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SSAC anounces Travel Awards

Senate Scholarly Activities Committee Travel Awards: May 2011

The Senate Scholarly Activities Committee received 26 requests for funds to travel to domestic or Canadian destinations (a total of $25,282 requested); and 15 requests for funds to travel to Alaska, Hawaii, or foreign destinations (a total of $33,651 requested), in response to the April call for proposals. The following awards were made at the Committee meeting on Monday, May 9:

Domestic Travel Awards

Braathen, Sandy (Information Systems and Business Education)-$474.50
Campbell, Katherine (Accountancy)-$426
Carvelli, Lucia (Pharmacology, Physiology, and Therapeutics)-$516
Dauphinais, Kirsten (Law)-$500
Delhommelle, Jerome (Chemistry)-$406
Ellingson, DeeAnn (Accountancy)-$431
Faruque, Saleh (Electrical Engineering)-$150
Fazel-Rezai, Reza (Electrical Engineering)-$522
Fink, Kim (Art & Design)-$180
Gjesfjeld, Christopher (Social Work)-$583.44
Goodwin, Brett (Biology)-$514
Gray, Jacqueline (Rural Health/Pathology)-$543
Helleloid, Duane (Management)-$420
Kitzes, Adam (English)-$397
Legerski, Elizabeth (Sociology)-$482
Liu, Jun (Computer Science)-$466
Noghanian, Sima (Electrical Engineering)-$525
Novikov, Alexei (Chemistry)-$500
Tkach, Vasyl (Biology)-$519
Tsang, Harry (Economics)-$668
VanLooy, Jeffrey (Earth System Science and Policy)-$451.30
Zuo, Yanjun (Information Systems and Business Education)-$562

Foreign Travel

Alberts, Crystal (English)-$1,604
Burin, Eric (History)-$1,106
Cuozzo, Frank (Anthropology)-$1,204.78
Dong, Xiquan (Atmospheric Sciences)-$2,120
Hung, Woei (Teaching and Learning)-$650
Lesch, William (Marketing)-$1,153
Loyland, Mary (Accountancy)-$1,659
Milavetz, Barry (Biochemistry and Microbiology)-$1,540
Poochigian, Donald (Philosophy and Religion)-$1,540
Rendahl, Stephen (Communication Sciences)-$1,814
Rhoades, Jesse (Physical Education, Exercise Science and Wellness)-$1,076
Seelan, Santhosh (Space Studies)-$1,614
Shafer, Richard (English)-$1,697
Zahui, Marcellin (Mechanical Engineering)-$2,756

-- Dee Ann Ellingson, associate professor, Accountancy, 777-4278,

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