Gregory, including a letter to Thomas McGrath, 1965
  64. Shooting script outline for Philadelphia '76, by Francis Thompson

Box 2

  1. Correspondence April 1969 - July 1969
  2. Miscellaneous screen plays
  3. 1 copy (in Russian) of the Newspaper "The Union Administration of Authors of the USSR" (1 August 1963), including a poem by Thomas McGrath
  4. Copy of manuscript, Letter to an Imaginary Friend, Part II
  5. Handwritten notes and drafts of poems, as well as typed drafts. The following poems are included (listed by title or first line):
 "-30 Fahrenheit"   "All those ambulatory Queers"
 "October leaf-fall"  "Loon"
 "Pheasant Season"  "After his girl cut out"
 "Riddle"  "Epitaph of a man devoured by monsters"
 "That's the Way it Goes"  "Used Up"
 "Young Man Manhattan"  "The Exiles Epitaph"
 "For Eugenia"  "At Fargo"
  "After moondown" note: See "Sound of One Hand"  "Obituary"
 "Terrors and Advantages"  "For Alvaro"
 "The Sound of One Hand I (concl)"  "On Moving Into A New Home"
 "The Stars"  "The Weather Report"
 "For a book by Charles Humbolt"  "Thalassa! Thalosa!"
 "Love Belongs to the North"  "The End of the Line"
 "To His Muse"  "The World; the Lovers; Falling Stars"
 "The man attacked by the bear"  "The Dreams of Wild Horses"
 "Sound of One Hand"  "Blues for the Old Revolutionary Women"
  1. Copy of a typed manuscript, Letter to an Imaginary Friend, Part II
  2. Correspondence February 1962 - June 1962
  3. Correspondence July 1962 - August 1962
  4. Correspondence September 1962 - October 1962
  5. Correspondence November 1962
  6. Correspondence December 1962
  7. Correspondence (no dates)
  8. Script fragments
  9. Handwritten manuscript Letter to an Imaginary Friend, Part I
  10. Untitled manuscript, Selected Poems: 1942-1962 . The following poems may be found in this folder:
 Part One Wartime  
 "The Odor of Blood"  "Homecoming"
 "Remembering that Island"  "Sailing North on a Troop Ship"
 "Night in Wartime"  "War in the Aleutians"
 "Here is a Skeleton"  "Encounter"
 "The Spectators"  "Crash Report"
 "How it All Looked After the War"  "The Repeated Journey"
 Part Two, Memories of the Depression  
 "Cal the Last of the Real Wobs"  "Fords Leaving"
 "Gate to the Dream"  "The Depression"
 "Strike Days"  Going to College"
 ""Depression in Baton Rouge"  "In Baton Rouge"
 "Studying the Metaphysicals in Baton Rouge"  "Stealing from the President of the University of North Dakota"
 Part Three Something Permanently Good  
 "Love in a Bug"  "Hot, Great-Hearted Women"
 "Such a Simple Love"  "Chaos"
 "Legend"   "Fanfare for a Procession of Heroes"
 "Pueblo! Pueblo!"  "Ode for the American Dead in Korea"
 " The Tourists"  "Like the Watchman in Agamemnon
  "One Who Has Looked at the Dark"  "In Los Angeles"
  1. Manuscripts for Tomasito Songs, by Tomasito McGrath, 1975 . This folder contains the following poems (listed by title or first line):
 "Lakes"  "A swan of wool and buffalo hides"
 "Near the Rum River"  "A Journey"
  "Poem"  "Someone has lost"
 "Counting Song"  "Big Snow I"
 "Tongue Twister"  "Big Snow II"
  "Manifesto"   "Tomasito's Poem For His Father"
 "Waking"  "December 24, 1974"
 "Lakes"  "Tomasito's Conundrum"
 "Counting Song"  "December 24, 1974"
 "Manifesto"  "Tomasito's Poem for His Father"
 "Tomasito's Poem for His Mother"  "The Runaway Hamburger (A Delicious Story)"
 "Someone Has Lost"  "The Crocuses My"
 "Tomasito's Conundrum"  "Big Snow I"
 "Big Snow II"  "Tomasito's Conundrums"
 "Waking"  "Someone Has Lost"
 "Lakes"  "Near the Rum River"
 "Poem"   "A Journey"
 "A swan of wool and buffalo hides"  
  1. Dummies of Tomasito Songs, by Tomasito McGrath, 1975
  2. A Sound of One Hand (short poems), "second original draft." This folder contains the following poems (listed according to title or first line)
 "Yes"   "Be Careful"
 "All month long I have heard the owls"  "Among the Things We Are Left to Do"
 "The stars! The stars!"   "You, Yannis Ritsos"
 "Affirmation"  "Peace! Land! Peyote!"
