DATES: 1879-2003

SIZE: 21.75 linear feet


ACQUISITION: The Grand Forks Herald Collection was initially deposited in the Orin G. Libby Manuscript Collection by Hope S. Beam, Evanston, Illinois, in May 1983 (Acc.#83-1148); additions have been received on numerous occasions from both the staff of the Grand Forks Herald and the Department of Special Collections: (Acc.#93-1872), (Acc.#96-2074), (Acc.#98-2184), (Acc.#98-2223), (Acc.#98-2227), (Acc.#98-2255), (Acc.#98-2228), (Acc.#99-2315), (Acc.#99-2317), (Acc.#99-2365), (Acc.#2001-2534), and (Acc.#2005-2738).

ACCESS: Available for inspection under the rules and regulations of the Department of Special Collections.


OGL#739, George B. Winship Papers
OGL#788, Grand Forks Herald Obituary File
OGL#1351, 1997 Red River Valley Flood Collection


The Grand Forks Herald was founded by George B. Winship. The newspaper was first published as the Weekly Herald beginning on June 26, 1879. The rapid growth of both the newspaper and city of Grand Forks caused Winship to begin publishing the Grand Forks Daily Herald as a morning edition in 1891. In 1908, the Herald bought out another local newspaper, The Plaindealer, which had been founded by George Walsh in 1875.

Winship sold the Daily Herald to J.D. Bacon in 1911. In 1914, Bacon purchased the Evening Times, another local newspaper. In 1929, Ridder Publications purchased a 60% interest in the paper. The Grand Forks Herald became part of Knight-Ridder, Inc., in 1974.

During the 1997 Red River Valley Flood, the Herald's building was overcome by flood waters in the early morning hours on April 19, 1997. Publication of the paper moved first to the University of North Dakota Memorial Union, followed by the Manvel Public School on the next day. To make matters worse, a fire broke out in the Herald building at approximately 4 p.m. on April 19th. The building was a complete loss. In spite of this, the Grand Forks Herald did not miss a single issue, and was honored with a Pulitzer Prize for Meritorious Public Service in 1998.


The Grand Forks Herald Collection consists mainly of historic issues of the newspaper. The collection has been divided into four series as follows:

Series I: Historic Newspapers
Sub-Series A: 1979 Flood (Box 1)
Sub-Series B: 1989 Flood (Box 2)
Sub-Series C: 1966 Blizzard (Box 3)
Sub-Series D: 1997 Blizzards, Flood, and Aftermath (Boxes 4, 12-16)
Sub-Series E: 2000 Flood (Box 16)
Sub-Series F: 2001 Flood (Box 16)

Series II: Anniversary/Special Issues
This series contains anniversary and souvenir issues of the Grand Forks Herald Among the issues included is a souvenir edition of the very first issue, June 26, 1879, as well as 50th, 75th, and 100th Anniversary issues. Also included is the Dakota Territorial Centennial issue, several UND anniversary issues, and the city of Grand Forks Centennial issue. Boxes 3 and 16

Series III: Biographical Clipping Files
These files span the years 1910-1979, and consist solely of articles clipped from the Grand Forks Herald. The clippings pertain to noted individuals with a connection to North Dakota or the surrounding region. All materials were transferred from the Grand Forks Herald's biographical files, letters A-B and K-M. Only individuals whose surnames begin with these letters are represented. Various "see also" references were kept as noted in the Box and Folder Inventory, even if the files to those references do not exist. Boxes 5-11

Series IV: Miscellaneous
This series includes two stock certificates ledger books for the Herald Publishing Company, 1891-1911, and two 1995 advertising supplements. Also included are materials and postcards related to the new Grand Forks Herald building, and the 1998 awarding of the Pulitzer Prize. Boxes16-17


Box 1
Series I, Sub-Series A: 1979 Flood

  1. April 16 - April 20, 1979
  2. April 21 - 24, April 26, 1979
  3. April 26 - April 30, 1979
  4. May 1 - 5, 1979
  5. May 6 and May 8, 1979
  6. Selected pages describing spring flooding: April 16 - May 8, 1979

Box 2
Series I, Sub-Series B: 1989 Flood

  1. April 4 - April 5, 1989
  2. April 6 - April 7, 1989
  3. April 8 - April 10, 1989
  4. April 11 - April 15, 1989
  5. April 16 - April 20, 1989
  6. Duplicate issues

Box 3
Series II: Anniversary and Special Issues

  1. Anniversary Issue: Reproduction from first and fourth pages of the original edition: June 26, 1879
  2. 50th Anniversary: June 26, 1929
  3. 75th Anniversary: June 20, 1954
  4. 100th Anniversary: June 26, 1979
  5. Territorial Centennial: February 28, 1961

Series I, Sub-Series C: 1966 Blizzard

  1. Original and souvenir editions: March 3, 6, 7, 9, and April 13, 1966

Box 4
Series I, Sub-Series D: 1997 Blizzards, Flood, and Aftermath

  1. January 10 and January 11, 1997
  2. February 1 - 4, 1997
  3. February 5 - 8, 1997
  4. February 9 - 12, 1997
  5. February 13 - 16, 1997
  6. February 17 - 20, 1997
  7. February 21 - 23, 1997
  8. February 24 - 28, 1997

Box 5
Series III: Biographical Clipping Files

1. Aandahl, Fred G.

2. Aanestad, Rev. R. S. and wife

3. Aarvig, David
Aarvig, Judy (Mrs. David)

4. Abbot, George A.

5. Abbot, Homer D.
Abbot, Margaret (Mrs. Homer D.)

6. Abrahamson, Mrs. Paul E. R.
Absey, Edward J. and wife
Adams W. S. (Bill)
Agnew, Dr. Paul
Agotness, Clifford and wife
Agnotess, Richard Lee
Ahler, Stan
Aitchison, Kenneth W.

7. Akers, Virginia
Albers, Carl
Albers, Dries "Dutch"
Albers, Frank
Alberts, Earl D.
Alberts, Lenora
Albercht, Bob
Albercht, Dr. Herbert and wife

8. Alexander, W. H.
Alderson, Mrs. Thomas Earl
Alfren, Edin C. and wife
Allan, Rex. W. Murray
Allard, Mrs. Mary M.
Allegrezza. T. S.
Alleman, Capt. John
Allen, A. Morton

9. Allen, J. Robert (Bob)
Allen, Mrs. Mary B.
Allen, W. B.
Allen, Mrs. W. B. (Ruth)
Anda, Mrs. Jimmy (Bonnie)
Anderson, Lt. Col. Alfred I.
Anderson, Alan Duane
Anderson, Mrs. A. T. (Anna)

10. Anderson, Mrs. Ardyce
Anderson, Anson J.
Anderson, Arthur P.
Anderson, Andrey
Anderson, Beatrice
Anderson, Bernard
Anderson, Bjarnie
Anderson, Bruce
Anderson, Col. Charles L., U.S. Army
Anderson, Carter

11. Anderson, Clarence
Anderson, Rev. Clifford
Anderson, Clifford
Anderson, Clinton
Anderson, C. Morris
Anderson, Collin
Anderson, Conrad
Anderson, Mrs. Cleo
Anderson, Curtis J.
Anderson, D. E. "Bud" and wife

12. Anderson, David D.
Anderson, David W.
Anderson, Dennis L.
Anderson, Donald C.
Anderson, Donald J.
Anderson, Donald L. and wife
Anderson, Donald L.
Anderson, Douglas A.
Anderson, Duane
Anderson, Duane K. and wife
Anderson, Duane C. and wife

13. Anderson, Earl B.
Anderson, Mrs. Earl B.
Anderson, Ed
Anderson, Elinor Mae
Anderson, Rev. Elmo
Anderson, Eric S.
Anderson, Mrs. Erryl (Ellen)
Anderson, Mrs. Esther
Anderson, Eugene and Gerald
Anderson, Mrs. Eugenie

14. Anderson, Mrs. Floyd
Anderson, G. Lee
Anderson, G. R.
Anderson, Gail
Anderson, Dr. Gary
Anderson, Gary
Anderson, Gary B. and wife
Anderson, Mrs. Gary (Sharon)
Anderson, Lt. Col. George B.
Anderson, Gerald D.

15. Anderson, Gerald D. "Gerry"
Anderson, G. L.
Anderson, Gerry
Anderson, Mrs. Hannah
Anderson, Gregg
Anderson, Gwen
Anderson, Harold
Anderson, Harris
Anderson, Harry G.
Anderson, Herbert A.

16. Anderson, Isaac and wife
Anderson, Mrs. J. G.
Anderson, John A. and wife
Anderson, John Jr.
Anderson, John Scott
Anderson, Judy
Anderson, Julius
Anderson, Keith
Anderson, Keith D. and wife
Anderson, Kenton D.

