DATES: 1879-1973 [bulk dates 1929-1955]

SIZE: 16.25 linear feet


ACQUISITION: The Dr. Alice Hunter Papers were deposited in the Orin G. Libby Manuscript Collection in May, 1976 under the terms of her will.

ACCESS: Available for inspection under the rules and regulations of the Department of Special Collections.


Dr. Alice Mary Hunter was born in Grand Forks on September 30, 1891 She attended Belmont School and Grand Forks High School, and graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1914. After graduating from Chicago's Rush Medical College in June, 1919, she interned at Cincinnati General Hospital in Ohio. She practiced medicine in several states, and in 1924 took a six month course in anesthesia at the Mayo Clinic. She then came back to Grand Forks and joined Dr. William H. Witherstine in his practice, and handled anesthesia for other physicians in town.

Her parents, Adison I. and Alice Bailey Hunter, both originally from Indiana, were socially prominent in Grand Forks. Her father came to Grand Forks in 1883 to homestead, but apparently soon left farming. By 1890 he was the owner of a livery stable specializing in Kentucky thoroughbreds. A.I. Hunter turned to banking in 1909-1910, joining the Union National Bank of Grand Forks as cashier. Later he became president and chairman of the executive committee of the First National Bank of Grand Forks.

During the banking phase of his career, chain banking was common in North Dakota. Individuals from one bank would establish new banks in other communities, controlling them through interlocking directorates. A.I. Hunter was involved in three other small banks in the Grand Forks area, only one of which survived the Depression. He also held substantial interests in a wide variety of local businesses, and owned almost nine sections of land, both in the area and in Canada.

Dr. Hunter's mother died in 1925. Her father became ill in 1935, and she spent much of her time caring for him until he died in December, 1936.

About this time, she stopped practicing medicine, however the reason is unknown. She spent the rest of her life living in her parents' house, managing the land and money she had inherited, arguing with many and slowly turning into an eccentric and a local legend. She died in a nursing home on December 7, 1975.

Additional correspondence from Dr. Hunter may be found in the John Moses Papers, Collection 15, Box 1, Files 12-16.


The Dr. Alice Hunter Collection consists of ten series and contains personal and business correspondence, diaries, different legal documents (deeds, titles etc.), personal and business financial records, newspaper clippings, biographies of early Grand Forks settlers, theatrical programs and playbills, photographs and many other assorted items. A house fire in 1975 left a portion of the collection in poor condition. Important subjects covered by the collection include:

Grand Forks Transportation Company 1933, 1935, 1946--1955
Arvilla Supply Company cat 1920-1933
Farming in the Region cat 1925-1955
Banking in the Region cat 1925-1935



Family and personal correspondence of Adison I. Hunter and Alice M. Hunter and Alice M. Hunter, genealogical materials, family documents and diaries. The files are arranged chronologically.

Box 1

Folder  1.  Genealogical Material, Family Documents, Wills, etc.
        2.  Personal Correspondence, 1961-1973
        3.  Personal Correspondence, 1956-1960
        4.  Personal Correspondence, 1951-1955
        5.  Personal Correspondences, 1946-1950
        6.  Personal Correspondence, 1941-1945
        7.  Personal Correspondence, 1938-1940
        8.  Personal Correspondence, 1936-1937
        9.  Personal Correspondence, 1935
       10.  Personal Correspondence, 1931-1934
       11.  Personal Correspondence, 1926-1930
       12.  Personal Correspondence, 1925
       13.  Personal Correspondence, 1921-1924
       14.  Personal Correspondence, 1901-1920
       15.  Personal Correspondence, 1879-1900
       16.  Personal Correspondence, Driving License, 1964-1969
       17.  Personal Correspondence Insurance Claim 1941
       18.  Personal Correspondence, Uriah Stroup
       19.  Personal Correspondence, undated.
       20.  Address books, Christmas card lists, etc.
       21.  Diaries, 1960-1971
       22.  Diaries, 1953-1959
       23.  Diaries, 1948-1951
       24.  Diaries, 1935-1947

Box 2

Folder  1.  Diaries, 1931-1934
        2.  Diaries, 1925-1929
        3.  Diaries, 1923-1924 
Alice M. Hunter Baby Book


Business correspondence of Alice M. Hunter and before 1936 of Adison I. Hunter. Also included are personal business papers, tax records, cash books and journals, investment letters and miscellaneous legal documents relating to A.I. Hunter's personal investments. The correspondence is arranged chronologically and within each file alphabetically by correspondent or corporate name.

