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UND grant review team contracted by Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science

December 17, 2014

A multi-disciplinary team of UND researchers has been selected as external grant reviewers by the Kazakhstan National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation of the Ministry of Education and Science. They are David Peter Lawrence of the Department of Philosophy and Religion, Adam Kitzes of the Department of English, and Lynda Kenney and Richard Shafer [...]

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Defying gravity: Tiffany Swarmer earns space studies graduate degree

Tiffany Swarmer squeezed into an analog space suit, climbed the jagged surface of a Hawaiian volcano, lost three pounds doing it, and laughs today about that unique experience. The self-titled “military brat’” who calls Colorado Springs, Colo., home, graduates on Friday, Dec. 19, with a master of science in space studies from the University of [...]

Pedaling toward a Ph.D.: Ted Bibby rides bike year-round

This guy took the concept of “study abroad” to a whole new level. Actually, two levels: the Himalayas, for starters and Antarctica for an encore. Theodore “Ted” Bibby, a native of Jacksonville, Fla., graduates this week with a Ph.D. in geology and geological engineering, with proven expertise in the use of cosmogenic isotopes to date [...]

If you build it, they will smile: Students construct toys for United Way program

Santa’s elves have help this year thanks to collaborations between the University and United Way of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks & Area, which administers the local Toys for Tots project. Alex Johnson, an assistant professor in UND’s School of Entrepreneurship, is one of those helpers. He’s asked students in his Technology 110 class to [...]

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