COLLECTION: UA #57 (addition)

DATES: 1973-1986

SIZE: 9.25 linear feet


ACQUISITION: The addition to the Center for Teaching and Learning, Dean Vito Perrone Records was deposited into University Archives, Fall 1987.

ACCESS: Open for inspection under the rules and regulations of the Department of Special Collections.


This addition to the Center for Teaching and Learning, Dean Vito Perrone Records consist of the following records: correspondence, 1981-1986; materials on Bicentennial activities including workshops, mailings, and events in North Dakota, 1975-1976; National Consortium on Testing (NCT) records, including membership lists, financial records, minutes of board meetings, correspondence, agendas of membership conferences, NCT publications on testing, and numerous articles regarding competency testing, 1977-1984. Perrone was a NCT board member. The addition also includes correspondence and publications for the Career Opportunities Program of Future Indian Teachers (FIT), 1973-1975, and miscellaneous articles arranged in alphabetical order by subject area or title. The articles discuss a variety of education-related issues such as teacher education, accreditation, testing, accountability, elementary and secondary education, school health services, professional responsibility, teacher evaluation and employment, and undergraduate education.


Box 7

  1. Correspondence, August - October 1981.
  2. Correspondence, November - December 1981.
  3. Correspondence, January - March 1982.
  4. Correspondence, April - June 1982.
  5. Correspondence, July - September 1982.
  6. Correspondence, October - December 1982.
  7. Correspondence, January - June 1983.
  8. Correspondence, August - December 1984.
  9. Correspondence, January - June 1985.
  10. Correspondence, July - December 1985.
  11. Correspondence, January - July 1986.
  12. Bicentennial. Workshop - May 9, 1975.
  13. Bicentennial Workshop - October 1975.
  14. Bicentennial Workshop - October 9, 1975.
  15. Bicentennial Workshop - January 22, 1976.
  16. Bicentennial Mailings - March 23 and April 30, 1976.
  17. Bicentennial Mailings - May 17 and June 10, 1976.
  18. Bicentennial Committee - UND.
  19. Bicentennial Curriculum Project.
  20. North Dakota Bicentennial Commission Grant Ev Miller, "A Dusty Echo."
  21. Bicentennial Project Guide for Fargo Schools.
  22. Fargo Centennial, 1875-1975, for Public Schools.
  23. "Creative Approach to Americana: Its People and Their Culture" - Fargo Public Schools.
  24. Holy Family School Bicentennial Events.
  25. Bicentennial Newsletter, Jamestown, March 1976; Minot, December 1975.
  26. Bicentennial Materials Compiled by Clara Pederson, 1975 - UND.
  27. "Study of North Dakota" - Bicentennial Edition, R. J. Eidem and L. R. Goodman.
  28. Bicentennial Materials - American Issues Forum.
  29. American Oracle of Liberty (newspaper).
  30. "The American Spirit: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow," Michael Kammen.

Box 8

  1. Eliza Lucas Pinckney and Story of Arthur Peach - WNET NEH television series.
  2. "The Great Plains Game," L.H. Thompson and Charles Kaiser - UND.
  3. "Immigration in U.S. History" - Teaching Unit.
  4. Bicentennial Articles for Classroom Use.
  5. Bicentennial Publications.
  6. CTL - Research in Minimal Competency Testing, October 26, 1978.
  7. CTL - Research in Minimal Competency Testing, April 26, 1979.
  8. CTL - Research in Minimal Competency Testing, April 26, 1979, accompanying documents.
  9. CTL - Research on Minimal Competency Testing, April 26, 1979, accompanyingdocuments.
  10. National Consortium on Testing (NCT) - Purpose Statement, By-Laws, Staffing.
  11. NCT - Membership, 1977-1981.
  12. NCT - Financial Records.
  13. NCT - Membership Conferences, 1977-1978.
  14. NCT - Membership Conferences, 1978-1979.
  15. NCT - Board Meetings, 1977-1982.
  16. NCT - Membership Conferences, 1980-1982.
  17. NCT - Correspondence, 1977.
  18. NCT - Correspondence, 1977.
  19. NCT - Correspondence, 1978.
  20. NCT - Correspondence, 1978.
  21. NCT - Correspondence, 1979.
  22. NCT - Correspondence, 1979.
  23. NCT - Correspondence, 1980-1981.
  24. NCT - Correspondence, 1982-1984.
  25. NCT - Publications on Testing.
  26. NCT - Publications on Testing - Circulars #2,5,6.
  27. NCT - Publications on Testing - Circular #7.

