University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

White papers sought for DOE EPSCoR Research Implementation Program

In anticipation of a DOE EPSCoR RI program announcement, interested tenure, tenure-track and research faculty are invited to submit whitepapers to be eligible for selection as the finalist for the ND DOE EPSCoR RI proposal.

Program Description

The purpose of this program is to enhance the capabilities of designated EPSCoR states to conduct nationally-competitive, energy-related research activities and to develop science and engineering human resources in energy-related areas to meet current and future needs. We anticipate the 2011 announcement will be similar to the FY 2009 Funding Opportunity Number: DE-PS02-09ER09-12 available at It should be used as background for preparing the White Paper.

Successful infrastructure improvement plans are likely to be those that are focused on a single energy-related research area and which candidly represent the opportunities for enhanced academic R&D competitiveness, including the acquisition of sustained non-EPSCoR support. Priority will be given to applications that propose to develop innovative, emerging research initiatives. The DOE EPSCoR RI program is not an appropriate mechanism to provide support for individual faculty science and technology research projects.

Procedure and Requirements

White Papers will be subject to an external review process. Applicants are strongly encouraged, by both ND EPSCoR and DOE, to collaborate with researchers at other institutions such as universities, national laboratories, and other nonprofit research organizations, as well as technology-based companies. A PI may submit only one White Paper and be a Co-PI on one other White Paper. The previous DOE awardee SUNRISE program is not eligible.

Evaluation Criteria

See evaluation score sheet on the web at

Checklist Requirements-Submit both paper and electronic copy

Proposal Paper Copies: Original + Two (2) copies

Must be single-spaced, one-sided pages, margins ≥ 1”, with no less than a 10-point font. Staple all copies in the following order:

  1. ND EPSCoR Cover Page − Available from
  2. Executive Summary (separate one page).
  3. Research Concept (no more than five pages).
  4. Appendices (20-page maximum) limited to and in the following order:

a)   Interdepartmental support letters if specific collaboration is proposed.

b)   Biographical sketches with current and pending support of all participants; two page maximum for each participant.

Proposal Electronic Copy: A complete proposal in a single PDF file via e-mail attachment to the campus contact listed below.

ND EPSCoR reserves the right to reject submittals that do not comply with these instructions.

For more information about ND EPSCoR and other funding opportunities, please visit the Web site at Please direct questions to Cathy Lerud at 701-777-2511 or .

-- Mark Hoffmann, Co-Project Director, ND EPSCoR