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Fred G. Aandahl Papers: 1897-1966; North Dakota State Senate, 1931-1932 and 1939-1942; Governor of North Dakota, 1945-1950; United States House of Representatives, 1951-1953; Assistant Secretary of the Interior, 1953-1961

Myron Atkinson Papers: 1927-; North Dakota House of Representatives, 1969-1976; chair of the North Dakota State Republican party

John M. Baer Papers:1886-1970; North Dakota Representative to the United States House of Representatives, 1915-1921. Political cartoonist for many newspapers, including the Grand Forks Herald, Labor, and the Minnesota Leader.

David Beach Papers: Grand Forks City Government, 1985-1999

Aaron McGaffey Beede and Ralph Gordon Beede Papers: Aaron McGaffey Beede (1859-1934) served as an Episcopal missionary in Sioux County, North Dakota, from 1901-1916. His son, Ralph Gordon Beede (1895-1969), served in the North Dakota House of Representatives from 1939-1944, as well as from 1951-1960

Liv Bjorlie Papers: 1932-; Active member of the Democratic-Nonpartisan League. In 1964, she became the nation’s youngest Democratic National Committeewoman at the age of 31

Joseph B. Bridston Papers: 1896-1965; North Dakota State Senate, 1939-1956, and founder of the Republican Organizing Committee

Quentin Burdick Oral History Transcripts: Interviews with 69 people who knew Quentin Burdick. The interviews were conducted by Dan Rylance from 1994-1996

Quentin Burdick Papers: 1908-1992; United States House of Representatives, 1958-1960; United States Senate, 1960-1992

Usher L. Burdick Papers: 1879-1960; North Dakota House of Representatives (1909-1911), Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota (1911-1913), United States House of Representatives (1935-1945, 1949-1959); farmer and rancher

John Burke Papers: 1859-1937; Governor of North Dakota (1907-1913), United States Treasurer (1913-1921), North Dakota Supreme Court (1924-1937)

Sam Clark’s Red Ink Magazine Collection: 1930s political magazine designed to fight corruption and spread truth. Published by Sam Clark, Bismarck, North Dakota, who also published Jim Jam Jems (see below)

Thomas T. Connally Papers: 1877-1963; United States Senator from Texas, 1928-1963

P.H. Costello Papers: 1897-1971; Mayor of Cooperstown, N.D. and active with the Democratic Party in North Dakota. Frequent correspondent to John Moses, Governor of N.D., as well as United States Senator.

Minnie Craig Papers: 1883-1965; member ND State House of Representatives, Benson County, ND, Speaker of the House

Clarence P. Dahl Papers: 1892-1976; North Dakota State Senator (1939, 1941, 1951) and Lieutenant Governor (1945-1949, 1953-1955, 1959). Charter member of the Republican Organizing Committee

John E. Davis Papers: 1913-1990; Governor of North Dakota, 1957-1960

The Debunker: Political magazine published in 1939 in Bismarck; designed to spread "truth" and "raise plenty of hell"

Clyde Duffy Papers: 1890-1977; Active member of the Republican party; North Dakota State Senator, 1948-1956, and Lieutenant Governor, 1956-1958

Aloha Eagles Papers: 1916-1992; Member of the North Dakota House of Representatives from Fargo, 1966-1984. Authored bills in 1969 and 1971 to liberalize abortion laws in North Dakota.

LeRoy Erickson Papers: 1926-1997; North Dakota House of Representatives (1967-1969, 1973-1981), North Dakota Senate (1981-1985), North Dakota Constitutional Convention (1972)

Stella H. Fritzell Papers: 1909-1984; North Dakota State Senator (1973-1984), North Dakota Constitutional Convention (1972), Park Board Commissioner, environmentalist

Eliot Glassheim Papers: 1938-; Grand Forks City Council member, and editor of Voices from the Flood: An Oral History of the 1997 Flood of the Red River of the North

Osmund Gunvaldsen Papers: 1893-1982; Frequent letter writer with various state and national politicians

Brynhild Haugland Papers: 1905-1998; North Dakota House of Representatives, 1939-1983

Thom Higgins Papers: 1950-1994; Gay activist and former UND student who was suspended from the University in 1968 for his role in the publication of an underground newspaper, the Snow Job

John Hove Papers: 1916-1984; Democratic-NPL candidate in 1963 Special Election to the U.S. House of Representatives

Sylvan Hubrig Papers: 1926-; Delegate to the North Dakota Constitutional Convention, 1972

Jim Jam Jems Magazine Collection: 1910s and 1920s political magazine designed to fight corruption and spread truth. Published by Sam Clark, Bismarck, North Dakota, who also published Red Ink (see above)

John Birch Society Publications: Several publications, dating 1961-1967, of this Conservative and Anti-Communist organization

M.P. Johnson Papers: 1873-1937; member of the North Dakota Society of Equity and the Nonpartisan League

Thomas S. Kleppe Papers: 1919-2007; United States House of Representatives, 1967-1971; Small Business Administration, 1971-1975; Secretary of the Interior, 1975-1977

Otto Krueger Papers: 1890-1963; United States House of Representatives, 1953-1959

Ku Klux Klan in North Dakota Records: 1920-1981

William Langer Papers: 1886-1959; North Dakota Attorney General: 1916-1920, Governor of North Dakota: 1933-34, 1937-39, U.S. Senator from North Dakota: 1941-1959