Box 9

  1. NCT - Publications on Testing - Circular #8.
  2. Case Study of New York City - Wide Reading Testing Program Proposal, September 1974.
  3. New York State Competency Testing Program, 1979-1980.
  4. Minimal Competency Testing - Articles, Publications.
  5. Publications on Testing.
  6. Publications on Testing.
  7. Publications on Testing.
  8. Publications on Testing.
  9. Publications on Testing.
  10. Career Opportunities Program - Future Indian Teachers.
  11. Career Opportunities Program - FIT publications.
  12. Career Opportunities Program - FIT Correspondence, 1973.
  13. Career Opportunities Program - FIT Correspondence, 1974.
  14. Career Opportunities Program - FIT Correspondence, 1975.
  15. Evaluations, 1977.
  16. AACTE Summary 1979 Management Plan and Budget.
  17. Accreditation - Alternatives.
  18. Accountability, Autonomy and Professional Responsibility, (draft).
  19. An Action Program in Progress.
  20. AFRAM.
  21. Airasian, Peter - Pre-Measurement Issues in Minimal Competency Testing Programs (Boston College).
  22. Alberty, Beth - Plan for Study of How Open Corridor Organizational Structures and Processes Support Curriculum Connections and Continuities.
  23. Alternative-Concept Schools.
  24. Alternative Designs to Contrast with Current Practice in Compensatory Education (Work Statement).
  25. Alternative High School Evergreen.
  26. An Alternative to Blanket Standardized Testing.
  27. Alternative Schools Network.
  28. Alternative Scenarios of the American Future, 1980-2000.
  29. American Education - A Selective Bibliography.
  30. American Issues Forum, 1976.
  31. Analysis of Innovative Teachers' Roles and Tasks in Two School Environments in the United States.
  32. Annual Letter from the Dean.
  33. Arkansas Project.
  34. "Assessment of Beginning Reading: A Theory-Based Descriptive," Edward A. Chittenden.
  35. "The Audio-Tutorial Approach to Learning," Fred H. Hechinger.
  36. August Documents - Study Commission.

Box 10

  1. Bakke versus the University of California.
  2. Bank Street College of Education.
  3. "Barriers to Excellence: Our Children at Risk?
  4. Basic Educational Skills Project (Head Start).
  5. Basic Skills Assessment Around the Nation.
  6. Benny's Conception of Rules and Answers in IPI Mathematics.
  7. Biography Project.
  8. Black Cultural Center, 1982.
  9. Boston School Desegregation.
  10. "Education and Excellence," Ernest L. Rover.
  11. "Parents as Teachers," Dr. Beverly Brekke.
  12. "British Teacher Centres and New York's Experience with Competency-Based Teacher Education."
  13. "Building a Bill of Rights for the Elementary School Child," Alfred A. Arch andEdward J. Lawton.
  14. "Behavior Modification and Operant Psychology: An Anthropological Critique," Henry C. Burger.
  15. "Can Teachers Teach?" Howard Flieger.
  16. Cabinet Council on Human Resources Working Croup on School Violence/Discipline.
  17. "The Tallest Indian," Iris Carpenter.
  18. Campus Ministry Association.
  19. Carnecie Surmarv, Vito Perrone.
  20. "Case Study as a Basis for Research in a Theoretical Contemporary History of Education," Lawrence Stenhouse.
  21. Center for Open Teaching and Learning, H. Kahl.
  22. Central High School Course.
  23. Central Missouri State University Review.
  24. CETA and the Poor: Design for a Research Study, January 1979.
  25. "The Character of Education and the Education of Character," Gerald Grant.
  26. CHECKUP - A National Assessment of Health Awareness Among 17-year-olds and Young Adults.
  27. "The Child Study Movement," Richard Brandt.
  28. Children and Parent Interviews, Eielson Elementary School, 1975-1976.
  29. Church Meetings - Boundary Committee, et. al.
  30. City College speech.
  31. Civil Defense.
  32. CLAC-5.
  33. Children's Language Arts Magazine.
  34. Muriel Cohen - Massachusetts Poll.
  35. Coleman Study.
  36. Collaborative Research Project on Reading, May 1977, by ETS.
  37. "A Collection of Nine Short Essays on the Humanization of Education," Martin Engel.
  38. Colorado Department of Education.
  39. Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.
  40. Common Focus - Newsletter.
  41. Common Sense and Testing in English.
  42. "Concentrated versus Contrived Encounters - Suggestions for Language Assessment in Early Childhood Education," Courtney B. Cazden.
  43. "The Configurational Perspective: A Challenge to the Systems View of Educational Knowledge Production and Utilization," Egon B. Cuba and David L. Clark.
  44. "Continuing Education for a Scrap of Paper," G.T. Anderberg.
  45. "Cooperative Learning in a Writing Community," Ronnie Dugger.
  46. Copyright Law, "The New Copyright Law and Teachers."
  47. Corporal Punishment - Inequality in Education.
  48. "The County Superintendency In N.D.: Analysis and Opinion," Richard Hill and Elizabeth Myers.
  49. "Dare the School Build a New Social Order?" George S. Counts.
  50. "Cover Your Ass, or How to Survive in a Government Bureaucracy."
  51. "Crisis and Continuity in American Education," Bruce R. Thomas.
  52. University of Michigan CRISIS, 1982-1983.
  53. Martelle Cushman, 1982.
  54. Dakota Photo Documentary Project.
  55. Danforth Fellowship Program.
  56. "Debate on Learning Theory is Shifting," Jeffrey L. Fox.
  57. Decision Process in Higher Education.
  58. "The Decline of Academic Nationalism," Robert Nisbet.
  59. "Defining Alternative Education," Mary Ann Raywid.
  60. "Input from Children," Steve DeLapp.
  61. "Devaluation of Mind," The Washington Star.
  62. Developing Research Skills.
  63. "A Developmental Framework for History Education in Adolescence," Martin E, Sleeper.
  64. Directory of Schools - 1977 Alternative Schools Network.
  65. "The Documentation Process: Assessing Student Progress Within the Instructional Program," Amity P. Buxton.
  66. "Doing History," R. Beery.
  67. "Dreams About Teacher Education," L.O. Andrews.
  68. "Due Process and Non-tenured Teachers," Alan A. Matheson.

