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December 9, 2010

Reaching across the campus,
across the state, across the nation,
across the world
Building relationships
Building enterprise
Building success

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A Message from VP for Research and Economic Development

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too), those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” — Charles Darwin

With respect to research, Darwin’s words are probably even more true today than when he spoke them. The problems we study today — like climate change, sustainable supplies of energy, loss of biodiversity, feeding the world — are so complex that they can’t be solved by researchers from any one discipline.

Remembering Richard Schultz: A catalyst for collaborative research at UND

Dear Readers:

This edition of UND Discovery is dedicated to the lasting memory of professor of electrical engineering and department chair Richard R. Schultz, renowned and respected by students and colleagues on and off campus for his many contributions to science, the arts and humanities, and the University community over a lifetime cut too short. In addition to being a loving father, devoted husband and friend to many, Richard was a scholar, teacher, mentor, researcher, talented musician, actor, artist and competitive runner — a true modern-day Renaissance man, a polymath whose reputation as a master collaborator wholly reflected the theme that weaves its way throughout this edition of UND Discovery (see the story on Richard on the inside back cover). Richard is and will be greatly missed.

UND/NDSU project creates wind tunnel for turbine studies

Collaborative research and development is just what Forrest Ames, a UND mechanical engineering professor, and his research partner, Yilidirim Bora Suzen at North Dakota State University, had in mind when they put together an innovative jet engine airfoil test and analysis program.

Getting down to business – ‘en français’

Mosher’s real-world research, rôle-play method make language more relevant than ever

French 340—Business French: most of us would think that’s the utilitarian language of French banking and business. But Sarah Mosher’s course description signals instantly that this class is all about a compelling new way of teaching “business” French.
Mosher, assistant professor of French in the [...]

Autumn 2010 | Collaborations

UND Discovery is published by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, with assistance from the Office of University Relations, Peter Johnson, director.  Editor:  David Dodds.  Contributors:  David Dodds, Patrick C. Miller, and Juan Pedraza.  Principal photography by Sarah Kolberg and Chuck Kimmerle, Office of University Relations.  Photographs of oil patch [...]

Public/private cluster pursue infectious disease issues

There isn’t a movie around that’ll clobber you with “scary” faster than the real-life bug Yersinia pestis, that vicious little plague germ.


Collaborating for competitiveness

"The Law is Good"

Steven Light’s new book analyzes the Voting Rights Act in the age of Obama.

The works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

A Study in Collaborative Writing:
UND’s Sandra Donaldson brings a consistent voice to the first modern scholarly edition of the works of this celebrated Victorian poet