       4. Business correspondence, 1960-1973
       5. Business Correspondences, 1955-1959
       6. Business correspondence, 1954
       7. Business correspondence, 1953
       8. Business correspondence, 1952
       9. Business correspondence, 1951
      10. Business correspondence, 1950
      11. Business correspondence, 1949, A-L
      12. Business correspondence, 1949, M-Z
      13. Business correspondence, 1948
      14. Business correspondence, 1947
      15. Business correspondence, 1946, A-L
      16. Business correspondence, 1946, M-Z
      17. Business correspondence, 1945
      18. Business correspondence, 1944
      19. Business correspondence, 1943
      20. Business correspondence, 1942

Box 3

Folder  1.  Business Correspondence, 1941
        2.  Business correspondence. 1940
        3.  Business correspondence, 1939
        4.  Business correspondence, 1938
        5.  Business correspondence, 1937, A-F
        6.  Business correspondence, 1937, G-Z
        8.  Business correspondence, 1936, A-G
        9.  Business correspondence, 1936, H-Z
       10.  Business correspondence, 1935, A-F
       11.  Business correspondence, 1935, G-Z
       12.  Business correspondence, 1934, A-E
       13.  Business correspondence, 1934, F-H
       14.  Business correspondence, 1934, I-Z
       15.  Business correspondence, 1933
       16.  Business correspondence, 1932
       17.  Business correspondence, 1931
       18.  Business correspondence, 1930
       19.  Business correspondence, 1929, A-B
       20.  Business correspondence, 1929, C-F
       21.  Business correspondence, 1929, First National Bank of Munich 
       22.  Business correspondence,1929, First State Bank of Gilby
       23.  Business correspondence, 1929, G-J
       24.  Business correspondence, 1929, K-L
       25.  Business correspondence, 1929, M-N
       26.  Business correspondence, 1929, O-Q
       27.  Business correspondence, 1929, R-S
       28.  Business correspondence, 1929, T-Z
       29.  Business correspondence, 1908-1928
       30.  Business correspondence, Adison I Hunter "Forgeries"
       31.  Business correspondence, Arvilla Village Properties
       32.  Business correspondence, R.B. Griffith Loan. 

Box 4

Folder  1.  Business correspondence, Leonard-Fuller, 1947-1967
        2.  Business correspondence, Leonard-Fuller. 1927-1947
        3.  Business correspondence, Leonard-Fuller. legal document
        4.  Business correspondence, Peterson
        5.  Business correspondence, Hunter v. Smith
        6.  Business correspondence, State Fire Marshall
        7.  Business correspondence, Thomas;
        8.  Business correspondence, undated
        9.  Abstracts of Title
       10.  Abstracts of Title
       11.  Deeds, mortgages, etc.
       12.  Miscellaneous legal documents
       13.  Personal Business and Tax Records
       14.  Personal Business and Tax Records
       15.  Personal property taxes
       16.  Cash books
       17.  Investment record inventory, Hamar farms 1922
       18.  Investment Letters, A-L

Box 5

Folder  1.  Investment Letters, M-Z
        2.  First National Bank -"Roan's Farming for Profit"
        3.  First National Bank - "You and Your Property" 


Corporate records, primarily financial statements of various businesses in which the Hunters had interests. Particularly detailed are the records of the Arvilla Supply Company and the Grand Forks Transportation Company, of which Dr. Hunter was a director for several years.

