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Search to begin for dean of libraries; committee named

April 22, 2015

The University of North Dakota is poised to begin a national search for its dean of libraries. This dean will provide essential vision and leadership to support and enhance the central role of the Chester Fritz Library – as well as that of all of the university’s libraries – on campus and beyond. The dean [...]

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Parking system operational assessment completed and available to campus

In October 2014, the University contracted with SP+ University Services to conduct a comprehensive operational review of its parking program. Consultants were asked to evaluate and make recommendations of the following operational areas: parking allocation system and permitting practices, organizational structure, technology utilization, costs and fees assessment, enforcement culture, and customer orientation and service culture. [...]

Provost’s Office holds training sessions on promotion and tenure process April 29, 30

The Office of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs will be providing four training sessions on the promotion and tenure process for faculty.  Those requesting promotion and tenure, or reviewing and compiling promotion and tenure folders, are encouraged to attend one of the sessions. The purpose of the training is to: (1) explain how [...]

SOAR Author training sessions continue April 24, 29, and May 1

UND’s Strategic Optimization & Alignment Review (SOAR) Author training sessions are continuing. If you are a director or department chair, or have been asked by one of those individuals to help with the SOAR authoring effort, please consider attending.  We know that calendars are booked, new events arise, and folks are busy.  Although individual sessions are [...]

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