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Orin G. Libby Manuscript Collection > Women’s Papers

Mary Adams Papers: 1910-1994; Farm wife near Oakes, North Dakota

Verlie Aird Papers: 1918-2007; Diarist and Elementary School Teacher

Vernice Aldrich Papers: 1901-1959; Editor, Wheat Grower,Wesley College Registrar

Kathie Anderson Papers: 1950-; North Dakota author, English and Journalism instructor

Mavourneen Todd Anderson Papers:1904-1989; Curator, Frontier Museum, Williston, ND

Toby Baker Papers: First Lady of UND, 1992-1999

Elizabeth Bratt Baldwin Papers:?-1954; UND Librarian and Registrar

Margaret Libby Barr Papers:1904-1988; UND Faculty, Business & Vocational Education, active Grand Forks, ND, club woman

Wilma Belcourt Papers:1917-; Plaintiff, Ten Commandments Case

Esther Bice-Moles Correspondence: 1880-?; Born in Linn County, Iowa, but moved to Renville County, North Dakota, in 1908 or 1909

Adah A.E. Bickford Diary: 1850-1941; Diary of a Kempton, North Dakota, native from 1910

Liv Bjorlie Papers: 1932-; Active member of the Democratic-Nonpartisan League. In 1964, she became the nation’s youngest Democratic National Committeewoman at the age of 31

Mabel Bliven Papers:1897-1995; Grand Forks, ND, homemaker, Middle River, MN, homesteader

Lillian Bolack Papers: 1906-1995; 28 page essay regarding the pioneer life of Alfred Bolack, Lillian’s father. Alfred Bolack moved to the Dakota Territory from Ohio circa 1873

Vera Bollinger Papers:1894-1981; English and Speech teacher, Dean of Women, Valley City State Teachers College, active club woman

Elsie Brown Papers: 1897-1986; Girls’ Friendly Society, Episcopal Church

Anna Isabel Francis Burke Papers:1869-1942; Cavalier, ND, homesteader, piano teacher

Hazel Webster Byrnes Papers:1886-1980; Mayville State College Librarian, Director of North Dakota State Library Commission

Margaret Kelly Cable Papers:1884-1960; UND Faculty, Ceramics Department, artist and potter

Julia Gage Carpenter Papers:1851-1931; Edgeley, ND, homesteader

Henrietta Christopher Papers:1892-1989; Pembina County, North Dakota, historian and author

Minnie Craig Papers:1883-1965; member ND State House of Representatives, Benson County, ND, Speaker of the House

Glinda Crawford Papers:1948-; UND Faculty, Home Economics Education and Sociology

Lora Crouch Papers: 1907-1999; Librarian and correspondent with Vera Kelsey, author of Red River Runs North

Elizabeth Custer Papers: 1842-1933; Wife of General George Custer and author

Florence H. Davis Papers: 1868-1958; Librarian, Bismarck Public Library, State Historical Society, active club woman

Cora Dean Papers: 1883-1962; UND Class of 1910, and principal of Towner High School. First contributor to the Student Union Fund, 1938

Katherina Debus Papers:1857-1928; Hebron, ND, church organist, minister’s wife

Grace DeLong Papers: 1890-1981; home economist

Aloha Eagles Papers: 1916-1992; Member of the North Dakota House of Representatives from Fargo, 1966-1984. Authored bills in 1969 and 1971 to liberalize abortion laws in North Dakota.

Mrs. J.E. Engstad Papers:1868-1943; wife of Grand Forks, ND, physician, active club woman

Louise Erdrich Papers: 1954-; author of books and poetry exploring Native American issues

Hilda Erickson Papers: 1878-1968; Grand Forks, North Dakota, mother of four

Mary Elizabeth Ewing Scrapbook: 1900-1991; scrapbook documenting her time as a student at UND, 1920-1923

Vera Facey Papers: 1909-1985; faculty member of the UND Department of Biology

Nita Fox Papers: Active member of the North Dakota Business and Professional Women’s Club, and the North Dakota Commission on the Status of Women. Vocal proponent of the Equal Rights Amendment