        4. Arvilla Oil Company
        5. Arvilla State Bank, Financial Records, 1930-1941
        6. Arvilla State Bank, Financial Records, 1925-1929
        7. Arvilla State Bank, Financial Records, 1914-1924
        8. Arvilla Supply Company, Annual Financial Statements, 1930-1933
        9. Arvilla Supply Company, Annual Financial Statements, 1925-1929
       10. Arvilla Supply Company, Annual Financial Statements, 1915-1924
       11. Arvilla Supply Company Monthly and Quarterly Financial Statements
       12. Arvilla Supply Company, Legal Documents & Miscellaneous
       13. Canada-North Dakota Land Company, Correspondence, 1931-1936
       14. Canada-North Dakota Land Company, Correspondence, 1926-1930
       15. Canada-North Dakota Land Company, Financial Statements, Dividends, etc.
       16. Canada-North Dakota Land Company, Legal Documents
       17. Drayton Farming Company
       18. First National Bank in Grand Forks
       19. First National Bank of Grand Forks
       20. First National Bank of Munich
       21. First National Bank Company
       22. First State Bank of Gilby
       23. Grand Forks County Credit Company
       24.  Grand Forks Transportation Company-Minutes
       25. Grand Forks Transportation Company-Annual Financial Reports
       26. Grand Forks Transportation Company-Monthly & Quarterly Financial Statements, 1954-1955

Box 6

Folder  1.  Grand Forks Transportation Co.-Monthly & Quarterly Financial Statements, 1952-1953
        2.  Grand Forks Transportation Co.-Monthly & Quarterly Financial Statements, 1950-1951
        3.  Grand Forks Transportation Co.-Monthly & Quarterly Financial Statements, 1948-1949
        4.  Grand Forks Transportation Co.-Monthly & Quarterly Financial Statements, 1933,1935, 1946-1947
        5.  Grand Forks Transportation Co.-Stockholder Communications
        6.  Grand Forks Transportation Co.-Annual Reports & Miscellaneous
        7.  Jamestown College
        8.  Milprint Inc.
        9.  North Dakota State Fair Association
       10.  Northern Credit Corporation
       11.  Northern Packing Company
       12.  Red River Valley Brick Company
       13.  Sheyenne Telephone Company
       14.  Union National Bank
       15.  Miscellaneous Businesses
       16.  Unidentified Businesses and Miscellaneous Business Material
       17.  Business
       18.  Rubber Stamps

2 inventory books, presumably from the Arvilla Supply Company


A collection of pamphlets and flyers on a wide variety of subjects.

       19. Agriculture
       20. Almanacs
       21. Banking
       22. Cinema
       23. First Presbyterian Church

Box 7

Folder  1.  Grand Forks - general
        2.  Grand Forks - Oratorio Society
        3.  Magazines
        4.  Medicine
        5.  Medicine
        6.  North Dakota
        7.  Nutrition
        8.  Playbills, Theatre Programs
        9.  Politics
       10.  Religion
       11.  Road Maps

Box 8

Folder  1.  Rush Medical College, University of Chicago
        2.  Timetables, railroad and bus
        3.  Travel, city guides
        4.  University of North Dakota
        5.  Various Schools and Colleges
        6.  Miscellaneous
        7.  Miscellaneous and Clippings-relating to the Hunter Family


Clippings and scrapbooks. Of particular interest are the file of biographies and obituaries and the "Scraps" scrapbook, each containing a series of biographical accounts with pictures of early Grand Forks settlers.

        8. Clippings-biographical obituaries
        9. Clippings-Grand Forks
       10. Clippings-North Dakota
       11. Clippings-Roads
       12. Clippings-University of North Dakota
       13. Clippings-Farming and Miscellaneous

Box 9

2 Scrapbooks


A collection of recipe flyers and cookbooks including the Gold Medal Flour Cook Book, published by the Washburn-Crosby Company (1910), and the Caloric Book of Recipes, published by the Caloric Company for their fireless cooker (1912). These files are arranged alphabetically by corporation, brand name, or product, depending on the significant name.