17. Anderson, L. J.
Anderson, Larry J.
Anderson, Lavell E.
Anderson, Mrs. Leonard
Anderson, Mrs. Lionel (Vi)
Anderson, Loren W. and wife
Anderson, Mrs. Lucille
Anderson, Lyle A.
Anderson, Lyle G. and wife
Anderson, Lyle W.

18. Anderson, Rev. Magnus
Anderson, Marion "Wes"
Anderson, Specialist Mark L.
Anderson, Mary Linn
Anderson, Merle
Anderson, Mike
Anderson, Myles and Claudia
Anderson, Newell Norlin
Anderson, Odien and wife
Anderson, O. K.

19. Anderson, Ole
Anderson, Orval
Anderson, Rev. Oscar
Anderson, Pamela Kay
Anderson, Rev. Paul and wife
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, Philip A.
Anderson, Sgt Ralph M.
Anderson, Ray H.
Anderson, Richard G.
Anderson, Richard P.

20. Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Robert A.
Anderson, Robert Duane and wife
Anderson, Robert E.
Anderson, Ronald L.
Anderson, Mrs. Steven (Marcia)
Anderson, T. C. "Bud"
Anderson, Rev. Terry
Anderson, Val E.
Anderson, Vicki

21. Anderson, W. L.
Anderson, W. N.
Anderson, Walter R.
Anderson, Wayne B.
Anderson, Dr. Wesley D.
Anderson, Mrs. Wm. E.
Andes, Scott
Andraschko, Louis J
Andre Nilles, Sister
Andreasen, Rev. Jacob

22. Andrew, Allan S.
Andrews, Barbara
Andrews, Mrs. Walter Wild
Andrist, Calvin
Andrist, John M.
Angel, Jack
Angelo, Stephen
Anglin, John
Anhalt, Rev. Elmer O.
Ankney, Charles J.

23. Anstett, Douglas
Anthony, Mrs. J. S. (Hazel)
Antonius, Sister
Aos, Richard
Appar, Richard C.
Apostal, Dr. Robert A.
Applebaum, Samuel
Applebee, William R.
Applegate, Dr. Irvane
Applegren, Mark A.

24. Applegren, Ralph L. and wife
Arbagey, Airman Alan A.
Archambeau, Jerry
Archer, Jerry Wayne
Archer, Verne
Archibald, Frank
Arel, Dale R. and wife (Judy)
Arens, Gene and wife
Arenz, Herbert
Argento, Dominick

25. Argue, J. E. (Jack)
Argyle, Donald Blackwell
Arion, Dr. William
Arlington, Park Hotel
Arman, Warren
Ambrust, Herman
Armey, Edith
Armistead, Mrs. David K. (Patricia)
Armstrong, Duane J.
Armstrong, Jack E.

26. Arnasou, A. F.
Arnason, Joanne
Arnason, R. B. and son Harold
Arnason, Richard E.
Arne, Master Sergeant Irvin
Arnberger, Neil B.
Arneberg, John G. (Dr.) and wife

Arnegard, Livia
Arneson, Bruce
Arneson, Dr. Charles A.

27. Arneson, Del
Arneson, George
Arneson, Rev. N. E.
Arneson, Martin and wife
Arneson, Mrs. Norman
Arneson, Oscar and wife
Arneson, O. J.
Arneson, Vance
Arness, Craig
Arness, Gary and wife

28. Arnold, Betsy Ann
Arnold, Mrs. Billie B.
Arnold, John L.
Arnold, Lincoln
Arnold, Ray M. and wife (Alberta)
Arnold, W. B.
Arnston, Richard K.
Arntz, Clifford
Aronson, Avis (Mrs. Bob)
Arp, Leon and wife (see Nancy Diane King, G. F.)

29. Arquette, Cliff (Charlie Weaver)
Arrell, Rev. Lucian
Asbridge, Bernice
Asbridge, Harold
Asche, Joe
Ash, Carl G.
Ashcanse, Abe S.
Ashenbrenner, Evelyn
Ashenbrenner, Fred V.
Ashenbrenner, Lt. Col. P. J.

30. Ashton, John C.
Ashton, Dr. J. R.
Askegard, Charles
Askjem, Arne and wife
Aslakson, Berglott
Aslakson, Kristen
Asleson, Harlan
Asleson, Russell
Aleson, T. B.
Asp, Mrs. Ether

Box 6

1. Astrup. Edwin
Atchison, Rev. Glenn
Atkins, Larry
Atkins, Robert L.
Atterson, Dwayne S.
Atwood, Dale
Aubol, Clare
Auer, Herbert J.
Auer, Mrs. Herbert (Rita)
Auer, Lindsay

2. Auer, Norbert B. and wife
Augustine, Dale
Aukerman, Richard and wife
Aukland, Mrs. Richard (Marge)
Aulicino, Richard A.
Ault, A. N.
Ault, Rev. Gerald
Ault, Laurence and wife
Ault, Rodney A.
Aune, Edward J. and wife

3. Aune, Pat
Austin, Clarence and wife
Austin, Mrs. Eugene (Roe Jeanous)
Austin, Frank E.
Austin, James A.
Austin, Martin and wife
Austin, Steward P. and wife
Austin, Mrs. Walter (Regina)
Austinson, Oliver E.
Austreng, Vern

4. Avery, William
Aviles, Roberto
Axt, Lavern
Axtell, Marlowe
Axtman, Father John
Axtman, Mrs. Wendell P. (Marion)
Axtman, Nick p.
Axvig, Richard J. and wife
Ayars, C. B.
Ayd, Dr. Frank J.

5. Azure, Duane A.
Azure, Jeffery
Azure, Mrs. Joseph R.
Azure, Raymond A. Jr.
Azzo, Rev. Alfred
Biedman, Dr. Gerhard
Biegner, Paul R. (Rev.)
Bierman, Bernie
Bies, James J.
Bietz, Jerold A.
Bigalke, James
Bigelow, Frank

6. Big Track, Donald Joseph
Bigwood, James and Roy
Bigwood, Robert M.
Bilden, J. C.
Bilzen, Col. H. E.
Bina, A. W.
Bina, Gerry
Bina, Joane
Bina, Joseph L.
Bina, Larry
Bina, S.J.

7. Binavince, Emilio
Binegar, Glen W.
Binek, William W.
Binford, Lt. Col. E. E.
Bingea, Rev, Richard
Bingham, 2nd Lt. David James
Bingham Delbert and family
Bingham, J. B.
Binger, Jane Stennes
Binkley, Specialist Albert

8. Binkley, Pvt. A. Jeffery
Binz, Archbishop Leo
Bird, Gary
Bird, Jack
Bird, J. W. Jr. and wife
Bird, Nelson, R.
Birdzell, Luther E.
Birkedall, Capt. LeRoy
Birkeland, Dale E.
Birkeland, Pvt. Galen

9. Birkeland, Rev. O. G.
Birkholz, Bernard A.
Birkholz, Charles and wife
Birkholz, Marvin and wife
Birkholz, Roger
Bishop, James
Bishop, Dr. James R. E.
Bissel, Julie Ann
Bitz, Garry
Bitzan, Edward F.

10. Bjerk, Lavern
Bjerke, Albert
Bjerke, Brothers
Bjerke, Dale
Bjerke, Duane
Bjerke, Estelle
Bjerke, Iver
Bjerke, Ivamae
Bjerke, Jeffery
Bjerke, Ole E.

11. Bjerke, Mr. and Mrs. Peder
Bjerke, Wendy
Bjerke, Willis E.
Bjerke, A. G.
Bjerklie, Leroy A. and wife
Bjermeland, Eugene and wife (Vivian)
Bjertness, Ben
Bjoralt, Virginia
Bjorge, Albert A. and wife
Bjorge, Daryl

12. Bjore, Mrs. DaLonna
Bjore, Marlyn
Bjoring, Brothers of Ole (Robert, Donnell)
Bjork, Alton J.
Bjork, David A.
Bjork, Jerry Clyde
Bjork, John
Bjork, Randall J. and wife
Bjork, Ray O.

13. Bjorneby, Kathy
Bjornson, Fred
Bjornson, Lt. col. Loren T.
Bjornson, M. A.
Bjornson, Mayo A. and wife
Bjornson, Phlip
Bjornson, Sig

14. Bjornson, Val
Bjonstad, Bjorn
Bjornstad, Terry A.
Black, Donald
Black, Mrs. George E.
Black, Gladys
Black, James
Black, John
Black, Mrs. John N.
Black, Margaret

15. Black, Mike
Black, Norman B. and D.
Black, Terry D.
Black, G. W. "Whit" and wife
Black, William
Blackbird, Jerome Jr.
Blackburn, Robert
Blackburn, William M.
Blackler, Edwin E. and wife
Blackmore, Jean Marie

16. Blackmore, William
Blackmun, Mrs. Harry (Dorothy)
Blackmun, Mike
Bladow, Clarence
Blaha, Charles
Blain, Beth
Blain, William S.
Blain, W. W.
Blain, Mrs. Richard West (former Carolyn Cushman)
Blain, Rev. Judd H.