Mary Margaret French Frank Papers: 1934-; Contains extensive genealogical information on the French family, whose first member, Samuel French the Joiner, emigrated to the United States in 1688 or 1689

Stella H. Fritzell Papers: 1909-1984; North Dakota State Senator (1973-1984), North Dakota Constitutional Convention (1972), Park Board Commissioner, environmentalist

Marius and Caroline Gjelsness Papers: 1886 Norwegian immigrants to Reynolds, ND

Diane Glancy Papers: 1941-; Influential author of Cherokee and German descent

Laura Green Papers:1876-1969; Grand Forks, ND office worker/secretary, community volunteer

Julia Ellingson Griffis Papers: 1882-1941; Native of Reynolds, North Dakota, who moved to California in 1923 and became a nurse

Luella J. Hall Papers:1890-1973; Mohall, ND, historian

Brynhild Haugland Papers: 1905-1998; North Dakota House of Representatives, 1939-1983

Josephine Simon Hayden Papers:1890-1978; Thompson, ND, historian

Fannie Mahood Heath Papers:1864-1931; Grand Forks, ND, horticulturist

Clare Hedahl Diary: 1898-1985; diary kept during her senior year at Fessenden (North Dakota) High School

Sarah Edna Hesketh Papers:1899-1998; UND alumna, active in Dakota Playmakers

Lyla Hoffine Papers:1897-1984; ND author, teacher, Yellowstone-Missouri Confluence, Ft. Union Commissioner

Dr. Alice Hunter Papers:1891-1975; Grand Forks, ND, physician, member of Board of Directors, Grand Forks Transportation Company, investor in several Arvilla, ND, companies

Lydia O. Jackson Papers:1902-1984; ND Poet Laureate

Pearl Johnson Papers: 1896-1963; ND homesteader, McKenzie County, farm child, Pekin, Nelson County, ND

Rosanna Gutterud Johnsrud Papers:1912-2002; Norwegian-American playwright

M. Beatrice Johnstone Papers:1870-1959; Director of UND Correspondence Division, and UND Extension Division

Eunice Gronvold Kalloch Papers: 1908-1988; UND Class of 1930. Author who was active in civic and community affairs in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Frances Kannowksi Papers: 1896-; Superintendent of Parks in Grand Forks, 1933-1953. First women in the United States to be named Superintendent of Parks

Vera Kelsey Papers:1892-1961; Author

Claudine Kenner Papers:1968-; Devils Lake, North Dakota, high school student

N. Johanna Kildahl Papers:1868-1967; Towner County, ND, homesteader, political writer

Kathy Coudle King Papers: Playwright and author; M.A. degree in English from UND in 1993

Anna V. Kirk Papers:1883-1965; Nelson County suffragette, W.C.T.U. member

Theodore Kraker Papers (Grace Kraker Diaries):1889-1985; Grand Forks, ND, homemaker and active club woman, Wahpeton, ND, public school student

Libby Family Papers: 1904-1996. Correspondence between Margaret Libby Barr (1904-1988) and her brother, Charles Cory Libby (1910-1996)

Rosamond O’Brien Lowe Papers:1904-1974; Newspaper columnist, Walsh County, ND

Harriet Mills McKay and Douglas McKay Papers: Harriet Mills McKay (1896-1949), was a member of the UND Class of 1920

Viva Moffet Papers: 1881-1922; correspondence of teenager living in Gardar and Barton, North Dakota

Mrs. Hans Mollerud Papers:1874-?; Grafton, ND, and Hanley, Saskatchewan homesteader

Sister Ellen Murphy Papers:1916-2004; Sisterhood of St. Joseph, Faculty member, College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN, poet and short story writer

Helen Normand Murphy Papers: 1888-1973; Niagara, North Dakota, farmers wife and active club woman in Grand Forks

Helene Musick Papers: (unknown), Williston, ND resident

Anna Helen Nash Day Book: 1888-1990; accounts of her career as a nurse in Fargo, 1915-1918

