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Message from the VP for Research and Economic Development

December 9, 2013

The more things change, the more they stay the same

One of the key missions of a research university is the creation of new knowledge.  The National Academies of Science issued a report last year concluding that research universities, and their strong partnerships with government and industry, are critical to the nation’s prosperity and national goals.   [...]

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Then & Now: Instructional Technology

Phyllis Johnson recalls an early study of teaching typing to elementary school students, and Richard Van Eck discusses resistance to new teaching technologies.

Then & Now: Arctic Explorations and Culture

Vilhjalmur Stefansson blazed a path to a culture that Timothy Pasch works to preserve.

Then & Now: Antarctic Ventures

John Reid delivered a lesson on the value of basic research, and Jaako Putkonen shows how it’s still valid.

Then & Now: Robinson’s Legendary State History

Elwyn Robinson’s “History of North Dakota” set a standard, refreshed and updated by Kim Porter.

Then & Now: UND Research on the National Map

Robert Nordlie’s work helped establish UND’s reputation for health sciences research, one that is being continued in the emerging field of epigenetics.

Then & Now: Music

UND professors expand the field from the Renaissance to electronic and experimental.

Then & Now: Pushing the Frontiers

From “ocean depths” to outer space, UND is there.

Making Sparks to Ignite a Passion for Science

Nuri Oncel looks for connections to spark scientific curiosity among high school students.

Building Better, More Efficient Turbines

Forrest Ames’ work seeks to improve efficiency in turbines ranging from small to huge.