Box 11

  1. "Preparing the Creative Chemist," Ronnie Dugger.
  2. Center for Law and Education, inc.
  3. "The Education of Adolescents."
  4. "Education is Education and Work is Work - Shall Ever the Twain Meet?" James O'Toole.
  5. Education USA - Special Reports.
  6. Educational Development Center.
  7. "Educational Policy as Flapping in the Wind," Decker F. Walker.
  8. Educational Testing Service.
  9. Effects of Coaching Programs on Achievement Test Performance.
  10. "The Effects of Intensive Sentence Combining on the Writing Ability of College Freshmen," Kerek, Daiker, Morenberg.
  11. "Teaching Learning While Teaming to Teach," John Egerton.
  12. "The Impoverished Mind," Elliot Eisner.
  13. "Assessment of Parent and Student Attitudes Toward Selected Aspects of Current Programs and Practices at Carl Ben Eielson Elementary School, 1974-1975," Don Heier.
  14. Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education, Subcommittee on, Testimony of Vito Perrone, September 10, 1979.
  15. Elementary and Secondary Guide for Oregon Schools.
  16. Math Evaluation Materials, Brenda Engel.
  17. Equivalence and Norms Tables for Selected Reading Achievement Tests.
  18. ERIC Reports.
  19. Essai De Pedagogic Active.
  20. "An Evaluation of Open Testing Versus Secure Testing," Andrew Strenio.
  21. "An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the American Indian Curriculum, Grades K-5, As Used in the Fargo Public Schools," James Shanley and Thomas Thompson.
  22. "Ethology and Stress Diseases," Nicholas Tinbergen.
  23. "Evaluation as Illumination: A New Approach to the Study of Innovatory Programs."
  24. Excerpts from Carnegie Council's Report on Youth - Chronicle of Higher Education.
  25. "Experimental Variation of Head Start Curricula: A Comparison of Current Approaches."
  26. FAIGLEY Paper on Generative Rhetoric: A Means of Improving the Writing Skills of College Freshmen.
  27. Families and Friends Workbook.
  28. 1978 Federal Intern Program (Ad Hoc Committee).
  29. Federal Programs Supporting Educational Change, Vol. VIII: Implementing and Sustaining Innovations.
  30. "Policy and Research in Teacher Education," Gary D. Fenstermacher.
  31. Field Experiences in Preservice Teacher Education (Bibliographies on Educational Topics).
  32. Fitzgibbon - Harcourt-Brace Testing.
  33. "Five Decades of Public Controversy Over Mental Testing," Lee Cronbach.
  34. A Look at Distar by the Council on Interracial Books for Children.
  35. "The Florida Accountability Program: An Evaluation of Its Educational Soundness and Implementation."
  36. Florida Statewide Assessment Program.
  37. FOCUS - The Concern for Writing.
  38. Foreward to Innovation and Change in American Education Kensington Revisited: A Fifteen Year Follow-Up of an Innovative School and Its Faculty.
  39. Ford Teaching Project.
  40. Forum for the Discussion of New Trends in Education - Going Comprehensive.
  41. Fourth Annual Academic Production and Funding Study of Teacher Education Programs in Senior State Universities and Land- Grant Colleges, 1980-1981.
  42. "A Framework for Educational Research."
  43. Fritz, Chester - Biographical Statement.
  44. "From Surplus to Shortage of Teachers," U.S. News & World Report.
  45. Functional and Conflict Theories of Educational Stratification.
  46. "Functions and Fantasies: Understanding Schools in Capitalistic America," David Cohen and Bella Rosenberg.
  47. Giraffe Project.
  48. Generation II Differentiated Staffing.
  49. "The Graduate Experience: Learning the Catechism of the Church of Science," Michael Patton.
  50. "Growth and Reflection as Aims in Teacher Education: Directions for Research," Sharon Feiman.
  51. Guide to the Development of Bilingual Education Programs.
  52. "School Capacity for Problem Solving," Mary Harahan.
  53. Harvard University Graduate School.
  54. George Hem - Correspondence and Manuscripts.
  55. "How To Get a Teaching Job, and What To Do If You Can't," John William Zehring.
  56. "How to Help Your Children Do Better on Tests," Stella Chess and Jane Whitbread.
  57. "How Schools Discriminate Against Boys," Diane MoGuinness.
  58. "How Well Do the Tests Measure What They Say They Measure?" Dalton Jones.
  59. "Human Priorities," and "Humanistic Psychology and Scientific Method," E.N. Barker.
  60. "The Bronowski Memorial Lecture 'Four Minutes to Midnight'," Nicholas Humphrey.
  61. "The Impact of Open and Traditional Classroom on Achievement and Creativity: The Israeli Case."
  62. "Impact on What?: The Importance of Content Covered."
  63. "The Impoverished Mad," Elliot Eisner.
  64. Indian Sources in the North Dakota Room.
  65. "An Introduction to High School; A Report on Secondary Education in America," Vito Perrone.
  66. Improving Educational Achievement (Report of National Academy of Education Committee of Testing and Basic Skills).
  67. "In the Footsteps of Thoreau," Judith Miller.
  68. Indicators of Quality Schools.
  69. Inequality in Education (Numbers 1, 3, and 4).