 "Visitors"   "The true darkness of the forest"
 "Greek Wedding"  "Alas!"
  "Eclipse"   "ON THE OCCASION of the launching of the Red"
 "in the smallest tidepool"  "Advice"
  "Morning and evening"  "A Theory"
 "In fog . . ."   "Ghost fire"
 "My dandelions"   "Remembering Issa"
 "Comfort"  "Fallen chestnut blossoms"
 "Somewhere Ahead"  "Surprise"
 "A barbwire fence"  "The Scalping Knife"
 "Summer"   "The Cottonwood"
 "A million puffs of smoke!"  "Arrivals"
 "What We Don't Know Kills Us"   "THE UNFAIRNESS OF IT ALL"
  "Moon"  "The Need for Dictionaries III"
 "Gloomy woods, and this highwayman"  "The scarecrow shivering in November corn"
 "The stars"   "Darkness of winter solstice"
 "The long wound of the summer--"  "Pheasant Season"
 "Sleepy Birdsong. . ."  "For Alvaro"
 "You out there, so secret"  "I am travelling, travelling"
 "The grand days,"  "Umber sundown"
  "Across the winter-white coulee hills"   "Anonymity has a name"
 "One farmhouse light--"  "To speak is the vice"
 "The queen of Accident County"  "All is not well?"
 "Empty canvas."  "The stick of the blind man"
 "Ear to hear;"  "Empty playground,"
 "Down the small and crooked road"   "Did you bring me a present? the little boy asks."
 "Black"  "The rabbit dreams of hunting."
 "Why I never married"  "Loon"
 "Where Janie Went In"  "Epitaph of a Man Devoured by Monsters"
 "Full moon and silence."  "Powers of Darkness"
 "Route Song and Epitaph"  "Summer Lightening"
 "I see the moon."  Your knife's a most particular guest,"
 "The man attacked"   "The Exiles Epitaph"
 "That's the Way it Goes"  "A Season"
 "Presumptions"   "Poem"
 "At Fargo"   "The Need for Dictionaries II"
  "Horses of the moon--"  "The two-faced sea--"
 "Sultry afternoon. The old dog"  "Callings"
  "In the list of one thousand false addresses"  "In Other Worlds"
 "After moondown"  "A Field of Sunflowers"
 "The slow sulfur"  "The Need for Dictionaries"
 "Legislators of Darkness"  "Loud November rain"
  "Faults of Darkness"   "A Distant Republic Demands"
 "A History of Language"  "Hushed bright pond stillness."
 "Cross Country Flight"   "Solidarity"
  "Proportions"  "Resurrections"
 "Terrors and Advantages"  "Some Kinds of Knowledge"
 "Half-life"  "What We Think We Know"
  "Lightcrackle."  "Among the trophies of Death"
 "Small things, soft,"  "Nothing is lost"
  "From Old Days"  "Weights and Measures"
 "In a Landscape West of Eden"  "Hunter in the cold field."
