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Update on student organization re-registration process

August 27, 2014

The Student Involvement & Leadership Office has changed the student organization recognition and re-registration process beginning in fall 2014. The goal, in part, is to improve student learning and streamline the process for students and advisors. The new process should shorten the length of time it takes a new student organization to receive “recognized” status [...]

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Housing still available on campus

UND Housing and Dining understands that unforeseen housing situations occur which may result in students attempting to find housing accommodations at the start of the semester. Students who find themselves in these circumstances are encouraged to contact the Housing Office as soon as possible for more information about how they can take advantage of the [...]

Staff Senate and Work Well encourage tennis shoes and walking on Denim Days

In keeping with UND’s Exceptional-UND strategic vision, UND Staff Senate Denim Days will incorporate two strategic priorities, Facilitate Collaboration and Enhance Quality of Life, this fall. UND Staff Senate, in conjunction with UND Work Well, encourages you to wear tennis shoes on Denim Days and take walks on your breaks for YOUR health and wellness [...]

PHS announces Conflict of Interest training sessions for fall semester

Public Health Service (PHS) has recently revised its policy for requiring all PHS grantees or those considering submitting to PHS complete a mandatory education class. According to the new policy, all grantees must be trained in Conflict of Interest every four years. The division of Research & Economic Development will be conducting a training session [...]

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