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Center for Innovation to sponsor Youth Entrepreneurship Summer Camp

The Center for Innovation will host the 5th annual Mini-Society Youth Entrepreneurship Summer Camp for students in grades 4-8, June 28—July 2. This hands-on, fun-focused summer camp is part of a statewide effort encouraging youth to consider business ownership as a real career option and community leadership as a rewarding outlet for their natural creativity.

Teachers from all grade levels also may enroll in the camp and earn two continuing education credits. Support from the North Dakota Department of Commerce will cover their tuition fee. Teachers will learn how entrepreneurship-focused instruction can be an effective strategy for meeting many student achievement goals in math, social studies, technology and language arts.

Camp participants, students, and teachers, will gain entrepreneur skills as they create their own town, design their currency, open businesses of their choice, organize a town council and elect their own leaders. They will confront and resolve the same challenges that entrepreneurs and community leaders face every day: What opportunities are there in my town? How can I make a successful business out of a good idea?  How can we make our community more livable?

Participants will go behind the scenes at local businesses and meet area business, political and cultural leaders. Kids and teachers will become business owners and civic partners, learning how individual initiative and collaboration can make positive differences in their community.

Through these experiences and with the help of trained facilitators, all camp participants will learn how to act as entrepreneurs plus add to their basic knowledge of economics, personal finance, civic participation and community development. The sponsors believe that long-term economic growth and community pride depend on fostering the next generation of business owners, active citizens and leaders. They know it is essential for young people to feel plugged into their communities.

Other Min-Society summer camp sponsors include Grand Forks County Extension Service, the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation, the Dakota Foundation, and the NDSU Extension Service's Center for Community Vitality.

For more information and camp registration, contact Carrie Knutson, 4-H Extension Agent, at 701-780-8229 or at

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