17. Blair, David C. (Bill) and wife
Blair, George
Blair, Joe
Blair, Joseph A.
Blair, Jean (Mrs. Fred J.)
Blair, (Pfc.) Russell G.
Blaisdell, Keith A. and wife
Blake, Jack
Blake, Orville
Blakito, Gus

18. Blanchette, Mrs. C. W. "Jerry" (Betty)
Blanchette, Pierre Henry and wife
Blanchette, W. J. (Ben) and wife
Blank, Dr. Richard J.
Blanton, V. R.
Blansett, Bobby G.
Blaufuss, Paul John
Blaylock, Earl
Bleakley, Brothers (Chester, George, Gordon)
Blecha, Denise
Blecker, Dr. Michael

19. Blegan, Brothers (George, Glenn, Oscar, Sanford)
Blegan, Soren
Blesi, Clair
Blessum, Brothers (Donald, Richard, Waedman)
Blessum, Raymond
Bleth, Joel J.
Blilie, James E.
Blinn, Keith W.
Bliss, Kendall K.
Bliss, Nathan and Rachel
Blitz, Edward

20. Bliven, Emery and wife
Block, Mrs. George
Block, Neil
Block, Russell
Block, William E.
Block, William R.
Blokzyl, Bernard "Bud"
Bloom, Claire
Bloom, Thomas
Bloom, Rev. Arne O. and wife
Bloomer, Clarence P. (see Johnson, Duane Stephan)
Bloomquist, Kevin

21. Bloomquist, Laura
Blotsky, Jake
Blue, Mrs. Clarence J.
Blue, Mrs. Jerome
Blue, Mrs. Jerome J. (Margaret)
Blue, Martin
Blue, Rev. R. J.
Blueke, Mrs. Harold R. (Lucille)
Blueke, Jean A.
Blue Shield, Herbert D.

22. Blue Shield, Faron Lee (Kid Cann)
Blumenfeld, Isadore
Blunt, Mrs. Robert
Bo, Walter J.
Boatman, Curtis
Boatman, Dean E. and wife
Boatman, Linda Rae
Boatright, Rodney
Bock, Cathie
Bock, E. V.
Bock, Lt. Myrtle
Bock, Patti

23. Bock, Ronald E.
Bock, Victor
Boddy, Francis M.
Boddy, L. E.
Bode, Leon
Bodelson, Dr. W. C.
Bodine, Mrs. Frank (Elizabeth)
Bodmer, Mrs. Raymond (see N. D. Federation of Music Clubs)
Boe, Dennis
Boe, Elroy

24. Boe, Edsel
Boe, Mrs. Harold
Boe, John C.
Boe, John R. Jr.
Boe, Mabel A.
Boe, Nils A.
Boe, Dr. Paul
Boe, Pershing
Boehle, Mrs. William (Jean)
Boehm, Mary

25. Boelter, Mrs. Grace
Boen, Gladys
Boerth, Dr. E. H.
Boerth, Edwin
Boese, Leo
Boettner, Dale V.
Bogewiel, G. C.
Bogert, Charles W. Jr.
Bogetto, Sharon Lee
Boggs, Rev. Jack

26. Bohach, Harland
Bonach, Harriet
Bohlig, Keith E.
Bohlman, Mrs. Clifford
Bohlman, Jane
Bohlman, Mark J.
Bohlman, Jean (see James A. Kennedy)
Bohlman, Richard R. and wife
Bohlman, Mrs. Roy A. (Julia J.)
Bohlman, Timothy R. and wife

27. Bohlman, Mr. and Mrs. William C.
Bohlman, William
Bohn, Francis
Bohn, Hilda
Bohn, Mrs. Kenneth
Bohn, Lt. Col. Raymond J.
Bohnen, Mrs. George (Pearl)
Bohnhoff, William
Bohnhoff, Mrs. William J.
Bohnsack, Bruce

28. Bohnsack, Walter
Bohrod, Dr. John
Boice, Hugh K. Jr.
Bolado, Emilio
Boldouc, Robert
Boleen, Mrs. Keith M. (Trudy)
Bolger, James
Bolinger, Robert F. and wife
Bollig, James
Bomber, Richard J.

29. Bomersheim, Phil K.
Bommer, Rockey
Boomerbasch, Larry and wife
Boomerbasch, Ronald P. and wife
Bomrod, Mohammed Allay
Bonaiva, John and An Pan
Bond, Kathryn (Mrs. John)
Bond, Mary Ann (see Karen Magnuson)
Bondelid, Oscar
Bondy, Gordon C.

30. Bonham, Stephen
Bonlie, Art
Boo, Ben
Booker Brothers (Eugene, James, Neal)
Boom, Donald (see Frank Pfleigei)
Boom, Ron
Booren, Brothers (Douglas, Robert, Lynn, Jack)
Booth, Alonzo
Booth, Mrs. Eleanor Healy
Booth, Lawrence W.

31. Borarian, Paul (see EGF Community School Dev. 5/16/71)
Borchardt, E. W.
Borchardt, William A. (see Mrs. Hazel Rodgers)
Borden, Nancy
Borgaonkar, Dr. D. S.
Borgia, Sister
Borks, William
Bork, Bruce
Borbert, Marianna
Borlaug, Oliver

Box 7

1. Bornson, Bruce
Bornus, Maj. Clarence
Bornson, Gary E.
Borowicz, (Louise, Maria, Teresa)
Borscheid, Roseann (see John Hurley)
Borseth, Michael W. and wife (Barbara H.)
Bosch, Andrew
Bosch, Charles
Bosco, Ronald M. (see Donald S. Braaten)
Bosma, Mrs. Olga

2. Bosman, Donna (see Loomer, Walter M.)
Bossoletti, A. I. John P.
Bostrom, Gloria
Bostrom, P. R.
Boteler, Daniel C.
Bothne, Master Sgt. Edwin E.
Bothun, Donald
Bothum, Don P. (Laurayne)
Botko, Tom
Botnen, Willis E.

3. Botsford, Vernon C.
Botten, Ardell E.
Bottum, Joe
Boubaris, Rev. Isidoros
Boubin, Anton
Boucher, Ernie
Boucher, Sister Rose Marie
Boucher, Harvey
Bougie, Gus (see Minnkota Power Group)
Bougie, Mrs. Robert F.

4. Bouldue, Pfc. Charles A.
Bourassa, Larry
Bourassa, Rev. Stanley
Bourgeois, Master Sgt. Travis
Bourgois, Nancy
Boushee, Donald A.
Boushee, Rene
Boushee, Robert
Boushet, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Boushey, Shirley

5. Bonte, Theresa
Bouvette, Calvin and Clifford
Bouvette, Douglas C. (Pvt.) U.S. Army
Bouvette, (Pfc.) Garry
Bouvette, William B. and wife
Bowden, Nancy (see John Davenport)
Bowe, Mrs. David
Bowers, Gary
Bowes, Dr. Angus
Bowles, Albert

6. Bowles, Karen
Bowles, Major Neil H.
Boyd, Douglas
Boyden, Capt. Edward
Boyer, Leonard and wife
Boyle, David
Boyum, Ruth Ann
Bozarth-Campbell, Sister Alla
Braaten, Arnold
Braaten, Mrs. Christ (Doris)

7. Braaten, Donald S.
Braaten, (Airman) Harlan D.
Braaten, Marian
Braaten, Oswald S.
Braaten, Theodore and wife
Braddock, Vaughn
Braden, J. Scott
Bradford, Randall
Bradforde, Philip

8. Bradley, Allen T.
Bradley, Floyd J.
Bradley, Richard M.
Bradley, Robert E.
Bradshaw, Alice
Bradshaw, George
Bradshaw, Pfc. Patricia L.
Brady, E. W.
Brady, William R.
Braegar, Mrs. Harold

9. Bragar, Austin
Bragar, George R.
Braunard, Franklin
Brandes, Edith
Brandes, Gordon A.
Brandlie, Arthur
Brandon, James C.
Brandrud, Pamela J.
Brandt, Mrs. Duane
Brandt, Fred P.

10. Brandt, Pct. Howard
Brandt, Louie
Brandt, Rev. Olaf O.
Brandt, Rev. R. L.
Brandt, R. W.
Brandvold, Ole and wife
Bradwick, Adolph F.
Bradwick, Dr. Ken
Brannon, Dean M. A.
Branson, Rev. Bob

11. Brantl, Mrs. Charles F.
Branvold, Nordeen
Branvold, Walter
Branvold, Mrs. Walter
Brasted, Pvt. Gary
Braseth, E. A.
Braseth, Peter and wife
Brasted, Andy R.
Brastrup, James
Bratager, Ensign Robert M.

