DATES: 1967-1986

SIZE: 8 linear feet


ACQUISITION: The Center for Teaching and Learning, Dean Vito Perrone Records were deposited into University Archives in 1986.

ACCESS: Available for inspection under the rules and regulations of the Department of Special Collections.

RELATED COLLECTION: OGL#1471, North Dakota Study Group Records


The Center for Teaching and Learning, Dean Vito Perrone Records consist mainly of personal/academic records, the New School of Behavioral Studies in Education, professional activities, articles, reports, and correspondence. The records are arranged into five series.

SERIES I: Perrone's Personal and Academic Record: Box 1, Folders 1-7
Includes Perrone's UND academic record sheets, 1967-1985; correspondence, 1973-1986; congratulatory letters on his appointment as Vice-President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Princeton, New Jersey, 1986; and, miscellaneous certificates and news clippings.

SERIES II: New School of Behavioral Studies in Education: Box 1, Folders 8-48, Boxes 2 and 3
Arranged choronologically, inlcludes Final Reports for Trainers of Teacher Trainers, Program of the U. S. Office of Education that describes and evaluates UND's New School, 1973-1974. Perrone was a director of TTT and New School received the majority of its funding through the TTT Program. Also included are: articles by Perrone and others regarding New School; articles and reports about ideas and programs that flowed from TTT and New School, namely USOE Follow Through Project implemented to train Indian teachers, and Future Indian Teachers (FIT); articles about the idea of Openness and the Open Classroom with accompanying Child, Parent, Teacher Interviews which evaluated Open Education in North Dakota; reports on the Statewide Teacher Center Project, 1976-1985; articles about the idea of accountability; and lastly, the process that created the Center for Teaching and Learning out of the New School of Behavioral Studies in Education and the School of Education in 1972.

SERIES III: Perrone's Professional Activities, Box 4
Includes articles, reports, correspondence by Perrone regarding various issues: faculty development, 1978-1983; general education requirements at UND, 1979-1986; North Dakota Study Group on Evaluation, 1975-1986, for which Perrone was the Coordinator; and standardized testing for the National Consortium on Testing, for which he was President, 1975- 1984.

SERIES IV: Perrone's Formal Presentation and Lectures, 1968-1986, and Publications 1964-1986, Boxes 5 and 6, Folders 1-34
Arranged chronologically.

SERIES V: Other Professional Activities, Box 6, Folders 35-60, Box 7, Folders 1-18
Includes reports, programs, correspondence regarding the American Issues Forum (Perrone was on the National Planning Committee), 1974-1976; the North Dakota Bicentennial Celebration, 1975-1976, and the North Dakota County School Records Project, 1976; the NEH Institute on Western and Local History, 1976-1977; the UND Center for Peace Studies for which Perrone was the Coordinator, 1982-1986; and the Prospect Archive, 1984-1985.


SERIES I: Personal and Academic Record
Box 1

  1. Academic Record Sheets, 1967-1985.
  2. Miscellaneous Certificates.
  3. Humanities Course, late 1950's (?).
  4. Image of Latin America: Study of American School Textbooks and School Children, Grades 2-12, 1964-1965.
  5. Correspondence, 1973-1986.
  6. Congratulatory Letters on Appointment as Vice-President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Princeton, New Jersey, 1986.
  7. News Clippings, 1968-1983.