Box 9

Folder  1.  Cookbooks and recipes, A-I
        2.  Cookbooks and recipes, J-P
        3.  Cookbooks and recipes, Q-Z
        4.  Cookbooks and recipes, Ephemera 
    6 cookbooks 
2 recipe notebooks


Various records related to Americus Township, Grand Forks County, Dakota Territory and North Dakota, dating from about 1888 to 1912. These records are incomplete. There is also one file in the newspaper box.

        5. Township Meeting Records
        6. Tax Records
        7.  Land and Poll Tax Pass Books
        8. Expense Records
        9.  School District 23 Record Book, 1881-1909
       10. Miscellaneous


Boxes 10, 10A and 11

Course notebooks from Dr. Hunter's years at Rush Medical College, Chicago. These are in particularly poor condition from fire and water damage. Unarranged.


Miscellany and memorabilia. This series in particular demonstrates Dr. Hunter's penchant for keeping everything. It ranges from biographies of family friends to her fathers napkin ring and a turkey feather fan. Particularly noteworthy is the first signature book of the First National Bank of Grand Forks; the fifth signature of that of Alexander Griggs, founder of Grand Forks.

Box 12

Minute book of Visiting Nurse Committee, 1911

Folder  1.  Memorabilia-First National Bank of Grand Forks
        2.  Credit Bureau Service Bulletins, 1934-1936
        3.  Post cards and blotters
        4.  Old cards
        5.  Miscellaneous papers

The reminder of the box consists of odds and ends, including local advertising items, silk handkerchiefs, calling cards, emergency medical kits, old railroad tickets, and employees pass book from the Grand Forks Transportation Company, etc.



Folder  1.  Governors' Commissions
        2.  Americus Township Tax Records, 1900
        3.  Newspapers - McKinley Assassination
        4.  Newspapers - Garfield assassination, Benjamin Harrison death and miscellaneous
        5.  "Common Sense" (an anti-communist paper)
        6.  "The Theatrical Criterion" (a Grand Forks publication)
        7.  Medical School drawings
        8.  Auction Posters



1. Unidentified, Undated

2. Hatton, North Dakota, Undated

2a. Hatton, North Dakota, Undated (duplicate of Photograph 2)

3. Interior shot of the Grand Forks Waterworks Building with John Lunseth, Superintendent, Peter LeMeter, Assistant Superintendent, and Mayme Kelly, Clerk, 1910.