12. Bratland, Roy
Bratlie, Lillie
Bratrud, Dr. Milton
Bratten, James
Bratten, Ray P.
Bratton, John
Bratvold, Emil and wife
Bratvold, Gary A. (see EGF City Council Election)
Bratvold, Pfc. Kenneth
Bratvold, Les
Braun, Leroy H. (see Lloyd Snyder)

13. Braun, Mrs. William J.
Braund, Mrs. Cyril (Kathryn)
Braus, Dennis
Bray, George M.
Bray, Hugh G.
Bray, Mrs. Hugh G.
Brda, Francis M. (U.S. Navy)
Breaux, Poley
Bredahl, George R.
Bredahl, Timothy D. (serviceman)

14. Bredemeier, John W. and wife (see Sharon Loeffler)
Bredhott, Rev. Roy A.
Bredlie, Elmer
Breidenbach, Francis A.
Breidenbach, Jim
Breitwieser, J. V.
Brekke, Mrs. Arne (Beverly)
Brekke, Mrs. Roy W. (Grace)
Brekke, John and wife
Brekke, Karen

15. Brekke, Robert
Brekken, Mark A. and wife
Bremicker, Carl T.
Bremicker, Richard F.
Brendsel, I. O.
Brenna, Carol Dean
Brenna, Freeman
Brenna, Gary L.
Brenna, Henry
Brenna, Richard J.

16. Brennan, John
Brenner, (Maj.) Audrey M. (U.S. Air Force)
Brentzel, Mrs. William
Bretlinger, John M. (see Robert E. Gallegos)
Brett, Capt. and Mrs. Robert

17. Jondahl, Lt. Col. Robert J.
Jones, David H.
Jones, Rev. Jerry S. & wife
Jones, N. Owen
Jones, Ray
Jones, Roy E. & wife

18. Joos, H.H.
Jopling, Henry
Julson, John
Jundt, Mary Louise
Juneau, James
Jungers, John Peter
Junglas, Wilma
Junglas, Duane A.
Juntunen. Harold N.

19. Jury, George E.
Jussia, Toivo M.
Justice, Bertha S.
Juve, Mrs. Torvald (Carrie)
Juve, Kermit
Juve, Roger

20. Kaatrud, Rev. Paul
Kachman, Specialist Frank
Kaldec, Frank,
Kaldec, Louis, J.
Kaldec, Mrs. Luger (Elaine)
Kaldec, Mary Elizabeth
Kady, Gayle (see Elton Fufte)
Kaehler, Glenn
Kahan, Dr. Archie M.
Kallestad, Lyle

21. Kallifatides, Theodore
Kaloupek, Walter E.
Karlstad, Andrew
Kambeitz, Ken and wife
Kamesch, Conrad "Connie"
Kamin, S. Sgt. Ford
Kaminski, Andrew (see Ray J. Beran)
Kaml, Arnold
Kaml, Elaine Doris
Kamletz, Jane

22. Kampf, B. (Sol)
Kamphaung, Delbert
Kampmann, Mel J.
Kana, Marit
Kane, Emmett J.
Kane, Dr. J. Herbert
Kane, Thomas
Kanno, Dr. Nellie
Kapas Robert
Kapau, Mary Ann (see William K. Montgomery)

23. Kapaun, Robert J.
Kaplan, S. H.
Kappel, Mrs. Robert (Maxine)
Kappelhoff, Jim
Karaim, Bill
Karch, John (see Michael Clemens)
Karel, Milton W,
Karim, Nohammed
Kargel, Doyle
Karich, Cynthia (see Audrey Timberman)

24. Karlstad, Ronald
Karner, Mrs. Joan
Karnoupakis, Capt. Victor L. and wife
Kartes, Allen G.
Kartes, Anna
Kartes, Mrs. Brad (Cynthia)
Karth, Joseph D.
Kary, Vernon
Kasch, Paul
Kaseman, Julius "Jim"

25. Karowan, Peter
Kastner, Norman K. A.
Kathman, Mrs. Ron (Libby)
Katsoulis, George
Kaufman, Andrew
Kaufman, Ryan (see Lakota Gravel Pit)

26. Keely, David
Kehoe, Judge John J.
Kegan, Bernard M. S.
Kegler, Rev. Maynard
Keifenheim, James E.
Keim, Gregory Jon (see Joseph Graham)
Keith, Donald and wife (Gloria)
Keith, Oran
Keiverman, Christie
Kelder, Susan M.(see Glen J. Johnson)
Kellam, A. G.
Kellam, Mrs. A. G.

27. Kelleher, Cornelius J.
Kelleher, Evelyn
Keller, Angeline
Keller, Charles
Keller, Mrs. Charles W.
Keller, Charlotte M.
Keller, Clifford E.
Keller, Donald D.
Keller, Earl
Keller, Harry David

28. Keller, Jerry J.
Keller, Rev. Roger B.
Keller, Viola
Keller, Mrs. William L.
Kelley, J. H.
Kelley, Melissa
Kelley, Richard V.
Kellman, Dr. Steven G.Kelly, Anne
Kelly, Cathy Ann (Darla Kay Melius)

29. Kelly, Duane
Kelly, Fallon
Kelly, Frances G.
Kelly, Mrs. Gene (Eva)
Kelly, Gregory Shannon (see Robert Earl Johnson)
Kelly, J. Nelson (see Kelly elementary School)
Kelly, John D.
Kelly, John R.
Kelly, Kevin
Kelly, Loria

30. Kelly, Louis
Kelly, Marcia
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, R. V. (Dick) (see Richard A. Krabbenhoft)
Kelly, Robert
Kelly, Roger (see LeRoy McCasin)
Kelly, Samuel C.
Kelly, Susan
Kelly, Tim
Kelly, Lt. Col. Wayne

Box 8

1. Kelso, Jim
Keltto, Delbert
Kelmble, Mrs. Grace
Kelmble, John E.
Kelmble, William
Kemmer, Elroy
Kemnitz, Alfred and wife
Kemnitz, Kathy
Kemp, John Daniel
Kemp, Robert W. and wife

2. Kempel, Daryl (see Gary Swart)
Kemper, Clitus J.
Kemper, Jane (see LuAnn Meier)
Kenady, James C.
Kendall, Gordon A.
Kendall, Kenneth K.
Kenna, Rev. Howard J.
Kenna, Roberta A.
Kennally, Mrs. Robert
Kennedy, Dean

3. Kennedy, Donald E.
Kennedy, Mrs. Earl (Laura)
Kennedy, Mrs. Elizabeth
Kennedy, Mrs. Eva
Kennedy, Master Sgt. Eugene M.
Kennedy, Mr. George M. (see Arthur Kolstad)
Kennedy, Mrs. Henry (Eveline)
Kennedy, Master Sgt. Jack T.
Kennedy, James A.
Kennedy, James P.

4. Kennedy, John
Kennedy, J. P. (see G. F. Bus Co.)
Kennedy, Lewis A.
Kennedy, Mavel
Kennedy, Mary
Kennedy, Michael C.
Kennedy, Cpt. Michael L.
Kennedy, Mrs. Michael P.
Kennedy, Norman Patrick
Kennedy, Mrs. Patrick

5. Kennedy, Mrs. Robert
Kennedy, Robert D.
Kennedy, Robert L.
Kennedy, Sue (Mrs. Robb)
Kennedy, W. W.
Kennedy, William P.
Kennelly, Capt. James W.
Kennelly, Jayne
Kennelly, Jim
Kennelly, Sister Karen

6. Kennelly, Mike
Kennelly, J. C.
Kenny, Elizabeth
Kent, E. M.
Kent, Frank
Kent, Frank Van
Kent, James M.
Kent, Lt. Col. J.H.
Keogh, Brooks J.
Keogh, Re. Casper (OSB)

7. Keogh, Daniel
Kephart, Rodney
Keple, William
Kepler, Harold
Keplin, Wayne
Kerestes, George W.
Kerian, Louis
Kermott, Marjorie
Kermott, Dr. and Mrs. O. L.
Kern, Lee Ann

8. Kern, Rev. Terry
Kerner, C. P. (see D. A. McKenzie)
Kerr, Jeanne
Kerr, Richard "Dick" and wife (Mary)
Kerr, Robert
Kerr, Steve
Kerrigan, Jack
Kersch, Mary Ellen
Kersey, Dave
Kessler, Beth I.