William Lemke Papers: 1878-1950, North Dakota Attorney General, 1921, U.S. House of Representatives: 1933-41, 1943-50, Union Party Candidate for President: 1936

M.T. Lillehaugen Papers: 1881-1972; Republican member of the North Dakota House of Representatives, 1927-28, 1933-34, and 1941-54

Oscar Lunseth Papers: 1894-1976; Grand Forks City Alderman, 1940-1952, and Mayor of Grand Forks, 1952-1960

Donald C. Macdonald Papers: 1891-1969; Active in both the Nonpartisan League and the Republican Party in Grand Forks County

Henry R. Martinson Papers: 1883-1981; Member of the Socialist Party in North Dakota, involved in the formation of the Nonpartisan League, and author of Comes the Revolution

Robert P. McCarney Papers: 1912-1988; "Referral King" of North Dakota, and unsuccessful candidate for North Dakota Governor and the United States Congress

Stuart McDonald Papers: 1931-; editorial cartoonist for the Grand Forks Herald from 1961-1967, and for the North Dakotan magazine in 1965

Roland Meidinger Papers: 1913-, North Dakota Senate, 1953-1965

Rilie Morgan Papers: 1891-1977; Republican member of the North Dakota State Senate, 1939-1954, and founding member of the Republican Organizing Committee, which sought to wrestle control of the party from the Nonpartisan League

John Moses Papers: 1885-1945, Governor of North Dakota, 1939-1945; United States Senate, 1945

P.J. Murphy Papers: 1870-1942; North Dakota State Senate, 1913-1933, and first President of the State Board of Higher Education

Ragnvald A. Nestos Papers: 1877-1942; North Dakota Governor, 1922-1924

The New Era: 1934-1935; Official publication of the North Dakota Democratic Party

North Dakota Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union Records: State chapter of the national group, which seeks to defend and preserve civil liberties

North Dakota Elections Collection: 1920-2004, includes advertisements, brochures, tracts, newspaper clippings, and polemics

Daphna Nygaard Papers: 1896-1978; Active member of the Democratic party on both the state and national level. Democratic National Committeewoman from North Dakota, 1940-1964

Dagne Olsen Papers: 1933-1994; Seven term legislator in the North Dakota House of Represenatives from Manvel. Advocate for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled, and proponent for the Right to Life Movement

C.P. O’Neill Papers: 1911-1986; Grand Forks City Council (1948-1960 and 1964-1972), Mayor of Grand Forks (1972-1980)

Bea Peterson Papers: 1916-2000; Stark County, ND, newspaper columnist, member ND Democratic Party, delegate ND Constitutional Convention

Michael Polovitz Papers: 1926-; Mayor of Grand Forks, 1988-1996; North Dakota State Senator, 2000-2004

George Sinner Papers: 1928-; Governor of North Dakota, 1985-1992

Arthur G. Sorlie Papers: 1874-1929; Governor of North Dakota, 1925-1929

Burleigh F. Spalding Papers: 1853-1934; North Dakota Constitutional Convention, 1889, and United States House of Representatives, 1899-1901 and 1903-1905

Lynn U. Stambaugh Papers: 1890-1971; Independent candidate for the 1944 United States Senate. His candidacy split the Republican vote, and allowed former Governor John Moses to win the seat

Bryce Streibel Papers: 1922-2006; North Dakota House of Representatives,1956-1960 and 1962-1974; North Dakota State Senate, 1980-1996

Dwight Todd Papers: 1877-1968; Socialist from Williams County, North Dakota, who was involved in the Farmers Union and other cooperative agricultural organizations

Samuel Torgerson Papers: 1856-1951; Banker and frequent letter writer from Mayville and Grand Forks, North Dakota

A.C. Townley Papers: 1880-1959; Founder of the Nonpartisan League

A.C. Townley Speeches and Related Materials: The text of speeches, newspaper clippings, and other material related to Townley (1880-1959), the founder of the Nonpartisan League

Raymond G. Vendsel Papers: 1917-1989; North Dakota State Senate, 1957-1960, and unsuccessful candidate for the United States House of Representatives in 1954 and United States Senate in 1958

Lois Vogel Papers: 1914-; Delegate to the 1972 North Dakota Constitutional Convention, who was elected Convention Secretary, and was a member of the Committee on Executive Functions

Frank Wenstrom Papers: 1903-1997; North Dakota State Senate, 1956-1959, 1967-1985 and Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota, 1963-64

Thomas Whelan Papers: 1895-1977; Active member of the Republican party, and United States Ambassador to Nicaragua, 1951-1961

Y.E.S.S. Coalition Records:1989; The You Expect State Services Coalition unsuccessfully campaigned for an increases in fuel, sales and income taxes. The additional revenue was to be used for social services and education

Grant S. Youmans Papers: 1876-1959; Political activist and banker from Minot, North Dakota

Milton R. Young Papers: 1897-1983; United States Senator from North Dakota, 1945-1980

Frank White Papers: 1856-1940; Governor of North Dakota, 1901-1905

1974 North Dakota Senatorial Election Interviews: A collection of oral history interviews and transcriptions related to the controversial 1974 U.S. Senate Election between Senator Milton Young and former Governor William Guy.

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