 "The Classics"  "How it Feels to be Saved"
  1. Movie at the End of the World, poems and addresses of individuals to receive copies
  2. South Dakota Review, "Questions on Place in Literature and Responses by Thomas McGrath" (handwritten draft)
  3. Miscellaneous poems by Thomas McGrath, including Letter to an Imaginary Friend, Part III. This folder contains the following poems which are listed by title or first line:
 "Letter to an Imaginary Friend (Part Three)" Typed with handwritten corrections  "Totems MS VI" handwritten
 "Totems VI" typed   "Afternoon of a McGrath" handwritten
  "Afternoon of a McGrath" typed   "Late in the early dark"
 "Totems V" handwritten   "Totems V" typed with handwritten corrections
 "Totems V" typed with handwritten corrections   "Hard Bought"
  "In Search"  "Remembering Loves and Deaths"
 "Body of woman, shadows of black and white"  "A Tomasito Poem"
  "Revisionist Poem --Pope"  "Why We Love Wakan Tanka"
  "Revisionist Poem : Machado"   "Next Door to the Poorhouse"
  "Tomasito's Conundrum"  "A Tomasito Poem"
  "John Grass Says"  "Night Work"
  "For Tomasito"   "You, Yannis Ritsos"
  "The true darkness of the forest"  "Somewhere Ahead"
 "Footnote"  "Fallen chestnut blossoms"
  "Comfort"   "Remembering Issa"
  "My dandelions"   "Ghost Fire"
  "End of a Season"   "In the Stoa of Attalus"
  "Alas!"   "In fog. . ."
  "A theory"   "A Sound of One Hand"
  "Solon's Song"  "Conundrum"
  "Advice"   "In the smallest tidepool"
  "Greek Wedding"   "Children's Games"
 "The Children" handwritten   "Totems (I)"
 "The Children" typed with handwritten corrections  "Totems (IV)" typed with handwritten corrections
  "Totems (IV)" handwritten   "Next Door to the Poorhouse"
  "Revisionist Poem"  "Toward Paradise"
  "The Preterition of Aquarius"  "Preterition Again"
  "A Sociology of Instincts"   "Totems (I)" typed with handwritten correction
  "Totems (I)" typed  "Totems (II)" typed
  "Totems (III)" typed  "Totems" typed
 "Mottoes for a Sampler on Historical Subjects"   "The Last War Poem of the War"
  "Blues for Cisco Houston"   "Something is Dying Here"
  "Driving Toward Boston I Run Across One of Robert Bly's Old Poems" typed   "Long Distance From a War"
  "Praises"   "The Return"
 "In the Pentagon Parking Lot October '67"  "What Wakes Us"
 "Travels of an American in Search of God"  "A Homecoming for Odysseus"
  "Driving Toward Boston I Run Across One of Bob Bly's Old Poems" handwritten   "People coming with their arms full of books"
 "Crow Cry,"   "Children's Games"
  "The Lineaments of Unsatisfied Desire"  "Sound of 1 Hand"
 "Alas!"   "Children's Games"
  "Driving Toward Boston I Run Across One of Robert Bly's Old Poems" Typed   "The Little Judgement"
  "Pictures From the Lost Continent of Currier & Ives"   "Salute"
  "Eclipse"  "For Tomasito"
  "For Tomasito"  "In the Sleep of Reason"
  "Eclipse" handwritten   "Summer"
  "The Cottonwood"   "A million puffs of smoke!"
 "Surprise"   "For Tomasito"
  "The Scalping Knife"   "The Legends"
  "A barbwire fence"  "The Sea Inside Us"
  "The Scalping Knife"  "A barbwire fence interrupting"
  "Where Janie Went In"   "Where Janie Went In"
 "Where Janie Went In"  "Epitaph of a Man Devoured by Monsters"
  "Epitaph of a Man Devoured by Monsters"   "Where Janie Went In"
 "Terrors and Advantages"   "Summer lightening shivers in the high pine"
  "The Sound of One Hand"   "What is named" "Horses of the moon--"
  "The Sound of One Hand I"   "The Sound of One Hand I"
  "Horses of the Moon--"   "Horses of the Moon--"
  "Arrivals"  "The thinning fog--"
  "Arrivals"  "Summer night O Magnificant"
  "Loon"   "Arrivals"
 "The two--faced sea--"   "The Sound of One Hand XIII"
  "The two--faced sea--"   "Darkness of winter solstice;"
 "Everything vertical"   "Everything vertical"
  "Sultry afternoon. The old dog"   "The high hunting hawk--" four copies
  "The list of one thousand false addresses" four copies   "Everything Verticle"
  "The Sound of One Hand (concl."  "Summer night O magnificent" three copies
 "West wind sleet cold November breath"   "The stick of the blind man"
  "The Sound of One Hand"   "The long wind of winter"
  "Darkness of winter solstice"  "Summer night O magnificant"
 "Ear to hear;"  "The Sound of One Hand II"
  "Down the small and crooked road"   "Did you bring me a present? the little boy asks"
 "Black"  "The rabbit dreams of hunting"
  "To speak is the vice"  "Yes"
 "Among the trophies of Death:"   "Empty canvas"
  "All is not well?"  "Empty canvas."
