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Research in 'our own backyard'

December 21, 2011

I recently had the opportunity to speak to the Red River Regional Council (one of eight regional planning councils in North Dakota) about how UND’s research and scholarly work relate to our state. I think many in the audience were surprised at how much goes on here at UND that is directly related to North Dakota and its people. Of course, much of our work also has impact beyond our borders (as it should), but it’s only natural that we work on things that are in our own backyard.

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In Grain

Lisa Linrud’s poetry explores the rewards and struggles of rural America in an evolving agricultural industry.

Clearing the Air

UND’s Institute for Energy Studies wins a grant for research on new carbon dioxide capture technologies.

Getting to the Core

Internationally recognized petroleum engineer Dongmei Wang explores the potential of the Bakken formation.

Autumn 2011 | The Land, Its People

In this issue of UND Discovery, we explore our own backyard and the myriad ways research right here makes a difference for our “land and its people.”

King Calcium

Brij Singh wins prestigious support to continue his research into calcium, one of the most important biochemical regulators in the human body.

Focus on Faculty


Vasyl Tkach, associate professor of biology, and colleagues Jason Weckstein and John Bates of the Chicago Field Museum have received a $787,000 collaborative grant from the National Science Foundation “Biodiversity Survey and Inventory” program to study the biodiversity and evolution of birds and their parasites in the southern Brazilian Amazon jungles.  These areas have the [...]

Spotlight on Students

Three University of North Dakota undergraduates were recognized for their research accomplishments recently at the Ninth Annual American Indian Health Research Conference and North Dakota IDeA Network of Biomedical Research (INBRE) Annual Symposium for Undergraduate Research in Grand Forks.  All three were recognized with the “Alan J. Allery Undergraduate American Indian Health Researcher of Promise” award. 

Oceanographer is No 'Fish Out of Water'

Devils Lake in landlocked North Dakota poses special opportunities to measure impacts of rising waters.

Your Way, My Way, Norway

Melissa Gjellstad’s Norwegian program offers much more than just language instruction.