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Orin G. Libby Manuscript Collection > Native Americans

American Indian Oral History Project: Oral history interviews with members of the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota. The interviews were conducted in 1968 by several agencies, including the University of North Dakota. Transcripts are included for most of the tapes.

Aaron McGaffey Beede and Ralph Gordon Beede Papers: Aaron McGaffey Beede (1859-1934) served as an Episcopal missionary in Sioux County, North Dakota, from 1901-1916

Lawrence D. Fairbairn Papers: 1897-1991; Retired from the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1962, after over 25 years of service. Much of this time was spent as an educator on several Indian reservations

Diane Glancy Papers: 1941-; Influential author of Cherokee and German descent

Elizabeth Grandbois Memorial Collection of Manuscripts (Damian Vraniak Papers): Dr. Damian Vraniak is one of the foremost Native American mental health scholars in the United States

Edward A. Milligan Papers: 1903-1977; Researched the history of the Native American tribes of North Dakota. Also a member of the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission

Native American Folklore Interviews: Interviews conducted by Lance Nixon of the Grand Forks Herald in 1992 regarding the creation stories of the Arikara, Dakota, and Ojibwe

Art Raymond Papers: 1923-, Oglala Lakota; First Head of the Department of Indian Studies at the University of North Dakota, 1971-1978. Head, Indian Program Development at UND, 1978-1991. First person of known Native American descent to serve in the North Dakota State Legislature.

Sioux History in Pictures (The White Bull Manuscript): Series of pictographs commissioned by Usher Burdick and created by Chief Joseph White Bull (Pte-san-hunka) in 1931. White Bull is the Teton warrior alleged to have killed Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn on June 25, 1876.

Lloyd B. Stevens Photographic Collection: circa 1920-1925; 31 black and white photographs of various summer pow wows of the Devils Lake Sioux at Fort Totten

Vrooman Archive of Turtle Mountain Chippewa Folklife: Interviews conducted by Nicholas Churchin Peterson Vrooman from 1980-1992. Includes both the interviews on audio tape, as well as transcripts. 95 slides included as well.

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