  "The Sound of One Hand"   "Anonymity has a name;"
  "After moondown"   "Down the small and crooked road"
  "The Sound of One Hand IV"   "I am travelling, travelling;"
  "The Sound of One Hand VIII"  "Umber sundown"
  "For Alvaro"   "Sleepy birdsong. . . "
  "Pheasant Season"  "The long wound of the summer--"
 "Across the winter-white coulee hills"   "Some Kinds of Knowledge"
  "Hunter in the field,"  "The Sound of One Hand"
  "Full moon and silence"   "Powers of Darkness"
  "Route Song and Epitaph"   "Summer Lightening"
  "I see the moon"   "Your Knife's . . . "
  "Man Attacked by Bear"  "The Exiles Epitaph"
  "That's the Way It Goes"   "A Season" "Presumptions"
 "Peace! Land! Peyote!"   "Poem"
  "At Fargo"   "After Moondown"
  "In November empty fields:"  "A Field of Sunflowers"
  "The Sound of One Hand"   "The Sound of One Hand"
  "Darkness of winter solstice;"   "The long wound of the summer--"
  "Pheasant Season"   "Sleepy birdsong. . ."
 "For Alvaro"   "You out there, so secret."
  "I am travelling, travelling. . ."   "The grand days,"
 "Umber Sundown"  "Across the winter-white coulee hills"
 "What we don't know kills us"   "Little old deer in the dry creek"
 "The Sound of One Hand"   "Small things, soft,"
  "Arrivals"   "After moondown"
 "Anonymity has a name;"  "November empty fields:"
  "One farmhouse light--"   "To speak is the vice"
 "The queen of Accident County"   "All is not well?"
  "Empty canvas."   "Among the trophies of Death:"
  "The stick of the blind man"   "Ear to hear:"
 "Empty playground,"   "Down the small and crooked road"
  "Did you bring me a present? the little boy asks?"  "Black"
 "The rabbit dreams of hunting."   "Surprise!"
  "Summer"  "In the Sleep of Reason"
  "The scarecrow shivering in November corn."  "Gloomy wood, and this highwayman"
  "Moon"   "Full Moon"
  "The Stars"   "Hunter tin the cold field."
 "Across a thousand miles of snow"  "The seas inside us"
  "The Little Judgement"  "In the Sleep of Reason, Monsters are Born"
 "Affirmation"  "Song"
  "The Deaths of the Poets"   "Sound of One Hand"
  "Meanwhile like a tired magician, from his"   "Their darkness is not our darkness"
 "Dawn Song"   "Some Kinds of Knowledge"
  "The Classics"   "The long wind of winter" three copies
  "Hushed bright pond stillness" three copies  "Among the Things We Are Left to Do" three copies
  "Loud November Rain." three copies   "From Old Days"
  "What We Think We Know"   "The Sound of One Hand XII"
 "A History of Language"   "The Sound of One Hand III"
  "The Sound of One Hand"   "Half-life"
  "Some Kinds of Knowledge"   "Terrors and Advantages"
  "Resurrections"   "A Distant Republic Demands"
  "After His Girl Cut Out"  "Proportions"
 "Why I Never Married the Queen of --"   "Legislations of Darkness"
  "The Sound of One hand"   "A Sound of One Hand X"
  "Faults of Darkness"   "Loon"
 "Cross Country Flight"   "Weights and Measures" three copies
  "The Need for Dictionaries"   "Classicism"
  "Classicism"   "Why I Never Married the Queen of----"
 "Loon"   "Where Janie Went In"
  "Epitaph of a Man Devoured by Monsters"  "Terrors and Advantages"
 "Summer lightening shivers in the high pine"  "The Need for Dictionaries II"
  "Horses of Moon"  "The two--faced sea--"
  "Sultry afternoon. The old dog"   "Summer night O magnificant"
  "Callings"   "In the list of one thousand false addresses"
  "In Other Worlds"   "The slow sulphur"
 "Full moon and silence."   "The stars"
 "Hunter in the cold field."   "How it Feels to be Saved"
 "The scarecrow shivering in November corn."  "Gloomy woods, and this highway"
  "The Need for Dictionaries III"  "Moon"
 "The Unfairness of It All"   "What We Don't Know Kills Us"
  "Small things, soft,"   "Arrivals"
  "Somewhere Ahead"  "Fallen chestnut blossoms"
  "Comfort"  "Remembering Issa"
  "My dandelions"  "Ghost fire"
  "In fog. . ."  "A Theory"
 "Morning and evening"   "Advice"
 "In the smallest tidepool"   "Peace! Land! Peyote"
  "Visitors"   "The true darkness of the forest"
  "Greek Wedding"   "Alas!"