9. Kester, George
Kester, Dr. Norman M.
Ketelle, Robert and wife
Ketter, Joseph S.
Ketter, William B.
Kegar, Tammy
Kidder, Mrs. Peggy
Kidder, Merle
Kiecker, Paul
Kiedrowski, (Mrs.) Julia

10. Kiefat, Charles
Kiefat, Ronald
Kiefat, Mrs. Rose
Kiefel, Dave
Kiefel, James (see John M. Seolin)
Kiefel, Lt. Thomas E.
Kiefer, Pat Thomas
Kieley, Clyde
Kielty, (Mrs.) Wayne
Kierstein, Mrs. Paul George

11. Kiervel, Edward B.
Kihle, Dr. Kenneth W. (N.D. Board of Higher Education)
Kiland, Mrs. E. F.
Kilander, Ellie
Kilcollins Brothers (Frank, John, Russell, Donald)
Kileen, Margaret
Kilen, Rev. Didrick
Kilen, Rev. and Mrs. Didrick
Kilen, Keith
Kilen, Russel W.

12. Kilene, (Mrs.) Donald
Kiley, Earl
Kiley, Mrs. Everett (Mildred)
Kilgore, Darlyne
Kilgore, Maj. James
Kllian, Donald John
Kilmer, Mrs. Eugene D.
Kim, Capt. Hui Chu
Kimball, David (see Stephen, MN Feature - 1968)

13. Kiner, Earl L.
Kiner, Lt. Gary
Kiner, Nicky
Kindem, Rev Ingolf
Kindem, Wayne G.
Kindem, Mrs. Wayne S.
King, Alan J.
King, Albert E. "Bud"
King, Brothers (Harvey-Winton)
King, Charles E.

14. King, David R.
King, DeWayne "Dewey" (see UND Sioux Awards 1972)
King, Donald H.
King, Dr. E. Henry
King, Dr. Edward L.
King, Mrs. Fred
King, Harold
King, Mrs. Harold
King, Mrs. Harley (Gay Gidley)
King, Harry E.

15. King, Jack (see Earl T. Nordwall)
King, Mrs. James
King, Rev. James A.
King, Jean LeVander
King, Kenneth H.
King, Lisa
King, Lloyd H.
King, Louis
King, Mrs. Lowell F.

16. King, Marvin W.
King, Mrs. Mary
King, Nancy
King, N.P.
King, Dr. Reatha Clark
King, Stafford
King, Rev. Stephen
King, Wallace E.
King, Willie
Kingma, Dr. Jacobus

17. Kingman, Rear Admiral Howard F.
Kingman, Paul D.
Kingsbury, Ralph D.
Kingsland, William
Kingsley, A.L.
Kingsley, Burton L.
Kingsley, Don
Kingsley, Maj. E.R.
Kingston, Gordon H.
Kingzett, Brothers (Charles, Frank, John)

18. Kinker, Danny G.
Kinneberg, A.M.
Kinneberg, Mrs. Ambjor
Kinneberg, J.B.
Kinneberg, Mrs. Wesley O.
Kinney, Mr. and Mrs. Lu
Kinney, Les
Kinney, Luann
Kinney, Neil W. (see Bradley Homgren)
Kinney, Mrs. Norman

19. Kinney, Richard
Kinsala, Brothers (Don, Douglas, Jerome)
Kinsala, Mr. and Mrs. F.J.
Kinstler, Kenneth Jr.
Kinzel, Robert
Kirkeby, Douglas and wife (see Susan Hills)
Kirkeby, Gary (see Mary Canaday & Katherine Nelson Lee)
Kirkeby, Mary (see Thursday Music Club & Marilyn Joy Coles)
Kirkeide, John
Kirkeide, Le Von

20. Kirkeide, Mr. and Mrs. Martin
Kirkeide Melvin A.
Kirkling, Neil (David Carpenter)
Kirkness, Arnold G.
Kirkpatrick, Jean
Kirkpatrick, R. L.
Kirksey, Mary P.
Kirkwood, Robert C.
Kirkwood, W. J.
Kirsch, Mrs. Donald W.

21. Kirwan, Mrs. Edward
Kise, Joseph
Kise, Randy Lee (see also Maria B. West)
Kiser, Gladys
Kiser, O. M.
Kisner, Leland Frank
Kissell, Nancy
Kistler, Walter D.
Kitowski, Thomas J.
Kitchell, Staff Sgt. Lawrence

22. Kitchin, Dwight
Kitowski, Phyllis
Kitsch, Francis
Kittelson, Arnold Oliver
Kittelson, Bradley W. (see Richard M. Johnson)
Kittelson, Clifford (Mark Andrews)
Kittle, Mrs. Joseph (see Mrs. Violet Martin)
Kittle, Robert
Kittleson, Charlie
Kittleson, Fred

23. Kitzer, Phillip Karl, Jr.
Kitzman, Maynard E.
Kivisto, Michael
Kivle, Mrs. Jens O.
Kjelden, Mrs. Jens O.
Kjelden, Garry E.
Kjelgaard, Mrs. Harold
Kjelland, Dr. A. A.
Kjelland, Mr. and Mrs. Sander
Kjelmyr, Helen

24. Kjelstrom, Corrinne A.
Kjelstrom, Edwin J.
Kjemhus, Elmer
Kjemhus, Larry
Kjemhus, Mrs. Mary
Kjensrud, A. W. Gerald
Kjenrsud, Clarence A.
Kjensrud, James
Kjensrud, Jerold
Kjera, Timothy J.

25. Kjerstad, C. L.
Kjerston, Garcia (see Paul Knochenmus)
Kjorvestad, Gilmore
Kjorvestad, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard
Kjorvestad, Shelly
Kjos, Edith Sharon
Kjos, Herman A.
Kjos, Nolan (Arlyn Monsrud)
Kjos, Richard
Kjos, Mrs. Richard L. (Edith)

26. Klabo, Bradley A. and wife
Klabo, Gordon
Klabo, Lincoln C.
Klabo, N.C.
Klabunde, Dr. Kenneth
Klai, John R.
Klamm, Robert (family)
Klang, Larry
Klapp, John and wife (Dee Ann)
Klatt, Rev. E. W.

27. Klava, Mrs. John C.
Klava, Marian
Klava, Richard
Klawitter, Rev. W. E.
Kleckner, Col. James
Klefstad, G. A.
Klefstad, G. A.
Klefstad, Dr. L. H.
Klein, Mrs. H. L.
Klein, Carl

28. Klein, Dennis Eugene
Klein, Edward (family)
Klein, W. D.
Kleingartner, Marice
Klema, Bernice
Klema, Michael G.
Klemer, Ellen Ettie
Klemin, Specialist Lawrence R.
Kemisch, Mike
Klemme, Rev. H. G.

29. Klemme, Dr. Herbert L.
Klemme, Rev. Huber F.
Klemmer, David
Klepp, Bruce (see Andy Anderson)
Kleppe, Janis
Kleppe, Russell
Kleppe, Mrs. Thomas (see also Mrs. Quentin Burdick)
Kleppe, Specialist Thomas Jr.
Kessig, Charles
Klevberg, Mark

30. Klevberg, Ron
Kleve, Robert E.
Kleven, Brothers (David, Miles, Merner, William)
Kleven, Ensign Courtney C.
Kleven, Dale C.
Kleven, Danette (see United Good Neighbor Fund)
Kleven, Darwyn
Kleven, Eddie (see Ralph Diehl)
Kleven, Mrs. Esther
Kleven, Herman

Box 9

1. Kleven, John
Kleven, John David
Kleven, Lora Jean
Kleven, Marlene
Kleven, Marvin
Kleven, Milton
Kleven, Rudolph
Klicker, Bruce (see Rockey Hamlin)
Kline, Dave
Kline, Gerald

2. Kline, Marvin L.
Kline, Mrs. Darrel (Mildred)
Kliner, Mr. and Mrs. Ben
Klingebid, Rev. R.
Kingelhefir, Scott
Klingensmith, Don
Klingensmith, Mrs. Thelma
Klinger, Elwood
Klinger, Lyle
Klinke, Alan "Bud"

3. Klinke, Lance Eugene (see Keith W. Hill)
Klinkhammer, Msgr. William
Klinicke, Mrs. Hilary H.
Klock, L. A. (Dell)
Klose, David Carl
Klose, Jane E.
Kloster, Dr. R. M. (see N.D. Board of Higher Ed.)
Kloster, Mrs. Ray (Louise)
Klosterman, Edward (see Reed Prestgard)
Kluckner, Monfred C. Benette

4. Kludt, Luther O.
Klug, Charles H. and wife (see Bonnie Mae Winzer)
Klug, Mrs. Edward (Lois)
Klug, Gordon
Klug, Mrs. Ralph (Geraldine)
Klug, Rev. Raymond F.
Kluzak, Mrs. Lillie
Kmecik, John E.
Kmecik, Wayne
Knain, Douglas G.