SERIES II: New School of Behavioral Studies in Education

  1. "Why the New School?" Warren Strandberg, College of Education Record, April 1969.
  2. ESEA Title III, Statistical Data, Wahpeton Public School District #37, May 1969.
  3. TTT Program Proposal, "A Personnel Development Program for North Dakota Schools," November 30, 1969.
  4. Proposal Summary for Education Professions Development Act, November 1969.
  5. Student Evaluation and Advisor-Advisee Relationship, 1968-1970.
  6. Community Meetings (re: New School), 1969-1970: A Summary Statement.
  7. "A Description of the New School University of North Dakota, May 1970.
  8. Summer Session, 1970.
  9. New School's Monthly Meeting, 1970-1971.
  10. News Clippings Regarding New School, 1970-1971.
  11. Title III Application for Continuation, Fargo Public School District #1, July 1970 - June 1971.
  12. Washington Elementary School, Evaluation Report #1, August 1970.
  13. Madison Elementary School- Evaluation Report #1, August 1970, Report #2, January 1972.
  14. TTT Final Report, "Fargo Madison School Program: A Cooperative School- University Effort," April 1974.
  15. A Title TTT Proposal, Submitted to the North Dakota Title TTT Advisory Committee, January 15, 1971.
  16. TTT Program Renewal EPDA "Package July 1970-July 1971: For A Personnel Development and Innovation Program for North Dakota Public Schools."
  17. Miscellaneous Articles Regarding New School, 1970-1971.
  18. "Perspective on Evaluation" UND College of Education Record, May 1970, pp. 179-184.
  19. "The New School: Individualizing and Integrating Teacher Education," Minnesota Reading Quarterly May 1970, pp. 138-143.
  20. "Changing Role of the Teacher," Learning Centers: Children on Their Own, 1970, pp. 16-25.
  21. "A Context for the New School and Educational Change."
  22. "New School of Behavioral Studies in Education: A Review," October 1972.
  23. Summary of TTT Proposal, 1972-1973.
  24. TTT Final Report, Sister Karen Craig, 1973, "A Follow-up Study of the Master Degree Graduates (1968-1972) from the New School of Behavioral Studies in Education."
  25. TTT Final Report, "A Summary Statement Presented to the National Advisory Council on Education Professions," May 1973.
  26. TTT Final Report and Evaluation, 1973, Michael Patton, Chapters 1-3.
  27. TTT Final Report and Evaluation, 1973, Michael Patton, Chapters 4-7.
  28. TTT Final Report and Evaluation, 1973, Michael Patton, "From the New School to the Center for Teaching and Learning," May 1974.
  29. Analysis of Questionnaire Responses by Visitors to the New School of Behavioral Studies in Education, 1968 to 1973.
  30. "Education: A Constant Process of Invention," North Dakotan, August 1968, pp. 2-3.
  31. "The New School," Perrone and Warren Strandberg, Elementary School Journal, May 1971; Education for 1984 and After, January 1972.
  32. "Summary: Preparation of Teachers," n.d.
  33. "New School: A Revolution on the Plains," Northwestern Bell Magazine, Summer 1971, pp. 17-22.
  34. "Preparing Teachers for Changing Conditions in Schools," Administer Quarterly, February 1972, p. 5.
  35. Clam, March 1972: New School, UND.
  36. Governing Document of Center for Teaching and Learning.
  37. "Brief Report on the Center f or Teaching and Learning, 1972.
  38. CTL- Annual Reports to the President-UND, 1972-1974, 1977-1978.
  39. CTL: Evaluation Proposal Presented to the University Curriculum Committee, July 1972.
  40. "Report form North Dakota," Evaluation Reconsidered, May 1973, pp. 28-31.
  41. TTT Final Report, "Evaluation (Grading) in the New School and the Center for Teaching and Learning," May 1974.

Box 2

  1. Report to the University Curriculum Committee, March 1974.
  2. Faculty-Student Governance Structure for CTL, May 1974.
  3. Faculty-Student Governance Structure for CTL, April 1979.
  4. Faculty Appointments, 1975-1977.
  5. Faculty Evaluation Procedures, 1975-1981.
  6. Student Teaching Experience: A Handbook, Spring 1976.
  7. CTL Extern Program, May 1977.
  8. CTL Planning Documents, 1977-1978.
  9. Response to Report of NCATE Evaluation Team, June 10, 1982.
  10. UND; Entering a Second Century, A Decennial Report to the North Central Association, August 1983.
  11. TTT Final Report and Evaluation, Michael Patton, "Structural Dimensions of Open Education and Parental Reaction to Open Classrooms in North Dakota," Spring 1973.
  12. "TTT Open Classrooms: A Description of the Process," by Marilyn Rothenberg, 1973.
  13. Various Articles Regarding Open Classrooms and Teachers.
  14. "A Sociological View of Open Education as an Innovation in Organizational Structure and Processes."
  15. "Ideas for Opening Up," Karen Branan, Scholastic Teacher, January 1972.
  16. "Social Studies in the Open Classroom," Social Education, April 1972, pp. 460- 464.
  17. "Open Education: Promise and Problems," Vito Perrone, 1972.
  18. Books About Open Education: An annotated Bibliography, Vito Perrone, September 1972.
  19. "The Observer: Vito Perrone and North Dakota's Quiet Revolution," Sherwood Kohn, National Elementary Principal, November 1972, pp. 49-57.
  20. Opting for Openness, Robert H. Anderson, "Forward," Vito Perrone, 1978.
  21. "The Humanities in Humanistic Education," William E. Russell, October 1973.
  22. "The World's Children: Valuing Diversity," Vito Perrone, November 1973.
  23. Insights, "Open Education," 1971-1974.
  24. "Comparative and Longitudinal Analysis of Teaching Intern Classrooms on Selected Dimensions of Openness," Michael Patton, April 1974.
  25. "Comparative and Longitudinal Analysis of Teaching Intern Classrooms on Selected Dimensions of Openness: Second Year," Richard G. Landry, December 1974.
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  30. "Open Classroom Revolution Is Still Simmering at CTL," Dakota Student, March 1977.
  31. Notes from Workshop Center for Open Education, Spring 1975 and 1979.
  32. CTL Study of Elementary School Classrooms, 1971-1972, Parent-Teacher-Child Interviews.
  33. Teacher's Interview-Questionnaire.
  34. Children's Interview-Questionnaire.
  35. Parent's Interview-Questionnaire.
  36. Parent Interviews: Comparison of Parental Reaction to CTL Intern Classrooms, 1971-1972 and 1973-1974.
  37. Teacher-Child-Parent Interviews, 4th Quarter Report, July 1974.
  38. Teacher, Children Interviews A & B, October 1974.
  39. Teacher, Children Interviews C & D, October 1974.
  40. Teacher, Children Interviews E & F, October 1974.

