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North Dakota Cities Cutters


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  • North Dakota Cutters, Counties and Regions


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  • Cutters Used at CFL

    CFL Cutters
  • Standard Cutter Table
  • General Literature
  • Biography
  • Translation Cutters
  • North Dakota Universities - LD Classification & Cutters
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    Minnesota Cutters

    Cities, Counties, Regions

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  • Common Geographical Cutters

    Common Geographical Cutters

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    Geographic Cutter Table for U.S. States & Regions

    Geographic Cutters

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  • Composer Cutter Table

    Composer Cutter Table / Cataloger's Toolbox

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    Cataloger's Toolbox : Shelflisting Cutters

    Cutter tables at Cataloger's Toolbox:  
    Catalogers Toolbox: Shelflisting
    USE: Cutters: Standard Cutter Table; general Literature and Biography Tables for Chester Fritz Library as noted below

    • Call number (G060)
    • Cutter table - DON'T USE THIS : USE Standard Cutter Table
    • Filing Rules
    • Initial articles table
    • Dates (G140)
    • Translations (G150)
    • Translation tables - DON'T USE THIS : USE translation table in general Literature and Biography Tables
    • Conferences, etc. (G230)
    • Corporate Bodies (G220)
    • Regions and Countries (G300)
    • Regions and Countries table
    • American states and Canadian provinces (G302)
    • Biography (G320)
    • Biography table
    • Artists (G330)
    • Criticism/Commentaries (G340)
    • Shelflisting literary works - USE instructions for table PZ40 (XL); for Table PZ39 (XXXIX), .Z5-99, .Z8-99, SEE general Literature and Biography Tables
    see also LC's Cataloger's Desktop or LC's Subject Cataloging Manual: Shelflisting

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