5. Knain, Jolaine Ann
Knain, Kerry
Knapp, Byron and wife (Norma)
Knapp, Elizabeth Ann Campbell
Knapp, Mrs. Elizabeth
Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Knapp, Raymond (see Vincent, Wharton)
Knapper, George
Knapper, Joseph
Knauf, Dr. James

6. Knauf, Mrs. James
Knauf, Dr. John J.
Knauf, Mrs. John J.
Knauf, John C.
Knaus, Carl M.
Knauss, William

7. Kneeshaw, Williams J.
Knetter, A. L. (Tony)
Knee, Charles
Knetter, Tony
Knicherbrocher, Gerald (see Republican, MN)

8. Knight, Bixby
Knight, Etheridge
Knight, William
Knipe, Steve
Knipe, Walter
Knodel, Floyd A.
Knoff, Kerry
Knoff, Mrs. LeRoy S. (Clara)
Knoff, Shirley
Knoke, Rev. Kenneth
Knoll, Clifford L.
Knoll, E. J.
Knoll, Michael G.

9. Knophe, Michael (see Brad Throvelson)
Knophe, Ted
Knowles, Ellery
Knox, Medora
Knox, Paul
Knox, Robert D.
Knudsen, Jim
Knudson, Mrs. Anna
Knudson, Arlene (see Rev. Clark D. Morphew)
Knudson, Mrs. Arlo

10. Knudson, Arthur
Knudson, Bob
Knudson, Carmen
Knudson, Clarence
Knudson, Cliff
Knudson, Everette
Knudson, Everette
Knudson, Gerald C.
Knudson, Cpl. Gerald M.
Knudson, Glenn C.

11. Knudson, Mr. and Mrs. Gust E.
Knudson, Harvey (see UND Sioux Award)
Knudson, Harvey Jr.
Knudson, Ivan
Knudson, Mrs. Jack
Knudson, Jerry (see chamber of Commerce)
Knudson, Rev. L. Edward (see Donna Bechtel)
Knudson, Mary
Knudson, Mr. and Mrs. Orin
Knudson, Peter

12. Knudson, R. J. "Bob"
Knudson, Robert J.
Knudson, Wayne E.
Knudson, Wayne
Knudsvig, Mr. and Mrs. Glen
Knudsvig, Second Lt. Gordon E.

13. Knudsvig, Howard and wife (Amy)
Knudsvig, Merlin O.
Knudtson, A. P.
Knuto, Jacki
Knuto, Mrs. Mayme B.
Knuto, Roberta
Knuth, Rev. Lyle M.
Knuth, R. Jay
Knutson, Andrew

14. Knutson, Mrs. Andrew (Mary)
Knutson, Arnetta Ruth (see Domingo Garcia)
Knutson, Carl
Knutson, Cheri Paul
Knutson, Clayton
Knutson, Denise
Knutson, Dennis Keith (see Michael Lee Burkholder)

15. Knutson, Erich R. (see Billie Wibon)
Knutson, Ernest
Knutson, Harold
Knutson, Leonard E.
Knutson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Knutson, H. L. and wife
Knutson, Howard
Knutson, Rev. James and family
Knutson, Jerome
Knutson, Joseph

16. Knutson, Karen G. (see Earl Strinden)
Knutson, Rev. Dr. Kent S. (see Hoffman, D. Oswald)
Knutson, (L Cpl) Larry G.
Knutson, Mrs. Larry (Marion "Mickey")
Knutson, Lindon R. and wife (Shelly M.)
Knutson, Lowell L.
Knutson, Maurice C.
Knutson, Norris

17. Knutson, Dr. O. A.
Knutson, Orlan and family
Koth, Mrs. Arthur W.
Kotrab, Jacob

18. Kotrab, Shirley
Kotrab, Steven M.
Kotschevar, H. J.
Kouba, Frank
Kouba, Mrs. Frank J.
Kouba, Frank O. (Mary)
Kouba, Lila
Kouba, Mrs. (Lyla)
Koubal, Sfc. Oren

19. Koucky, Frank (see UND Alumni)
Koucky, Dr. Rudolph
Kouer, Raymond (see Eddie Berens)
Kough, Dr., Jack (see Dr. Samuel Kirk)
Kovar, Albert J.
Kovar, Donald
Kovar, Mrs. Duane F.
Kovar, James P.
Kovar, Julie
Kovar, Richard R. (see East Grand Forks School Board Elections)

20. Kovarik, Dennis
Kovasch, Calvin
Kowalczik, Mrs. Edward A.
Kowalski, Dick, E.
Kraabel, T. O.
Krabbe, Mrs. Anna
Krabbe, Della
Krabbenhoft, Richard R.
Krabbenhoft, Susan

21. Kraemer, Michael J. (see Ray Corbett)
Kraemer, Rudolph
Kraemer, Rudolph (MN) (see Troy H. Anderson)
Kraemer, Mrs. Rudy
Kraemer, Mrs. Violet
Kraft, Sgt. Brian J.
Kraft, Clair

22. Kraft, Grace
Kraft, June
Kraft, Ret. Lt. Col. Leonard J.
Kraft, Mrs. Naomi
Krahn, Dr. H. C.
Kraker, T. M.
Kramer, CM Sgt. Alvin F.
Kramer, Specialist Austin G.
Kramer, Edwin (see Knipe, Walter)
Kramer, Henry H.
Kramer, Howard
Kramer, Michael D.
Kramer, Susan Kay

23. Kramins, Andris
Kramins, Mrs. Frederich
Kramins, Ilga
Krantz, Curtis
Krantz, Wayne
Kranzler, Mrs. Bernhardt
Kranzler, Mrs. Gerald
Kranzler, Marilyn
Krapp, Dwight
Krapu, Alton N.
Krapu, Alton

24. Krapu, Berdena E. M. J.
Krates, Calvin J.
Kratochvil, Dan
Kratochvil, Mrs. Daniel
Kratochvil, Mrs. Eunice Fern
Kratochvil, Keith A.
Kraus, Rev. Damien
Kraus, Herman George
Kraus, James
Kraus, Dr. Olen (see UND Senate)
Kraus, (2nd Lt.) Russel W.
Kraus, Stephanie (see Carol Murray)

25. Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Carl A.
Krause, E. R. (Chamber of Commerce)
Krause, Rod
Krause, Samuel (see Ward Kirby)
Krause, Wendell
Krause, Mrs. William
Krebsbach, Wayne
Kreech, Teddy
Kreger, Rod
Krein, Marlene

26. Kreisher, Kathryn L.
Krejci, Mark
Krenelka, Mark
Krenzel, (Capt.) Daniel J.
Krenzel, Mrs. Peter (Laura)
Krenzel, Regina
Krese, Edward A.
Kresel, Anton S.
Kresel, Lyle J. (see Benjamin E. Hangsleben)

27. Kresl, Bob
Kresl, Mrs. Emil F.
Kresl, Michelle
Kresl, Ronald
Kresl, Sgt. Ronald J.
Kretschmar, William E.
Kretzschmar, Fritz
Kretzsinger, Herbert W.
Kreun, Bertha "Boots" (Mrs. Arnold)
Krick, William

28. Krieger, Harold G.
Kriesel, Harvey
Kringen, Dick,
Kringen, Roder Lee
Kringler, John
Kringlie, A. Roger
Kringlie, Frank J.
Kringlie, Robert L.
Kringstad, Pvt. Allen

29. Krist, Konrad (see Klevberg, Marvin)
Kristjanson, Dr. Baldur
Kristjanson, Mr. and Mrs. Krisjan G.
Kristjanson, Leon D. and wife
Kristjanson, Leonard
Kroeger, Fredrick P.
Kroeber, Kim

30. Kroeplin, Cora
Kroeze, Mrs. Jeanette Gary
Kroft, Kim Allen
Krog, Donald and wife
Krogen, Ellef J.
Krogen, Rev. Richard
Krogstad, Specialist David
Krogstad, Donald J.

