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Owen Anderson Papers: 1949-; North Dakota Judicial Nominating Committee, 1981-1985

A.C. Bakken Papers: 1920-; North Dakota District Court Judge, 1967-1987

Eugene A. Burdick Papers: 1912-2000; District Court Judge for North Dakota, 1953-1978

Judge Guy Corliss Papers: 1858-1937; first Chief Justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court, 1889-1898; first Dean of the UND School of Law, 1899

Judge Ronald N. Davies Papers: 1904-1996; Handed down the 1957 decision in Aaron v. Cooper, forcing integration of schools in Little Rock, Arkansas

Judge Edward J. Devitt Papers: 1911-1992; Graduate of the UND School of Law, 1935; Ramsey County (MN) Probate Judge 1950-1954, District Court Judge for Minnesota, 1954-1981, Senior Judge status, 1981-1992

Judge Emil A. Giese Papers: 1908-1984; North Dakota District Court Judge, 1958-1976

Walter G. McDonald Papers: 1888-1965; Minnewaukan, North Dakota, attorney and graduate of the UND Law School, 1916. State’s Attorney for Benson County, 1920-1934

Andrew Miller Papers: 1870-1960; United States District Court Judge for North Dakota, 1922-1941

North Dakota Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union Records: State chapter of the national group, which seeks to defend and preserve civil liberties

North Dakota Citizens Clean Court Committee Records: Established in 1921 to oppose the confirmation of Andrew Miller as Federal District Court Judge for North Dakota

William L. Nuessle Papers: 1878-1959; North Dakota Supreme Court, 1922-1950

Judge J.E. Robinson Papers: 1843-1933; North Dakota Supreme Court, 1916-1922

Harold Shaft Papers: 1899-1974; prominent Grand Forks Attorney

Alvin Strutz Papers: 1903-1973; North Dakota Supreme Court, 1959-1973

Obert C. Teigen Papers: 1908-1978; North Dakota Supreme Court, 1959-1974

The Ten Commandments Case Records: 1978-1980; Case regarding the posting of the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms in Grand Forks

Judge Bruce Van Sickle Papers: 1917-2007; United States District Court Judge for North Dakota, 1971-2002. Handed down important decisions in the Association of Retarded Citizens v. North Dakota case, as well as Coleman v. Block

Robert Vogel Papers: 1918-2005; North Dakota Supreme Court, 1973-1978; private practice in Mandan, ND, 1961-1973, and Grand Forks, 1978-1997

Last Update: 18 October 2011

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