  "Love Song"  "The Dream Range"
  "Poem for the Front Door"   "Totems"
  "Outside My Window"  "The Preterition of Aquarious"
  "A Sociology of Instincts"  "A Tomasito Poem"
  "Why We Love Wakan Tankan"  "Revisionist Poem: Machado"
  "Next Door to the Poorhouse"   "Tomasito's Conundrum"
  "Lament for Pablo Neruda"  "Peace! Land! Peyote!"
 "Yes"   "Westwind sleet cold November breath:" 2 copies
 "After moondown" 2 copies  "The Sound of One Hand" 2 copies
  "Summer lightening shivers the high pine." 2 copies  "Terrors and Advantages" 2 copies
  "Some Kinds of Knowledge" 2 copies   "Loon" 2 copies
 "Why I Never the Married the Queen of ________" 2 copies   "Full Moon and silence"
 "Summer Night O Magnificent" 2 copies  "October leaf-fall" 2 copies
 "Hunter in the field," 2 copies   "In November empty fields:"
  "Classecism" 2 copies   "The Sound of One Hand" 2 copies
  "Be Careful"  
  1. Correspondence January 1965 - March 1965
  2. Correspondence April 1965 - May 1965
  3. Correspondence May 1964 - November 1964
  4. Correspondence December 1964
  5. 60-minute tape, "The Poetry and Jazz Players to Their Favorite Poet, Thomas McGrath"
  6. 30-minute tape containing four Thomas McGrath poems read to blues-jazz instruments
  7. Academic material related to Thomas McGrath's tenure as a professor at North Dakota State University
  8. Correspondence January 15, 1970 - July 6, 1970
  9. Correspondence July 8, 1970 - August 5, 1970
  10. Correspondence August 7, 1970 - September 2, 1970
  11. Correspondence September 5, 1970 - October 5, 1970
  12. Correspondence October 6, 1970 - November 20, 1970
  13. Correspondence November 3, 1970 - November 10, 1970
  14. Correspondence November 11, 1970 - November 17, 1970
  15. Correspondence November 17, 1970 - December 9, 1970
  16. Correspondence December 9, 1970 - January 8, 1971
  17. Correspondence January 19, 1971 - February 11, 1971
  18. Correspondence February 12, 1971 - March 29, 1971
  19. Correspondence March 29, 1971 - April 10, 1971
  20. Correspondence and photocopies of two notebooks (no dates)
  21. Correspondence January 21, 1971 - June 8, 1971
  22. Correspondence February - June 1971
  23. Correspondence July 5, 1971 - September 28, 1971
  24. Correspondence October 7, 1971 - November 30, 1971
  25. Correspondence December 3, 1971 - December 23, 1971
  26. Correspondence, from Jack Beeching 1971
  27. Correspondence January 1972 - February 1971
  28. Correspondence March 1, 1972 - April 29, 1972
  29. Correspondence May 1, 1972 - June 26, 1972
  30. Correspondence July 1, 1972 - August 29, 1972
  31. Correspondence September 1972 - October 1972
  32. Correspondence November 1972 - December 1972
  33. Correspondence January 1973 - February 1973
  34. Correspondence March 1973 - April 1973
  35. Correspondence May 1973 - June 1973
  36. Correspondence July 1973
  37. Correspondence August 1973 - September 1973
  38. First Manifesto, by Thomas McGrath. Published in 1940 by Alan Swallow. Photocopy of Thomas McGrath's testimony before the Committee on Un-American Activities
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