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Physics and Astrophysics colloquium is March 26

Physics and Astrophysics will host a colloquium titled "Decoherence and entanglement in Josephson vortex quantum bits" at 4 p.m. Friday, March 26, in 215 Witmer Hall.  Coffee and Cookies will be served at 3:30 p.m. in 215 Witmer Hall.

Abstract: Recently observed quantum behavior of Josephson vortices at ultra-low temperatures has opened up a new way to realize quantum computer. Josephson vortex quantum bit (JVQ), which exploits coherent superposition of two spatially separate states for Josephson vortex in a long Josephson junction, is one of the leading superconducting quantum bit (qubit) candidates. Due to its weak interaction with various sources for decoherence, JVQ is expected to have a number of important advantages over other approaches such as charge, phase, and flux qubit in applications. The decohence time for a single qubit and the level of entanglement between the qubits are the two properties that are used to gauge the feasibility in quantum computer applications. We discuss decoherence time for a JVQ in dissipative and noisy environment at low temperatures and discuss the entanglement between two JVQs that interact via the magnetic induction effect.
--  Ju H. Kim, Physics and Astrophysics

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