4. Hatton, North Dakota, Undated

5. Hatton, North Dakota, Undated (duplicate of Photograph 4)

6. Hatton, North Dakota, Undated

7. Hatton, North Dakota, Undated (duplicate of Photograph 6)

8. Elison Graves, Hatton, North Dakota, Undated

9. Unidentified, 1909

10. Mrs. Davis with picked corn, September 12, 1923

11. Unidentified military camp photograph

12. Unidentified military camp photograph

13. Unidentified military camp photograph

14. Unidentified military camp photograph

15. Unidentified military camp photograph

16. Oldest House in America, St. Augustine, Florida, built in 1620. Undated

17. Oldest House in America, St. Augustine, Florida, built in 1620. Undated

18. Unidentified, Undated

19. Unidentified, Undated

20. Unidentified, Undated

21. Lamp post and strange tree, unidentified, undated

22. Unidentified, Undated

23. Unidentified lady by palm trees, Undated

24. Unidentified lady by palm trees, Undated

25. Unidentified building, Undated

26. Unidentified building, Undated

27. Unidentified, Undated

28. Unidentified, Undated

29. Pineapples, Undated

30. Palm Trees, Undated

31. Fort Marion, Florida, Undated

32. The Florida Ostrich Farm, Jacksonville, Florida, Undated

33. Saint George Street, Saint Augustine, Florida, Undated

34. First Tree Planted in California, Undated

35. United States Barracks, Saint Francis, Saint Augustine, Florida, Undated

36. Sea Wall, Saint Augustine, Florida, Undated

37. Beecher Hall, University of Chicago, Undated

38. Memorial Church, Saint Augustine, Florida, Undated

39. Old Spanish Cathedral, Saint Augustine, Florida, Undated

40. Old Lookout, Fort Marion, Saint Augustine, Florida, Undated

41. Unidentified, Undated

42. Unidentified, Undated

43. Unidentified, Undated

44. Unidentified, Undated

45. Unidentified baby, Undated

46. Unidentified, Undated

47. Unidentified, 1950

48. Unidentified, Undated

49. Unidentified, Undated

50. Unidentified, Undated

51. Gay's Lion Farm, Undated

52. Covered Wagon, Hatton, North Dakota, Undated

53. Eielson plane, Hatton, North Dakota, Undated

54. Goat and Duray Kid, Grand Forks, North Dakota, Undated

55. San Antonio, Texas, Undated

56. Elephant in Breckenridge Park in San Antonio, Texas, Undated

57. Elephant in Breckenridge Park in San Antonio, Texas, Undated

58. Mission Espoda, Mission Road, San Antonio, Texas, Undated

59. View of Rose Garden, Fort Worth, Texas, Undated

60. Gallagh's Dude Ranch, San Antonio, Texas, Undated

61. Hippopotamus in Breckenridge Park, San Antonio, Texas, Undated

62. Outdoor Shrine of the Lady of the L??e College, San Antonio, Texas, Undated

63. Cavalry Drilling at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, Undated

64. Mare and Colts, Heines farm, Ellendale, September 26, 1937

65. Colt, Daughter of Myrtle, Heines Farm, Ellendale, September 26, 1937

66. Sorrel Mare, Heines Farm Ellendale, September 26, 1937

67. Sorrel Mare, Heines Farm Ellendale, September 26, 1937

68. Shack Town, Wenatchee, Washington, Summer of 1928

69. Texas State Capitol in Austin, February 1935

70. Texas State Capitol in Austin, February 1935

71. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Train, Devil's Lake, North Dakota, August of 1934

