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Women’s Center Meet, Eat and Learn is Nov. 2 at the International Centre

The Women's Center Meet, Eat and Learn will be from noon to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 2, at the International Centre.

Jackie Hoffarth (Freestone) will discuss victimology as it has related to her personal experiences. Jackie's 21 year old brother, James Freestone, was killed by a drunk driver fleeing from police in June of 2010 in Grand Forks. She will speak about her relationship, as a victim, with the judicial system, with social institutions such as the media, with the perpetrator, and with other community members and victims. Jackie will also briefly explain the court process as it relates to violent crime, the history and present rights of victims, and resources available for victims in Grand Forks. She will discuss common mental, emotional, physical, and financial affects for victims of violent crime.

This Meet, Eat, and Learn would be interesting to anyone looking to learn more about the criminal justice system, victim rights, or the effects of drinking and driving. It will serve as a "real person" opportunity for those concentrating on counseling, psychology, social work, criminal justice, or any other profession working with victims of crime.

Everyone is welcome, and lunch will be provided.

-- Patty McIntyre, Women's Center, 777-4300,

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