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Message from the VP for Research and Economic Development and the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

May 13, 2011

A university should wish to feed the mental leaders of the next generation.  For this, nothing can take the place of contact with the living spirit of research, original work, creative authorship.”
— GB Halsted, “Original Research and Creative Authorship the Essence of University Teaching,” Science, 1:203-207, 1895

The theme for this issue stemmed from our conversations [...]

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Spring 2011 | Engaged Learners

UND Discovery is published by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, with assistance from the Office of University Relations, Peter Johnson, executive associate vice president for university relations.  Editor:  David Dodds.  Contributors:  Juan Pedraza, David Dodds, Patrick C. Miller, Jan Orvik, and Caitlin Slator.  Principal photography by Jackie Lorentz,
article writing [...]


The University of North Dakota’s move from Great to Exceptional truly is on a fast track when it comes to dedication to undergraduates.  Opportunities for experiential learning abound for our students well before they have their bachelor’s diploma in hand.  This dedication to real-world exposure is a keen focus of UND faculty who welcome undergraduates [...]

Dear Readers:

The editors and writers of UND Discovery took particular pleasure — more than usual, I might say — assembling the stories and photos for this issue.  The focus on students, many of them undergraduates, and the exceptional research they’re doing had an energizing effect on us as we prepared to tell their stories.  Two undergrad [...]

Planting the seeds for new generations of researchers

UND’s US MASTER program aims to stimulate interest in environmental research among underrepresented students
More University of North Dakota undergraduates will have the opportunity to
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get involved early in environmental research, thanks to a scholarship program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).
The US MASTER (Undergraduate Scholarships with Mathematics and Science Training in Environmental Research) [...]

Bridging Disciplines

Korey Southerland pulls together wide-ranging academic programs to pursue interests in science and public policy.
A one-time high school dropout and first (along with her sister) in her immediate family to go for a college degree, University of North Dakota senior Korey Southerland is breaking new ground.
She’s also blazing new academic trails with a program of [...]

Women in Science chapter started

It wasn’t that far back when a woman scientist — a rare breed until recently — had to walk a ways to find a bathroom in the workplace.  For these intrepid pioneers, women mentors were few, and the water cooler whispering among male colleagues was often uncomplimentary.
Times have surely changed, said Gretchen Mullendore, an atmospheric [...]

Pearl Young: physicist, aviation science trailblazer – and UND graduate

Pearl I. Young arguably is the most noteworthy graduate of the University of North Dakota that nobody’s heard of.
Well, that may be stretching it a tad, as there is a handful on campus that know exactly who Young was and why she’s important to the world of aviation science.
Suezette Rene Bieri is one of those.
Bieri, [...]

Connecting with communities

Student researchers gather data to help communities understand their problems and potential
Connecting with communities — and students — is what Devon Hansen does best.
“What could be better than getting students and communities involved in research?” she said.  “You develop relationships and everyone benefits.”   The population geographer and associate professor is interested in the outmigration of [...]

Lessons from a disaster

UND students measure how human resources power a recovery
UND Professor Curt Stofferahn’s rural sociology class isn’t your typical textbook-driven lecture.  In 2009, two of his classes researched the long-term effects of disasters in rural areas.  They didn’t have to go far to conduct their research.
Northwood, N.D., was hit by an F4 tornado the evening of [...]