72. Orange Grove at Montenovelos, Mexico

73. Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas, February of 1935

74. Rear car of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Train, Devil's Lake, North Dakota, August of 1934

75. Chapel in Randolph Field, San Antonio, Texas, Undated

76. Side-rear view of O'Henry's home in Austin, Texas, February of 1935

77. Statue at the entrance of the University of Texas in Austin, February of 1935

78. A Baboon in a tree at Breckenridge Park, San Antonio, Texas, February of 1935

79. Administration Building for Randolph Field, San Antonio, Texas, Undated

80. Orange Grove at Montenovelos, Mexico, Undated

81. Oxen loading Oranges at Montenovelos, Mexico, Undated

82. Oxen loading Oranges at Montenovelos, Mexico, Undated

83. Loading Oranges at Montenovelos, Mexico, Undated

84. Montenovelos, Mexico, Undated

85. Terrace at Corpus Christi, Texas, Undated

86. Unidentified Bridge, Undated

87. Zaragoza Park, Monterey, Mexico, Undated

88. Feeding Sea Lions in Breckenridge Park, San Antonio, Texas, Undated

89. Gulf of Mexico, Undated

90. Shot from a pier, Undated

91. Loading Dock, Undated

92. Steel and Iron Plant, Monterey, Mexico, Undated

93. Sea Lion Pool at Breckenridge Park, San Antonio, Texas, Undated

94. Keg of Beer Stand at a Brewery in Monterey, Mexico, Undated

95. Unidentified Donkey, Undated

96. Vehicles waiting for passengers, Monterey, Mexico, Undated

97. In Front of City Hall, Monterey, Mexico, Undated

98. Market in Monterey, Mexico, Undated

99. Donkeys, Monterey, Mexico, Undated

100. Unidentified farm, Undated

101. Unidentified farm, Undated

102. Daguerreotype in leather case of an Unidentified woman, Undated

103. Multnomah Falls, Oregon, Undated

104. "Vista House" Crown Point, Oregon, Undated

105. Mount Hood, Oregon, Undated

106. Eagle Creek Bridge, Columbia River Highway, Oregon, Undated

107. Mitchell's Point Tunnel, Columbia River Highway, Oregon, Undated

108. Unidentified, Undated

109. Summer Camp on the Sheep Range with 3000 sheep, Undated (postcard)

110. Dinner in Cow Camp, Undated (postcard)

111. Unidentified, Undated (postcard)

112. Unidentified construction, Undated

113. Native Americans, Undated, (postcard)

114. Aaker's Business College, Grand Forks, North Dakota, Undated (postcard)

115. Aaker's Business College, Grand Forks, North Dakota, Undated (postcard) (same ad Photograph 114)

116. Airplane flight at Grand Forks for the 1911 State Fair

117. Unidentified woman, Undated

118. Postcard promoting Aaker's Business College in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Undated

119. 25th anniversary program of Mr. and Mrs. Hunter. Contains photographs of Adison I. Hunter (1889 and 1914), Alice Cary Baily (1889 and 1914) and Alice M. Hunter (1914)