Box 12

  1. Kettering Foundation.
  2. Large-Scale Assessment, 9th Annual Conference.
  3. Management for Educational Change.
  4. Richard L. Mandel - resume.
  5. "Marginal But Not Alienated: Confessions of a Loudmouthed Irish Priest," Andrew M. Greeley.
  6. "Authority, Competence, and Dependence in the Classroom," Frank Marolla.
  7. Mary College, Masters Program in Elementary Education.
  8. "Three Re Take a Beating," series of three articles by Jack McCurdy and Don Speich.
  9. Measurement and Evaluation, A Selected Annotated Bibliography.
  10. "Mother Look at What's Wrong With Reading Tests," Deborah Meier.
  11. "Methodology in Educational Drafting and Research."
  12. "Why National Education Testing Makes Sense," Regime Metzger.
  13. Michigan Educational Assessment Program.
  14. Mid Continent I.
  15. Mid Continent II.
  16. Mid Continent III.
  17. "The Hutterites: A Story of Christian Loyalty," Terrell Miller.
  18. "Minimal Competency Testing: Unexamined Assumptions and Unexplored Negative Outcomes," George Madaus and John McDonagh.
  19. Minimal Competency Testing: A Report of Four Regional Conferences.
  20. "The Mismatch Between School and Children's Minds," Margaret Donaldson.
  21. "The Problems of Minimalcy," Barry Mitzman.
  22. Miquon Speech.
  23. Hayes Mizell - resume and correspondence.
  24. "Does Money Make a Difference in the Quality of High School Education?"
  25. Phillip Morrison - essays.
  26. National Academy of Education Response.
  27. National Conference of State Legislatures.
  28. NCA - National College of Education, evaluation.
  29. NOTE - 1981-1982, Committee on Alternative Assessment.
  30. North Dakota High Schools - study.
  31. Nebraska, University of - Teachers College.
  32. Necessary Ingredients for Retraining Teachers.
  33. "Networks for Innovation and Problem Solving and Their Use for Improving Education: A Comparative Overview," L. Allen Parker.
  34. New City School.
  35. New Learning for Older Americans: An Overview of National Efforts.
  36. New Political Football: Using Test Scores.
  37. New York University Education Quarterly.
  38. "The Night Lucy Sat on the Chicken."
  39. "The NNPI: In Sickness or in Health," Larry Loesch and Richard Johnson.
  40. North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.
  41. North Central Association of Colleges and Schools - Edgewood College's Response to Commission on Institutions of Higher Education Report.
  42. North Dakota Conference on Evaluation in Health Science Education.
  43. "The North Dakota Plan," John Galbraith.
  44. Northwestern University - Illinois.
  45. Nuclear War Survey.
  46. Nyquist, Ewald B.
  47. Occupational and Educational Expectations of Northern and Southern Youth: A Preliminary Comparison.
  48. "Old Progressives and the Cold War," Robert Griffith.
  49. "Older Americans and the Arts: A Human Equation."
  50. "On Aggregation, Generalization, and Utility in Educational Evaluation," Hayman, Rayder, Stenner, Madev.
  51. "Oral History: A Strategy that Works," George Mehaffy and Thad Sitton.
  52. Oral History - Basic Techniques.
  53. "The Organization and Administration of Secondary Schools During the Depression: A Literature Review and Analysis."
  54. "Organizing for a More Responsive School Community."
  55. Orndorff, Carol - resume.
  56. Parent Advisory Boards.
  57. "Performance-Based Teacher Certification: A Survey of the States."
  58. "What a Historian Should Know," Nancy Pirsig.
