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Thank You! 2014 Live UNiteD Campaign concludes – return pledge forms now

November 19, 2014

Thank you to faculty, staff, and students for providing strong support to this year’s UND United Way campaign. The 2014 UND campaign officially ended on Nov. 7. If you still have pledge forms or campaign packets that have not been returned, please send them to United Way at UND Stop 7086. United Way of Grand [...]

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Remember to keep windows and doors closed

During the cold weather, it is critical that windows and doors are securely closed. Please report any windows or doors in your area that will not shut properly to the Operation Center at 777.2591. To prevent freeze ups, it would be very helpful if staff would check their area for open windows before leaving for [...]

Introducing the ‘Philosophy is Everywhere’ project

When we teach philosophy, we teach the great books and the complicated arguments. But there is so much more philosophy than what we see in college. The Philosophy is Everywhere project aims at highlighting the little bits of philosophy that we encounter every day. The quotes from celebrities, the passages in books, the comments from [...]

Student Body Profile available online

The 2014-2015 Student Body Profile, which contains statistics on enrollment, levels of study, degrees awarded, ethnicity, age, and more, is now available at If you would like a paper copy, please call 777.2314.

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