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University of North Dakota — Faculty Papers

Kathie Anderson Papers: 1950-; English and Journalism instructor, author

Margaret Libby Barr Papers: 1904-1988; Business & Vocational Education, active Grand Forks club woman

Paul E. Barr Papers: 1892-1953; Art Department, 1928-1953

Herbert H. Boswau Papers: 1931-2004; Languages, 1965-1996

Margaret Kelly Cable Papers: 1884-1960; Ceramics Department, artist and potter

Elwyn F. Chandler Papers: 1872-1946; Engineering and Mathematics, 1899-1939

William E. Cornatzer Papers: 1918-2004; Department of Biochemistry, and also helped to establish the Human Nutrition Lab

Glinda Crawford Papers: 1948-; Home Economics and Education

M. L. Cushman Papers: 1908-1982; Dean of the College of Education from 1954-1972

Davenport Family Papers: Collection contains the papers of Willard E. Davenport, Department of Marketing, 1942-1943, 1946-1963

John Eades Papers: English, 1970-1975

Helge Ederstrom Papers: 1908-1987; Physiology and Pharmacology

Vera Facey Papers: 1909-1985; Biology

Dr. Richard Frank Papers: 1900-1995; Chemistry

Harley E. French Papers: 1873-1961; Dean of the Medical School, 1911-1947

J. M. Gillette Papers: 1866-1949; Sociology, 1907-1948

Ben G. Gustafson Papers: 1903-1982; Chemistry and Continuing Education, 1940-1969

Jackson P. Hershbell Papers: 1935-; Philosophy, 1966-1969

M. Beatrice Johnstone Papers: 1870-1959; Director of Correspondence and Extension Divisions

Paul Kannowski Papers: 1927-; Biology, 1957-1990

Joseph Kennedy Papers: 1858-1937; Dean of the School of Education, 1901-1928

Dr. W. E. Koenker Papers: 1911-1992; Economics, 1946-1962; Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1962-1976

Wilson M. Laird Papers: 1915-1997; Geology, 1940-1971

Orin G. Libby Papers:1864-1952; History, 1902-1945

Oscar Manz Papers: 1927-; Civil Engineering, 1952-1989

James McKenzie Papers: English, 1971-2004

Robert Mullins Papers: 1913-2004; Religion, 1945-1984

Joe K. Neel Papers: 1915-1990; Biology

Theodore Pedeliski Papers: 1936-; Political Science, 1969-2000

George St. John Perrott Papers: died 1916; Latin, 1891-1916

Michael Polovitz Papers: 1926-; Music Department and UND Band Director, 1954-1986

Art Raymond Papers: 1923-; Oglala Lakota; First Head of the Department of Indian Studies, 1971-1978. Head, Indian Program Development, 1978-1991. First person of known Native American descent to serve in the North Dakota State Legislature.

Tamar C. Read Papers: 1922-; Music, Founder/Director Collegium Musicum

Grace Osborne Rhonemus Papers: 1905-2002; Director of Physical Education for Women, 1944-1956; Associate Professor of Physical Education, 1956-1975

Benjamin A. Ring Papers: 1925-1992; Philosophy

Elwyn B. Robinson Papers: 1905-1985; Department of History, 1935-1970

Dr. John Rowe Papers: 1914-1972; Chair of the Business Education Department, 1955-1972

Fred Schneider Papers: Anthropology, 1974-2003

Raymond C. Staley Papers: 1888-1963; Mathematics, 1927-1959

Lawrence Summers Papers: 1914-2000; Chemistry, 1950-1981

Joseph Tamborra Papers: Romance Languages, 1927-1951

O. H. Thormodsgard: 1891-1975; Dean of the Law School, 1933-1962

Robert Vogel Papers: 1918-2005; North Dakota Supreme Court, 1973-1978; UND School of Law, 1978-1991

Patricia Warcup Papers: 1931-; Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Women’s Athletics Coach

Ernest Wenner Papers: 1906-1959; Engineering, 1947-1959

Wynona Wilkins Papers: 1916-; French professor, author, editorial assistant for North Dakota Quarterly, chronicler of North Dakota’s image

Bernt Wills Papers: 1909-1985; Department of Geography

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