University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

President Kelley kicks off Exceptional UND Showcase

UND is about community and people, said President Robert Kelley as he kicked off the Exceptional UND Showcase April 30.  The Showcase, which highlighted new initiatives to better link UND with the state, nation, and world, demonstrates the campus community’s shared vision for the future.

In community meetings over the past year, participants discussed where UND should go and what the University should look like.  The result is Exceptional UND, said Kelley.   It’s a broad-vision road map with five tenets:  Expanding UND’s Presence, Enhancing Quality of Life, Encouraging Gathering, Enriching Student Learning, and Facilitating Collaboration.

“The University is a community,” Kelley said.  “It is about students, faculty, and staff who develop collaborative ways to intersect with the state and world.”

UND is here for students – it is the University’s central mission to educate and provide opportunities for students, Kelley said, adding that the UND community needs to determine how the institution should grow.  UND may wish to select students and bring them into programs that serve North Dakota, he said, and the University must manage enrollment effectively.

UND has a great opportunity to encourage gathering and community connections with the new Gorecki Alumni Center, which will also include the enrollment services and admissions offices, Kelley said.

Interdisciplinary collaboration, in which departments can intersect, is also an opportunity, as are innovations.  The Exceptional UND initiative can help send the message that the University is a good place in which to invest, Kelley said, and students will connect the University to the community and provide leadership to the state and beyond.  “We serve the state, nation, and world,” he said.

The president then turned the podium over to the Showcase organizers:  Associate Provost Steven Light, who discussed how Exceptional UND will enrich the student experience; and Amanda Bentow, community relations coordinator, who encouraged interaction and comments.