120. Dr. Adison I Hunter, Undated

121. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter and Alice Hunter, V

122. Mrs. Hunter, Undated

123. Unidentified Town, 1876 or 1913

124. Grand Forks, Dakota Territory, 1876

125. Grand Forks Businesses, October of 1883

126. Grand Forks Businesses, October of 1883

127. North Dakota State Fair in Grand Forks, July of 1907

128. North Dakota State Fair in Grand Forks, July of 1907

129. Unidentified family and House, Undated

130. Dr. Adison Hunter, Undated

131. John Hancock, Undated

131b. Unidentified, Undated

132. Unidentified, Undated

133. Unidentified, Undated

134. Unidentified, May 3, 1945

135. Interior of Union National Bank with Adison Hunter at desk, 1910

136. Interior of Union National Bank with Adison Hunter at desk, 1910 (Duplicate of Photograph 135)

137. George A. Bangs, Undated

138. Mrs. Alice Hunter's typhoid fever nurse, 1894

139. Mrs. Alice Hunter's typhoid fever nurse, 1894

140. Unidentified woman, Undated

141. Mary Berg, policewoman

142. Ma Griffith, Southport, Indiana, Undated

143. Unidentified, Undated

144. Nellie Shover Mayo, Undated

145. George Griffith, Southport, Indiana

146. Edward Parsons Dow, Undated

147. Chelsie Dow, May of 1902

148. Lizzie Parson, Nettie Goffring, Allie Goffring and Mrs. Charly Barn

149. Ethel Barnes

150. Music lesson postcard, Undated

151. North Dakota, Undated

152. Unidentified, Undated

153. Grand Forks, Unidentified group, Undated

154. Mr. Amidon of Russell-Miller Mill, Grand Forks, North Dakota, Undated

155. Unidentified, Undated

156. Grand Forks in 1876 (postcard)

157. Mrs. William Budge, postmistress of Grand Forks, North Dakota, taken in 1910 at Medford, Oregon

158. Unidentified house, undated

159. Unidentified house, Undated

160. Unidentified, Undated (postcard)

161. Unidentified House, Undated

162. Unidentified horse and buggy race, undated

163. Unidentified women, Undated

164. Unidentified child, Undated

165. Unidentified house, Undated

166. Unidentified woman, Undated

167. Unidentified, Undated

168. Horse, Undated

169. Horses, Undated

170. Horses, Undated

171. Unidentified, Undated

172. Unidentified woman, Undated

173. Unidentified woman, Undated

174. Dog, Undated

175. Unidentified, Undated

176. Zach French, Undated

177. Woman Riding Horse, Undated

178. Unidentified house, 1932

179. Unidentified, Undated

180. Unidentified, Undated

181. Unidentified, June 28, 1949

182. Alice Hunter, Chicago, Illinois, 1919

183. Alice Hunter, 1919

184. Alice Hunter, Undated

185. Alice Hunter, Undated (duplicate of Photograph 184)

186. Unidentified, Undated

187. Unidentified, Undated

188. Unidentified, Undated

189. Unidentified, Undated

190. Unidentified, June 28, 1949

191. Unidentified, Undated

192. Dr. Adison Hunter (right) and unidentified other, 1909

193. Unidentified, Undated

194. Unidentified, Undated (postcard)

195. Virginia Mary Bailey, Undated

196. Miss Mary Dow, Undated

197. Unidentified woman, Undated

198. Unidentified girl, Undated

199. Unidentified, Undated

200. Unidentified, Undated

201. Alice Hunter, Undated

202. Unidentified at Saint Augustine, Florida

203. Unidentified, Undated

204. Unidentified, Undated

205. John E. Bailey and Family, Edgar, Illinois, Undated

206. Ralph Bailey, Undated

207. Margaret M. Hunter (Adison's Mother), undated

208. William Gramm, 1898

209. Ralph and Paul Bailey, Undated

210. Ralph and Paul Bailey, Undated

211. Adison Hunter's Grandmother, Undated

212. Adison Hunter's Grandfather, Undated

213. Unidentified, Undated

214. Unidentified, Undated

215. Unidentified, Undated

216. Unidentified, Undated

217. Unidentified, Undated

218. Cy Hunter, Undated

219. Cy Hunter, Undated

220. Cy Hunter, Undated

221. Will Rice, Undated

222. Ralph Hunter Bailey, Undated

223. F. Bailey, Undated

224. James Bailey, Indianapolis Indiana, Undated

225. Unidentified, Undated

226. Unidentified, Undated

227. Bessie Wood, Undated

228. Mag M. Farland, Southport, Indiana

229. Helen von Donat Ward

230. Unidentified, Undated

231. Miss Murphy, Undated

232. Maximilain Dick, Undated

233. Unidentified man, Undated

234. Unidentified, Undated

235. Unidentified, 1950

236. Jeremie, Undated

237. Unidentified, January 14, 1951

238. Minnie Franson, 1951

239. Unidentified, Undated

240. Normal Taylor, 1926

241. Unidentified, Undated (postcard)

242. Unidentified man, Undated

243. Mrs. Jan Fay Bird and Cheryl Winfrey, Undated

244. Menu for Richardson House, December 25, 1887

245. Unidentified, Undated

246. Unidentified, Undated

247. Unidentified child, Undated

248. Unidentified family, Undated

249. Unidentified house, Undated

250. Unidentified child, Undated

251. Unidentified child, Undated

252. Unidentified, Undated

253. Unidentified man, Undated

254. Unidentified, Undated

255. Unidentified, Undated

256. Unidentified women, Undated

257. Unidentified group, Undated

258. Unidentified man, Undated

259. Unidentified man, Undated

260. Unidentified, Undated

261. Unidentified family, Undated

262. Unidentified man, Undated

263. Unidentified child, Undated

264. Unidentified child, Undated

265. Unidentified man, Undated

266. Unidentified, Undated

267. Unidentified woman, Undated

268. Unidentified woman, Undated

269. Alice Hunter, 1883

270. Unidentified woman, Undated

271. Unidentified city, Undated

272. Unidentified man, Undated

273. Nellie Shover Mayo, Undated

274. Harry Bailey, Undated

275. M. M. Hunter (right) and others, Undated

276. "Aunt Maggie", Undated

277. Alice Hunter, Undated

278. "Uncle Ad", Undated

279. Unidentified woman, Undated

280. Unidentified woman, Undated

281. Unidentified women, Undated

282. Jamie and Harry Bailey, Undated

283. Five portraits of Alice Hunter, 1974

284. Dr. Adison Hunter, Undated

Photo Album One-A. I. Hunter, Grand Forks, North Dakota, November 12, 1883
Cabinet cards, carte de vistes and tintypes of people. Most are unidentified.

Photo Album Two-Leather-bound album of Two Unidentified Photographs

Photo Album Three-Homemade scrap book type
Contains Photographs of the Hunter Farm

Also in the Photographic files are a large quantity of negatives

 Original Donation  First Addition: 1907
 Second Addition: 1936  

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