Box 10

1. Krogstad, James Clayton
Krogstad, Mr. and Mrs. John
Krogstad, Nancy (see Audrey Timberman)
Kronschnabel, Albert and wife
Krom, Peggy
Krom, Robert A.
Krom, Victor
Kromminga, Mr. and Mrs. Amos
Krostue, David
Kruchten, Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Kruchten, Roy
Kruckenberg, Larry

2. Krueger, Jack
Kruger, Orrin and sons
Krum, Archie (see Red River Cement)
Krump, Nancy
Krump, Phillip
Krumviede, William

3. Kruse, Arthur N.
Krusen, Dr. Frank H.
Krusz, Harry J. (see Robert Lander)
Krynicki, Jurek "George"
Kryszko, Alfred
Krysko, Carolyn
Kryszko, Francis
Kryszko, Mrs. Francis D.
Kryszko, Pfc. James A.
Kubousek, William John (see Mitchell, James Mack)
Kuchar, R. J. and wife
Kuchar, Mrs. Rudy
Kueber, Michael

4. Kuehl, Capt. Dan
Kuehnel, Norman Robert (see Jeffery W. Litzinger)
Kuehnel, Bob
Kugel, Capt. Elizabeth E.
Kugler, Mrs. Rose Anne
Kuhn, Arnie
Kuhn, Gollfried
Kuhn, H.D.
Kuhnley, Harvey M.
Kujala, William

5. Kujawa, Michael and wife (see Bonnie Hoeft)
Kuklok, Brendan
Kuklok, 2nd Lt. Kevin B.
Kukowski, Mrs. Victor L.
Kulas, Becky
Kulas, Cheryl (see Broken Arrow)
Kulas, (Lt.) Dennis D.
Kulas, (Lt.) James F.
Kulas, Leonard

6. Kulas, Tim (see Peggy Boom)
Kulhawik, Rev. Frank
Kulvik, Hubert
Kummer, Jon
Kunkel, Dr. Herbert G.
Kunkel, Robert S.
Kunst, David

7. Kuntz, Daniel
Kuntz, Dianne
Kuntz, James G.
Kuntz, LeAnn
Kuntz, Mrs. Madonna (Donna)
Kuntz, Shirley
Kunze, David
Kunze, Ralph C.
Kunze, William (see David Kunze)
Kuper, Hans D.
Kupper, Martin J. (see Floyd A. Knodel)
Kurdeka, Joanna

8. Kurisk, Oswald (Ozzie)
Kurowski, Richard
Kurtis, Mehmet S.
Kurtz, SSgt. Eddie
Kutz, Wilbur
Kutz, Mrs. William G.
Kuzel, Dale
Kuzel, Joseph
Kuzel, Kenneth
Kuzel, Norbert R.
Kuznetsova, Ludmila
Kuznia, Mrs. Kenneth C.
Kuznia, Mrs. Lawrence T.
Kuznia, Lillian Dostal
Kuznia, Richard
Kvaal, Francis I.

9. Kvaale, Rev. S. O.
Kvamme, Andie
Kvamme, Harlan (Terry Lee Kvamme)
Kvamme, Jon Edward
Kvamme, Lori
Kvamme, Richard "Dick"
Kvamme, Terry Lee
Kvasager, Halvor and wife (Inga)
Kvasager, Ole
Kvelstad, Harley
Kvernen, Luther
Kwako, Mrs. Fred
Kyar, Welsey T. (see Floyd A. Knodel)
Kyle, Allen

10. Kyle, Charles W.
Kyle, Fredrick William
Kyle, J. Marlin
Kyllo, Mrs. Clifford
Kyllo, David M.
Kyllo, Robert L. and Dennis R.

11. Laager, Robert
Labaj, Rev. Joseph
LaBelle, Billy and Leo
LaBelle, Leo H.
LaBene, Frank
LaBerge, Jim
Labine, Joseph
LaBoda, Joseph
LaBonte, Donald D.

12. Labrecque, Earl
LaCasse, Joseph
Lacey, Mrs. Herbert
Lach, Edward J.
LaChance, Fred T.
LaCoe, Jaynetta M.
LaCoste, Liz
Lacoursiere, Michael J.
Lacy, Mrs. H.M.
Laducer, John D.

13. Laffin, Jack
LaFond, Maurice
LaFontaine, Al
LaFontaine, Alfred
LaFontaine, Clarence
LaFontaine, David
LaFontaine, Stanley E.
LaFontaine, Edward
LaFriniere, Brad

14. LaFriniere, Kenneth
LaFrombois, Corbet S.
Lagacie, Bruce
Lageson, R.O.
Lageson, Ole
Lagg, Susan
LaGrave, Charles
LaGrave, Violetta (Vi)
Lahlum, Howard
Larson, Maurice E.
Larson, H. Benton

15. Larson, Mrs. Carl and son
Larson, Carl A.
Larson, Carl J.
Larson, Carl O.
Larson, Mrs. Carol
Larson, Cindy
Larson, Clarence M.
Larson, David
Larson, David P.

16. Larson, Debra
Larson, Denny
Larson, Sgt. Denny L.
Larson, Don and Pat (wife)
Larson, Donald F.
Larson, Duane A.
Larson, Earl R.
Larson, Edith
Larson, Edward
Larson, Ejnar
Larson, Eldor G.

17. Larson, Ellis P.
Larson, Mrs. Emma
Larson, Mrs. Enga M.
Larson, Eric
Larson, Ernest
Larson, Frank
Larson, Gary
Larson, George (Roseau, MN)

18. Larson, Gleason Glen
Larson, Gordon A.
Larson, Guy
Larson, Harry P.
Larson, Harry T.
Larson, Harvey
Larson, Helen
Larson, Herman A.

19. Larson, Homer
Larson, Mrs. Kenneth (Donna)
Larson, John and Emma
Larson, Jean (Mrs. Gerald)
Larson, Jeanette (Mrs. Milton J.)

20. Larson, Joanne M.
Larson, Jeff
Larson, Jerry
Larson, Dr. John
Larson, John E.
Larson, John Jr.
Larson, Joseph
Larson, Joyce (Mrs. Brain L.)
Larson, Mrs. L.P. (Julia)
Larson, Kelly

21. Larson, Kenneth
Larson, Kent R.
Larson, Kermit A.
Larson, Kermit E.
Larson, Mrs. Kermit E.
Larson, Kermit H.

22. Larson, Larry R.
Larson, Lars S.
Larson, Laurine
Larson, Lawrence
Larson, Lemeul J.
Larson, Dr. Leonard
Larson, LeRoy

23. Larson, Mrs. Lewis
Larson, Lillian (Mrs. Dennis)
Larson, L.M. (Bill)
Larson, Lois Elda (Mrs. William)
Larson, Mrs. James

24. Larson, Louis
Larson, Lowell
Larson, L.P.
Larson, Maroin Calvin
Larson, Mark
Larson, Mrs. Lowell (Marry Ann)
Larson, Martin
Larson, Mrs. Mel
Larson, Milo and Pat (wife)

25. Larson, Dr. Milton B.
Larson, Mrs. Milton
Larson, Myrtle (Pat)
Larson, Sen. Norman
Larson, Norman
Larson, Norman A.

26. Larson, Norman J.
Larson, Norman L.
Larson, Norman S.
Larson, Dr. Omer R.
Larson, Oswald P.
Larson, Mrs. Otto M.
Larson, Owen

27. Larson, Patricia A.
Larson, Phil
Larson, Randall A.
Larson, Ray
Larson, Raymond A.
Larson, Richard
Larson, Richard P.
Larson, Rev. Richard

28. Larson, Dr. Richard S.
Larson, Rick D.
Larson, Roger D.
Larson, Salmond and Tillie (wife)
Larson, Scott
Larson, Dr. Spencer R.
Larson, Theodore

29. Larson, Thomas
Larson, Victor
Larson, Walter L.
Larson, Warren
Larson, Wilber L.
Larson, William and wife

Box 11

1. Maas, Master Sgt. Albert
Mabee, Walter
MacArthur, Collette R.
Mace, G. H.
Macey George H.
Macaulay, Rev. George (see Mrs. R. B. Griffith)
MacDonald, Charles Y.
MacDonald, D. C.
MacDonald, John W.
MacFarlane, Robert S.

2. Mach, Eugene H.
Machal, Mrs. Bruce A. (Judy K.)
Machart, Luanne
Machart, R. G. (see Charles King)
Machart, Mrs. Robert (Yvonne M.)
Machart, Mrs. Thomas
Machipines, Lester
Machipines, Benson (see Ted Day)
Machipines, Daniel
Machovski, Laddie and wife
Machovsky, Larry

3. Mac Arthur, Mrs. Douglas
Mac Gregor, Clark (see Grand Forks Jaycees)

4. Mac Gregor, Mrs. Clark (Barbara)
Mac Gregor, Dr. Janet
McAlpin, Mrs. Jeffery P. (Margaret R.)
McAllen, Robert S.
McAllister, Donald Morgan
McAllister, Duncan
McAndrews, Stanley
McArthur, Warren V.
McArton, P. A.
McAtee, Melvin
McBride, Robert H.

5. McCabe Dennis
McCabe, William
McCall, Thomas M.
McCall, Mrs. Rosemary
McCambridge, Donald
McCandless, Roy A.
McCann, Donna
McCann, L. J.

6. McCarney, Robert F. (N.D. Governor's Candidate)

7. McCarry, Mrs. John
McCarthy, Donald W.
McCarthy, Ellen
McCarthy, Mrs. Eugene (Abigail)
McCarthy, Rev. Gerald
McCarthy, Charles P.
McCauley, Mrs. Fordyce C. (Bernice)
McCawley, William A.
McCay, John A. and wife
McClung, John R.