Eva Nelson Papers: 1884-1974; born in Hallock, Minnesota, although spent majority of her life in Turlock, California, where she was a nurse

Daphna Nygaard Papers: 1896-1978; Active member of the Democratic party on both the state and national level. Democratic National Committeewoman from North Dakota, 1940-1964

Elizabeth Oakland Papers: 1911-1996; Grand Forks area poet and writer

Kate Richards O’Hare Papers:1876-1948; Socialist, suffragette

Adelaide C. Okell Diary: ?; Diary recording Okell’s first trip to Europe in the summer of 1898

Dagne Olsen Papers: 1933-1994; Seven term legislator in the North Dakota House of Representatives from Manvel. Advocate for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled, and proponent for the Right to Life Movement

Bea Peterson Papers:1916-2000; Stark County, ND, newspaper columnist, member ND Democratic Party, delegate ND Constitutional Convention

Agnes Plath Papers: ?; Author of book on stamp collecting, entitled North Dakota Centennial on U.S. Philately

Agnes Quirk Papers: 1905-1990; Educational materials from Quirk’s time at St. Benedict’s High School, Collegeville, Minnesota, and St. Alexis Hospital, Bismarck, North Dakota

Tamar C. Read Papers:1922-; UND Faculty, Music, Founder/Director Collegium Musicum

Sarah Reid Papers: 1843-1902; 16 page autobiography tracing her life from birth in England until her death in Dickinson

Grace Osborne Rhonemus Papers: 1905-2002; Competed in Women’s Athletics at UND in the 1920s, winning the nickname the "Emerado Flash." Director of Physical Education for Women at UND, 1944-1956; Associate Professor of Physical Education at UND, 1956-1975

Rita Richard Papers: Memoirs of a patient who spent two years (1927-1929) at St. John’s Hospital in Fargo, North Dakota, with tuberculosis

Telle Rudser Papers: 1910-1981; Artist who specialized in Norwegian inspired wood carvings

Carrie Simpson Papers:1879-1964; Grand Forks, ND, active club woman, PEO North Dakota State President, nationwide President Supreme Chapter

Jane Sinner Papers:1931-; First Lady of North Dakota

Cora E. Smith Papers:1867-1939; member UND first graduating class, Grand Forks, ND, physician, suffragette

Ethel W. Squires Papers:1882-1977; UND Faculty wife, active club woman

Ethel Pearl Storing Papers:1877-1961; Ward County and Renville County ND teacher

Jane Frazer Summers Papers: 1923-2002; Active in the League of Women Voters, as well as the Democratic-Nonpartisan League

Lucy Johnston Sypher Papers: 1907-1990; UND Class of 1927 and author of children’s books set in Wales, North Dakota

Edith Thompson Papers: 1885-1981; Society Editor for the Grand Forks Herald, 1927-1963

Kathrine B. Tiffany Papers:1878-1978; English and Rhetoric teacher, Chester Fritz’s aunt

Lydia Topping Scrapbooks:1905-1976; Grand Forks, ND, resident, Minnesota State Merchandising Coordinator

Marie Torbenson Papers:1880-1966; Ransom County, ND, pioneer

Edna Twamley Papers:1879-1966; Benefactor to the University of North Dakota

Ardelle Urness Papers: 1931-2000; Resident of Grand Forks, North Dakota

Lois Vogel Papers: 1914-; Delegate to the 1972 North Dakota Constitutional Convention, who was elected Convention Secretary, and was a member of the Committee on Executive Functions

Patricia Warcup Papers: 1931-; UND Women’s Athletics Coach and Assistant Professor

Mary C. Wilde Papers: 1887-1980; Autobiography of life on her parents’ homestead in Emmons County, North Dakota

Wynona Wilkins Papers:1916-; UND French professor, author, editorial assistant North Dakota Quarterly, chronicler of North Dakota’s image

Lillian Witmer Papers:1903-1993; Grand Forks, ND, active club woman, Grand Forks Park Board and UND Alumni Association Board member

Clara Schumacher Wold Papers: 1893-1986; Courtenay, ND, and McIntosh, MN, homemaker

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