Box 3

  1. Teacher, Child, Parent Interviews, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarter Reports, Second Year, 1975.
  2. Teacher, Child, Parent Interviews, 1st and 2nd Quarter Reports, Third Year, October 1975-January 1976.
  3. Teacher, Child, Parent Interviews, 3rd and 4th Quarter Reports, Third Year, April- July 1976.
  4. "Parents as Partners," Urban Review, November 1971, pp. 35-40.
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  10. Teacher, Child, Parent Interviews, Correspondence, 1975-1978.
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  13. "Does Accountability Count Without Teacher Support?" Michael Patton, Barbara French, Vito Perrone, August 1976.
  14. "Does Accountability Count Without Teacher Support?" Michael Patton, Barbara French, Vito Perrone, August 1976.
  15. New School's Approach to Follow Through Program, 1972-1976.
  16. "Follow Through Classrooms: What They're Like," April 1973.
  17. Proposal for Continued Support of a Follow Through Model Approach, December 7, 1973.
  18. "A Case Study of the New School Approach to Follow Through with the Fort Yates Community School, 1973-74," Joseph N. Petner.
  19. "Documentation of the North Dakota Follow Through Program from the Perspective of Children," Michael and Vanesse Patton, 1975.
  20. "Documentation of the North Dakota Follow Through Program from the Perspective of Resource Colleagues," Jeanne Campbell and Michael Patton, 1976.
  21. Follow Through: An Implementation Review, October 20, 1976.
  22. UND/Couture School District Career Opportunities Program, Final Report, 1970- 1975.
  23. New School and Future Indian Teachers, 1972-1979.
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  27. "A Coordinated Statewide Teacher Center Project," Proposal to the Bush Foundation, November 1976.
  28. Statewide Teacher Center Policy Board, 1977-1981.
  29. Statewide Teacher Center Network- Advisory Committee, 1978-1979.
  30. Statewide Teacher Center Network, Coordinators, 1977, 1982.
  31. Correspondence Regarding the Bush Foundation Grant for the Statewide Teacher Center Network, 1976-1982.
  32. General Correspondence Regarding the Statewide Teacher Center Network, 1976- 1985.
  33. General Information and Mailing Lists of Statewide Teacher Center Network, 1978.
  34. First Year Report to the Bush Foundation, "A Coordinated Statewide Teacher Center Project," 1977-1978.
  35. First Year Report to the Bush Foundation, "A Coordinated Statewide Teacher Center Project," 1977-1978, (second copy).

SERIES III: Professional Activities
Box 4


  1. First Year Report to the Bush Foundation, Teacher Learning Center and Community Exchange, Minot, May 1978.
  2. North Dakota Teacher Center Project, 1981-1982: A Report to the Bush Foundation.
  3. Proposal to the North Dakota Humanities Council for the North Dakota Teacher Center Network, 1983.
  4. Documentation of the New England Cluster Meeting, Nantucket, Massachusetts, October 1980.
  5. Various Articles Regarding Teacher Center Networks.
  6. "North Dakota Teacher Center Network," 1985-1987.
  7. "Staff Development Workbook for Classroom Teachers and Principals," March 1976.
  8. Project Offer-Evaluation Report 41, Prepared for Minot Public Schools, Ursula Simonson, Vito Perrone, Richard Landry, June 1977.
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  13. "A Proposal to the Bush Foundation for Support of a Program for Instructional Development at UND," October 1979.
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  15. Faculty Development Task Force Recommendations, July 1980.
  16. Faculty Development Program, Vito Perrone, Address to the North Dakota Board of Higher Education.
  17. Instructional Development Report, Second Progress Report, September 1982.
  18. Report of the Instructional Development Evaluation Committee, 1981-1983.
  19. Deans' Council Proposal for University-Wide General Education Requirements, 1979-1980.
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  21. Suggestions and Comments from Various Faculty Members Regarding General Education Requirements, 1979.
  22. Suggestions and Comments from Various Faculty Members Regarding General Education Requirements, 1979.
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SERIES IV: Formal Presentation, Lectures, and Publications
Box 5

  1. Mayville State College Commencement Address, August 2, 1968.
  2. "Reflections," 1970.
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Box 6

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SERIES V: Other Professional Activities

  1. School Nurse Practioner Program.
  2. American Issues Forum, Program and General Materials, 1975-1976.
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Box 7

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  18. Miscellaneous Materials.

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