8. McClure, J. Warren
McCollum, Donald A.
McClure, Neal
McConn, Robert and Bernadine (see Mayor's Human Rights Commission)
McConnachie, William
McConnachie, William G.
McConnell, Albert J.
McConnell, Mrs. Gordon (Karen)
McConnell, James M.
McConnell, Richard D. and family

9. McConnell, W. C.
McCord, James
McCormick, John H.
McCoy, Clifford
McCoy, G. W. "Cap"
McCoy, Lawrence R.
McCoy, Wesley
McCrae, Mrs. A. Roy
McCreedy, George L. and wife
McCrone, William W.

10. McCue, Pat (see Allan Nipstead)
McCullough, Rev. Harold (see Harold M. McCollough)
McCullough, Minnie
McCumber, Mary
McDaniel, Master Sgt. R.
McDaniel, Robert L. (see G. F. City Election)
McDaniel, Duane I.
McDermott, Ann M.

11. McDermott, Bernard P. (see G.F. County Historical Society)
McDermott, Edward H.
McDonald, Rev. Angus R.
McDonald, Mrs. Angus
McDonald, D. J.
McDonald, Harry E.
McDonald, Kenneth J.
McDonald, Dr. James S.
McDonald, John A.
McDonald, John M.

12. McDonald, John P.
McDonald, John T. (Jack)
McDonald, LeRoy
McDonald, Michael P.
McDonald, Richard S. "Dick"
McDonald, Robert
McDonald, Stephen C.
McDonald, Vern D.
McDonald, William

13. McDonnell, C. W.
McDougall, Stephen J. and wife
McDougall, Thomas D.
McDougall, W. A.
McEachern, J. A.
McElroy, James and wife (Abrenda)
McElroy, Mrs. John E. (Natalie C.)
McElroy, Mary Ann
McElroy, Tom
McElroy, Mrs. T. P. Sr.

14. McElroy, T. P. Jr. (Claire W.)
McEnroe, George
McEnroe, Mrs. George (Donna L.)
McEnroe, Mrs. Larry O. (Dorothy)
McEnroe, Mrs. John (Eleanore M.)
McErlane, Patrick (see JoAnne Melicher)
McEssy, C. E. "Chuck"
McEwen, Lorne "Mac"
McEwen, Robert C.
McFadden, Mr. and Mrs. D. W.

15. McFadden, J. Earl
McFadden, Thomas
McFarland, Maj. Charles M.
McFarland, Curtis R.
McFarland, Earl S.
McFarland, Keith N.
McFarland, Mrs. Loren
McFarland, Weldon and wife
McFarlane, Mike
McFarlin, Robert J.

16. McFerran, Lou Zetta
McGarey, Enc. L. C.
McGaritz, Mary Margaret (Peg) (see Richard Olschlayer)
McGarrible, Anna and Katie
McGarry, (Beatrice L.)
McGarry, Mrs. J. H.(Ida)
McGarry, Patrick T. (see John F. McGarry)
McGarry, Thomas A.
McGauvran, John S.
McGavin, Gordon

17. McGee, Glen (see Trig Schehr)
McGee, Glenn (see Art Master)
McGee, Gordon (see Dr. Wayne Nelson)
McGee, Mrs. Kathleen
McGee, Richard H.
McGehee, Mrs. Thomas K.
McGiffin, Mrs. Pat (Evelyn E.)
McGillis, Mrs. Donald (Joan Carol)
McGinley, Patricia
McGlynn, Donald

18. McGlynn, Greg (see Andrew Grant and Jociey Razmyslawski)
McGlynn, Kevin
McGlynn, Michael J.
McGlynn, Robert L.
McGoey, Mrs. Tom
McGonegal, Charles
McGovern, Rodney
McGough, (M. J.) Co.
McGovern, Mrs. George (Eleanor)
McGovern, Terry

19. McGowan, Charles and son (John C.)
McGowan, David F.
McGowan, John F.
McGowan, John
McGrady, Doris
McGrath, Audrey (see Michael McGrath and Donald McGrath)
McGrath, Carol
McGrath, Margaret (see Michael Rennie)
McGrath, Rev. Michael J.
McGrath, Mike

20. McGrath, T. J.
McGraw, L. E. (Major)
McGraw, Robert C. Bob
McGraw, W. H.
McGuigan, Mrs. James E. (Grace)
McGuiggan, Robert W.
McGuinn, Sister Catherine (see Clare Duffy)
McGurie, James (see Ronald J. French)
McGuire, John
McGuire, Mary Ann

21. McGuire, Mike
McGuire, Mrs. Nora
McGuire, Orell
McGuire, Ricky Allen
McGurran, Dennis and wife (Geraldine M.)
McGurran, Henry D.
McGurran, Timothy F.
McGurran, William and wife
McHaffie, Arthur
McHam, Mrs. Yvonne

22. McHolland, Mrs. J.H.
McHugh, P. J.
McIlraith, Linda K.
McIntee, Joseph
McIntee, M. R.
McIntee, R. E.
McIntosh, Donald
McIntosh, Gustavus John
McIntosh, Robert D.
McIntosh, Mrs. Rose

Box 12
Series I, Sub-Series D: 1997 Blizzards, Flood, and Aftermath

  1. March 1 - 4, 1997
  2. March 5 - 8, 1997
  3. March 9 - 12, 1997
  4. March 13 - 16, 1997
  5. March 17 - 20, 1997
  6. March 21 - 23, 1997
  7. March 24 - 27, 1997
  8. March 28 - 31, 1997

Box 13

  1. April 1 - 6, 1997
  2. April 7 - 11, 1997
  3. April 12 - 16, 1997
  4. April 17 - 21, 1997
  5. April 22 - 27, 1997
  6. April 28 - May 3, 1997
  7. May 4 - 8, 1997
  8. May 9 - 13, 1997
  9. May 14 - 18, 1997
  10. May 19 - 24, 1997
  11. May 25 - 31, 1997

Box 14

  1. June 1 - 4, 1997
  2. June 5 - 10, 1997
  3. June 11 - 15, 1997
  4. June 16 - 20, 1997
  5. June 21 - 24, 1997
  6. June 25 - 28, 1997 7
  7. June 29 - 30, 1997

Box 15

  1. April 1 - 9, 1997 (duplicates)
  2. April 10 - 13, 1997 (duplicates)
  3. April 14 - 20, 1997 (duplicates)
  4. April 21 - 24, 1997 (duplicates)
  5. April 25 - 30, 1997 (duplicates)
  6. May 1 - 4, 1997 (duplicates)
  7. May 5 - 8, 1997 (duplicates)
  8. May 9 - 12, 1997 (duplicates)
  9. May 12 - 15, 1997 (duplicates)
  10. May 16 - 19, 1997 (duplicates)
  11. May 20 - 23, 1997 (duplicates)
  12. May 24 - 27, 1997 (duplicates)
  13. May 28 - 31, 1997 (duplicates)

Box 16
Series II: Anniversary/Special Issues

  1. North Dakota's Diamond Jubilee: June 30, 1964
  2. Grand Forks Centennial Issue: June 23, 1974
  3. UND's 50th Anniversary: February 19, 1923
    UND's 75th Anniversary: February 23, 1958
    UND's Centennial: February 27, 1983
  4. Death of UND President John C. West: July 21, 1961

Series IV: Miscellaneous

  1. Materials related to the dedication of the Grand Forks Herald Building in August 1998, and the Pulitzer Prize won by the Herald in 1998
  2. . Advertising supplements: "Profiles of Success," September 24, 1995; "Guide to Greater Grand Forks," Spring 1995

Series I, Sub-Series D: 1997 Blizzards, Flood, and Aftermath

  1. July 11, October 26, and November 2, 1997
  2. January 8, April 19, April 26, May 17, July 26, and October 11, 1998
  3. 1999: January 24, July 31, 1999
    2000: January 3, April 16, April 19, May 4, October 15-16, November 19-20
    2001: March 30, April 21, August 30, September 8, September 15
    2002: April 14, April 20
    2003: April 19

Series I, Sub-Series E: 2000 Flood

  1. June 14 - 18, 2000
  2. June 20 - 25, and July 4, 2000

Series I, Sub-Series F: 2001 Flood

  1. April 9 - 12, 2001
  2. April 13 - 16, 2001

Series II: Anniversary/Special Issues

  1. "A selection of historic pages from the 20th Century": 1999

Series IV: Miscellaneous

  1. Stock certificate ledger books, Herald Publishing Company: 1891-1903 and 1903- 1911

Box 17

  1. Postcards: "Come Hell and High Water," 1997 Red River Flood Exhibit, Empire Arts Center; the new Grand Forks Herald building, 1999

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