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SSAC travel awards listed

The Senate Scholarly Activities Committee received 39 requests for funds to travel to domestic or Canadian destinations (a total of $47,888.45 requested); and four requests for funds to travel to Alaska, Hawaii, or foreign destinations (a total of $13,057 requested), in response to the January call for proposals. The following awards were made at the Committee meeting Feb. 3:

Domestic Travel Awards

Atkinson, Chrisopher (Geography)-$368
Cherry, Emily (Theatre Arts)-$157.50
Combs, Colin (Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics)-$466
Dennis, Steven (Finance)-$469
Hansen, Devon (Geography)-$368
Haskins, James (Finance)-$582
Hollingworth, David (Management)-$471
Huang, Xiaozha0 (English)-$490
Ide, Bette (Nursing)-$449
Jerath, Sukhvarsh (Civil Engineering)-$456
Jones, Arthur (Art & Design)-$451
Kehn, Andre (Psychology)-$564
Lee, Jeong (Finance)-$598
Legerski, Elizabeth (Sociology)-$218
Legerski, John-Paul (Psychology)-$471
Martin, William (Marketing)-$432.80
Ozaki, Carolyn (Teaching & Learning)-$460
Reza, Hassan (Computer Science)-$410
Rundquist, Bradley (Geography)-$350
Schneider, Stuart (Information Systems and Business Education)-$399
Sum, Paul (Political Science & Public Administration)-$578
Todhunter, Paul (Geography)-$350
Van Eck, Richard (Teaching & Learning)-$459
Vandeberg, Gregory (Geography)-$380
Wang, Enru (Geography)-$368
Wittgraf, Michael (Music)-$564
Worley, Deborah (Educational Leadership)-$449.20
Yang, Crystal (Art & Design)-$356
Zhao, Julia (Chemistry)-$490

Foreign Travel

Baldwin, Gayle (Philosophy & Religion)-$994
Holm, Jeffrey (Psychology)-$1,454
Keengwe, Jared (Teaching & Learning)-$1,617
Weaver-Hightower, Marcus (Educational Foundations & Research)-$1,048.60

-- Dee Ann Ellingson, associate professor, Accountancy, 777-4682,

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