University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Indian Student Association plans Time Out Week; UND Indian Association plans Pow Wow (Wacipi)

UND's Indian community, which includes faculty, students, and staff, many of whom are non-Indian, has planned and organized Time Out Week and a Powwow for 41 years. Many in the UND community are not aware that two separate organizations have responsibility for the annual events.

Time Out Week is planned by the Indian Studies Association (ISA), a student organization based in the Indian Studies Department. It is designed to provide information and entertainment featuring Indian cultures, issues, and accomplishments. The public and the UND community are encouraged to attend any of the sessions. Its many programs run from Monday through Friday. This year, the dates are April 4-8. ISA also presents the American Indian Film Festival in November.

The Pow Wow (Wacipi) is planned and organized by the UND Indian Association (UNDIA) and is based in the American Indian Student Services program. It features a contest powwow that begins on Friday night and continues through Sunday evening. The public and the university community are encouraged to come and enjoy this expression of American Indian cultures.

Funding for Time Out Week is separate from that of the Pow Wow and the people organizing it are separate groups. For the rest of 2010-11, Rachel Egstad is president off the ISA (a student organization with academic requirements for membership). She can be reached through the Department of Indian Studies.

Brittany Crawford is president of the UND Indian Association (a student organization open to all students on campus). She can be reached through the American Indian Student Services office.

I hope this clarifies the confusion that many people have about Time Out Week and the Pow Wow. I also hope that members of the UND community will turn out for events during the week and attend the pow Wow as well.  -- Gregory Gagnon, Associate Professor of Indian Studies.