  59. "A Plan to Use Children's Spontaneous Language as a Basis for Staff Development and On-Going Evaluation," Edith H.E. Churchill.
  60. "Planning for Higher Education."
  61. "The Politics of Proficiency," E.W. Kelley.
  62. "The Politics of Reading," Neil Postman.
  63. "The Education Deanship: Who is the Dean?" Frederick Cyphert and Nancy Lusk Zimpher.
  64. "Pre-Measurement Issues in Minimal Competency Testing Programs," Peter Airasian.
  65. "Prime Time for Education: Early Childhood or Adolescence?" William D. Rohwer.
  66. "A Principal and His School: A Conversation With Roland Barth," Paul Houts.
  67. "The Problems of Minimalcy," Barry Mitzman.
  68. Program Assistance: Training Secondary Level. Personnel in Learning Disabilities.

Box 13

  1. Patton, Michael.
  2. Project Change: Open Education.
  3. Project Offer.
  4. Project Open.
  5. Project Torque.
  6. Projections of Education Statistics to 1986-1987.
  7. "Promoting the Participation of Women in the Sciences," Nancy Kreinberg.
  8. Proposed Statute Authorizing Professional Development Centers (Michigan, Massachusetts).
  9. The Prospect School Teacher Education Program and Archives I.
  10. The Prospect School Teacher Education Program and Archives II.
  11. The Prospect School Teacher Education Program and Archives III.
  12. The Prospect School Teacher Education Program and Archives IV.
  13. The Prospect School Teacher Education Program and Archives V.
  14. The Prospect School Teacher Education Program and Archives VI.
  15. "Psychometric Phrenology and the New Faculty Psychology: The Case Against Ability Assessment and Training," Lester Mann.
  16. "The Public Outcry for Humane Evaluations and Isomorphic Validity," Nicholas Rayder.
  17. Radke, Mary.
  18. Mary Ann Raywid - Study on Alternative Schools.
  19. Readability Hemmingway.
  20. "A Reading Program to Live With: Focus on Comprehension," Goodman, Watson.
  21. REAP: Teacher Corps.
  22. "Reflection In Teaching," Anne N. Bussis and E. Chittenden.
  23. "The Relation of Theory to Practice in Education," John Dewey.
  24. "Renewal of Liberal Education: Chain of Choices, Paths of Inquiry."
  25. "Resources for Youth: The Early Adolescent."
  26. Responses to NAT Commission on Excellence in Education Report.
  27. "A Review of Open Education Research," Diane Levin.
  28. Scheet, Susan.
  29. "School Finance Facts."
  30. School for Prophets.
  31. School Power - Review for Harvard Educational Review.
  32. "The Science in Political Science," John Egerton.
  33. "Science Meets Style: Bridging the Two Cultures," Martin Robbins.
  34. "Search for Success - Toward Policy on Educational Evaluation."
  35. Searching for Community I.
  36. Searching for Community II.
  37. "Secular Humanism and the Schools: The Issue Whose Time Has Come," Onalee McGraw.
  38. "Secular Bias in Testing: A Review With Policy Recommendations," (ERIC).
  39. "A Developmental Framework for History Education in Adolescence," Martin S. - Sleeper.
  40. "Social Change in and to Public Education," Paul Gross.
  41. Social Studies.
  42. South Boston High School.
  43. SEA Achievement Series.
  44. Speech on Science Education.
  45. SSLB - School Site Lump Sum Budget.
  46. "Standardized Test Taking: Your Students Can Do Better," Masha K, Rudman.
  47. Standards for Educational Evaluation.
  48. Standing Rock Indian Teacher Training Project.
  49. "The Status of History in the Schools," Richard Kirkendall.
  50. "Status Risk-Taking: A Central Issue in the Initiation and Implementation of Public School Innovations," Joseph Giacquinta.

