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UND committed to strengthening the safe and welcoming environment for all students

November 23, 2015

To the Campus Community: Last Thursday night, I and a number of my vice presidents attended a dialogue about Diversity at UND hosted by the Black Student Association, African Student Association, Association of Latino Americans, and Black Law Student Association. This dialogue began, in part, in response to events at the University of Missouri and [...]

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University Council meets Dec. 9

The University Council will meet at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9, in the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl.

Writers Conference features world-renowned theoretical physicist Brian Greene and award-winning scifi author Kim Stanley Robinson

The UND Writers conference is pleased to announce that the line-up for the 47th Annual UND Writers Conference, “The Art of Science,” is complete!  Among the authors for the 2016 UND Writers Conference is Brian Greene—one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists and founder of the World Science Festival—whose work has been featured on PBS’s [...]

Seeking a better NET result—NIH grants $1.7 million to Jyotika Sharma

The National Institutes of Health has granted $1.7 million to Assistant Professor Jyotika Sharma in the Department of Basic Sciences at School of Medicine and Health Sciences to pursue research on a possible mechanism that causes a life-threatening reaction in pneumonia patients. The five-year R01 grant is the highest level of research supported by the [...]

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