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Four UND students awarded Critical Languages Scholarship in national competition

Students from Airport Management, Elementary Education, Business, and English (all also enrolled in Chinese Studies courses) have been selected as winners of the Critical Languages Scholarship. This award will fund summer language study for the winners. Annaken Kirkland, Josh Brorby, and Tiffany Shiu will travel to China, where they will participate in advanced level studies of Chinese, and John McEwen will spend the summer in South Korea studying the Korean language

Annaken Kirkland is a sophomore at UND majoring both in Elementary Education and Chinese Studies. She is seeking an English Language Learning endorsement for her education degree, with the aim of using her Chinese language skills in future employment with the State Department, ideally in a position which allows her to use her interest in education as well as her interest in the Chinese language and culture. Annaken sees the relationship between the U.S. and China as critically important to both nations, and hopes to use her language interest to strengthen that relationship. This will be her first time abroad.

Josh Brorby is a senior, planning to complete an Honors thesis this semester and graduate in May with majors in English and Chinese Studies. He plans to enroll in graduate school for advanced study of English literature, while also continuing his study of Mandarin. Josh intends to work as a translator, bringing the work of Chinese authors to English-language readers and engaging with authors as they publish in the U.S. He is also interested in the possibility of a faculty position after completing his studies, either in the U.S. (or another English-speaking country), or in China, enabling him to teach cross-cultural literature while also pursuing interests in translating and writing.

Tiffany Shiu is a sophomore majoring in Chinese Studies and Business. Her long term plans include working internationally, perhaps as a business consultant helping U.S. firms establish operations in China or perhaps as an accountant working within China. In order to attain the degree of language fluency that will be necessary for her intended career, Tiffany plans to follow her summer of CLS language study with additional study and fieldwork experiences in both China and Taiwan. While here at UND, she is working to establish a Chinese Language Club to provide interested students and others in the community with opportunities to speak Chinese in a social setting.

John McEwen, an Airport Management major with a minor in Chinese Studies, is a sophomore with an interest in an international career. He traveled to South Korea in the summer of 2011 in order to attend the Korean Aerospace University. That experience was so formative that he chose to stay in Korea for an extra month to pursue additional Korean language study. His dream is to work for a highly regarded organization within the Korean aviation industry, perhaps Korean Air or Incheon Airport. In the long-term, John expects to return to the U.S., possibly for employment with the U.S. government in some aspect of aviation. John knows the value of language immersion from his previous experience in Korea, which is why he applied for this scholarship.

-- Joan Hawthorne, Academic Affairs, 777-4684,

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