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University Relations

Grand Forks, ND

Name & Licensed Trademarks

There are certain responsibilities and obligations connected to the use of the University's name and trademarks.

People within the University may use UND name and trademarks according to established visual and editorial guidelines, for purposes of recruitment, development, or general promotion of the institution. Merchandise or specialty product items, such as T-shirts or ball caps, must be subject to promotional agreement and approval through:

Office of the Vice President for Finance and Operations
Room 314 Twamley
264 Centennial Drive, Stop 8378
Grand Forks, ND 58202
Phone (701) 777-3511
FAX (701) 777-4082

People external to the University may not use the North Dakota name or trademarks for any promotional or commercial purpose without appropriate permission from the Vice President for Finance and Operations and the Licensing Department.

Licensing at the University of North Dakota

Federal registration and licensed use of the University's official marks is managed by the Licensing Resource Group (LRG). LRG is a collegiate licensing and marketing representative headquartered in Holland, Michigan, that was formed in 1991 to assist collegiate licensors to protecting and controlling the use of their logos through trademark licensing. The LRG Consortium consists of more than 120 universities and conferences. LRG oversees the applications and contracts for new licensees, reviews all proposed designs for merchandise featuring North Dakota indicia, and provides usage guidelines. Additionally, the LRG actively polices the marketplace to make sure that merchandise bearing the University of North Dakota's registered names and trademarks is licensed and authorized.


Licensing Procedures

Instructions and details for obtaining appropriate licensing or promotional agreements may be obtained by contacting:

Licensing Company
426 Century Lane, Suite 100
Holland, MI 49423
Phone (616) 395-0676 .


US Licensing Company
910 41st Ave N.
Fargo, ND 58102
Phone: 800-893-6123


Commonly Asked Questions

Who must be licensed?

Individuals, organizations, and companies that want to use any of the University of North Dakota's registered names or trademarks for retail sales or promotion must obtain the appropriate license or agreement.

What products must be licensed?

Any product bearing North Dakota's registered names or trademarks must be licensed. The University reserves the right to decline to license certain products such as alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drug paraphernalia and firearms.

How can I identify a legitimately licensed product?

Promotions or merchandise that have been officially approved and licensed are easily identified by the Collegiate Licensed Product label. This label assures consumers of quality and guarantees that their purchase or consumption of the product will benefit the University of North Dakota and its students.

Are royalties always required for promotional or licensing agreements?

All goods bearing the University of North Dakota's names or trademarks must be licensed. However, royalty payments may be waived under certain circumstances. Written requests for a royalty waiver must be sent to the Licensing Coordinator. All exemptions are determined on an individual basis.


Office of University Relations
The University of North Dakota
264 Centennial Drive
411 Twamley Hall, Stop 7144
Grand Forks, ND 58202
Peter Johnson
Executive Associate Vice President for
University Relations & Media Relations Coordinator
Tel:(701) 777-4317
Fax: (701) 777-4616

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