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Donated leave sought for Dan Samson

July 21, 2014

Voluntary donations of leave are sought for Dan Samson, Academic Maintenance, Facilities Management.  Please return completed Donation of Leave forms to the Facilities HR office, Stop 9032.  Forms can be found at: All donations are kept confidential.  Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. –  Tyler Clauson, Facilities Management Human Resources/Office Assistant, [...]

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Denim Day is July 25

Pay $1 to your site coordinator and enjoy going casual for local charities. If your office allows you to wear denim all the time, consider still giving $1 on Denim Days. Donations go to very good causes. Checks, if any, must be made out to “Denim Day.” All proceeds collected during 2014 will go to [...]

Volunteers needed for USDA research studies

Lifestyle Weight Control and Potato Consumption We invite you to join a study to evaluate the role of potato consumption in a lifestyle weight control program: Blood Cell Responses to Exercise We invite you to join a study to determine how platelets (blood cells that form clots) respond when a person performs an initial period [...]

NDPERS vouchers due to Work Well by Aug. 15

Finish your four annual wellness activities by June 30 (listed on page 2 of the voucher) and submit your NDPERS voucher to Work Well at Mail Stop 8365 by Aug. 15. It is downloadable from under the Quick Links: 2013-2014 Voucher. Why do this? You will earn 6,000 points, or the equivalent of $60 [...]

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