These broad subject headings were used throughout the Milton R. Young Papers. The Box and Folder Inventory for Boxes 1-796 has been divided into five sections, and the subject headings for each section are listed at the beginning of each section. The sub-categories, however, were not used formally throughout the papers. This is especially the case after the first section.

All matters pertaining to the administration of the office; methods and procedures; methods and means of communications; supplies; committees, meetings, and conventions.
1 Circular Letters
2 Committees, Meetings, etc.
3 Correspondence
3-1 Mailing Lists
3-1.1 Agriculture
3-1.2 Business and Professional
3-1.3 Political
3-2 Unanswered Mail
4 Speeches and Speakers
5 Supplies
6 Blank Forms

All appointments, with the exception of immediate office personnel.
1 Air Force Academy
2 Military Academy at West Point
3 Naval Academy
4 Postmasters
5 Rural Mail Carriers

All general financial matters and transactions pertaining to the office. Appropriations pertaining to a specific subject are filed under that subject.
1 Appropriations

Ford's Theater:
Material relating to Senator Young's efforts to preserve Ford's Theater, Washington, D.C., where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865.

Used only when a subject matter is of such a general nature that it cannot be properly classified under any other subject.

International Relations:
Correspondence regarding international affairs referred through the office, or acted upon by the office. Such matters as require action or advice of governmental offices and agencies are filed under "U.S. Government." This subject is subdivided by country.

Investigations & Projects:
This subject includes any special questions arising through constituents and to be handled only as an office matter. Also includes any special investigations carried out by Congress.

John Birch Society:
Correspondence, reference materials, and congressional material related to this organization.

This subject is intended to cover the formulation, proposal, and enactment of federal legislation. Bills are filed numerically by bill number. Correspondence is filed with the bill to which it pertains.
1 Administration
2 Agriculture
3 Commerce
4 Interior
5 Justice
6 Labor and Public Welfare
7 National Defense
8 Post Office
9 State Department
10 Treasury

Newspaper Clippings:
Consists of newspaper clippings regarding Senator Young, as well as other North Dakota politicians. Also consists of subject clippings.

North Dakota:
This category is intended to include municipal or local projects of a public nature requiring public backing. Also, special projects of a federal nature not entirely under federal control.
1 County and Other Enterprises
2 Municipal Enterprises
3 Reclamation and Conservation
3-1 Water Development and Resources
3-1.1 Missouri River
3-1.11 Missouri River: Garrison Dam-Indians, Height, Schools
3-1.12 Missouri River: Schools
3-1.2 Heart River
3-1.3 Knife River
3-1.4 Park River
3-1.5 Sheyenne River
3-1.6 Red River

This category is intended to cover all phases of office personnel as well as outside personnel seeking employment of any type, recommendations, and requests for information on personnel matters. Also includes the Senator's personal correspondence.
1 Senator Milton Young
1-1 Autographs
1-2 Banking
1-3 Bills
1-4 Invitations
1-5 Taxes
1-6 Personal Correspondence
2 Outside Personnel
3 Civil Service Matters

This subject includes all matters of a purely political nature.
1 Campaigns
1-1 Campaign Material
1-1.1 Advertisements and Publicity
1-1.2 Pamphlets
1-1.3 Speeches
1-2 Funds
2 Commendations and Criticisms
3 Conventions and Meetings
4 Issues and Special Interests
5 Publications
6 Voting
6-1 Abstracts
6-2 Election Returns

Public Relations:
This subject is intended to include correspondence and documents that relate to relations between the office and the public, not covered under another category.
1 Civil Actions
2 Crank Letters
3 Criticisms
4 Felicitations, Sympathy, etc.
5 Memorials and Holidays
6 Visitors and Passes to Senate Galleries

Includes all printed or processed letters, articles, pamphlets, books, and documents. Correspondence and documents concerning publications, as well as the distribution of publications is filed under this heading.
1 Congressional Record (Correspondence Regarding)
2 Directories
2-1 Congressional Directories
3 Newspapers and Magazines
4 Requests for
5 Translations

This category covers all matters giving publicity to the Senator, his actions, and activities.
1 News Column
2 Newspaper Clippings
3 Press and Radio Releases
3-1 Statements
3-2 WDAY and KSJB Releases

U.S. Government:
All requests or correspondence involving or requiring action of or within a governmental department or agency.
1 Agriculture
1-1 Potatoes
1-2 Rural Electrification
1-2.1 Rural Electrification Association (REA) Telephone
1-3 Seed and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans
1-4 Soil Conservation
1-5 Price Supports
1-5.1 Price Supports - Policy
1-6 Wheat Program
2 Commerce
2-1 Civil Aeronautics Administration
3 Interior Department
3-1 Geological Survey
3-2 Indian Affairs
3-3 Land Management
3-4 Mines
3-5 Reclamation and Water Development
4 Justice
4-1 Immigration
5 Labor
6 National Defense
6-1 Air Force
6-2 Army
6-3 Navy
6-4 Prisoners
6-5 Selective Service
6-6 Veterans
7 Post Office
8 State Department
9 Treasury

U.S. Government Projects and Agencies
Administrative Services
Federal Communications Commission
Foreign Operations Administration
Health, Education and Welfare
Health, Education and Welfare - Education and Schools
Health, Education and Welfare - Social Security
Housing and Home Finance Agency
Interstate Commerce Commission
Small Business Administration
Tennessee Valley Authority

Voting Records:
Senator Young's recorded votes, along with the title and text of the bill. A short description of the discussion surrounding the bill is also recorded..

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 Section I, Box 1-137  Section II, Box 137-282
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 Section V, Box 606-796  

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