Box 14

  1. Cassandra Stockburger.
  2. "The Strange Malady Called Learning Disability," C.P. Gilmore.
  3. "Structuring School Structure," Hugh Mehan.
  4. Student Assessment Program Report of the Interorganizational Committee on Evaluation.
  5. Study Commission on Undergraduate Education and the Education of Teachers, University of Nebraska, I.
  6. Study Commission on Undergraduate Education and the Education of Teachers, University of Nebraska, II.
  7. Study Commission on Undergraduate Education and the Education of Teachers, University of Nebraska, III.
  8. "Chemistry for Mankind," Charles J. Sugnet.
  9. "Supervision of Teacher Evaluation: A Brief Overview."
  10. Survey on Student Testing.
  11. "Teachers," presented to the Governor's Conference on Public Education, Bismarck, North Dakota , August 3, 1982.
  12. The Teacher and Society.
  13. "Teachers as Curriculum Makers," Selma Wassermann.
  14. Test Coaching - Report on the Federal Trade Commission's Investigation.
  15. "Test Scores: Myth and Reality," Christopher Jencks.
  16. "Testing . . . Grouping: The New Segregation in Southern Schools?"
  17. "Testing, Teaching and Learning" - Chairman's Report.
  18. "Testing, Teaching and Learning," Report of a Conference on Research on Testing, August 17-26, 1979.
  19. "Tests: Are They Fair to Your Child?" Arlene Silberman.
  20. "Tests Tell Us Little About Talent," Michael Wallach.
  21. "There's No Returning to the Good Old Days; Education is an Art As Much As a Science," Lionel Orlikow.
  22. "Thinking About Test Development," Walter Haney.
  23. "The Third Culture," David Hawkins.
  24. "To Be Young, Black and Out of Work."
  25. "On the Reconciliation of Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses: A Case Study," M.C. Trend.
  26. "The Human Dimension or History," William Trombley.
  27. "Truman and the Historians: The Reconstruction of Post War American History," Robert Griffith.
  28. UND Education Career Fair.
  29. University of Michigan Writing Proposals.
  30. "U.S. Education Schools in Disarray," Thomas Toch.
  31. Valley Forge.
  32. "Teachers As Curriculum-Makers or Curriculum-Making In 9 Easy(?! !) Steps," Selma Wasserman.
  33. "Making Media Work," Henry Weil.
  34. "Chavez Attacks the Legislature on California Farm Fund Delay," Henry Weinstein.
  35. "What Can We Do in Schools?: A Teacher and an Administrator Reflect on Their Practice," Jerrold Katz and Matthew King.
  36. "What in the World: Yes, Schools Matter."
  37. "What is America?" Volume I.
  38. "What is America?" Volume II.
  39. "A Historical Perspective of Fort Berthold Reservation and an Alternative to the On-Going Process of Assimilation: An Educational, Economic and Social Plan Described for Purposes of Implementation," James Whitman.
  40. "Why Reading Tests Don't Test Reading," Debbie Meier.
  41. "Women of Revolution Didn't Skirt Heroism," Irv Letofsky.
  42. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation School Health Services Program, pages 1-199.
  43. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation School Health Services Program, pages 200- 409.
  44. Miscellaneous Articles.

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