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EERC and N.D. Industrial Commission establish student co-op program

The EERC has established a student co-op program under the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Enhanced Bakken Recovery Research Program and has hired a group of five students from UND. This co-op program is supported with funding from the North Dakota Industrial Commission Oil and Gas Research Program.

“We are extremely appreciative of the opportunity to utilize that financial support for advanced applied learning opportunities for students,” said EERC Director Gerald Groenewold. “The students all have exceptional backgrounds and are very well-rounded. I am extremely impressed with the caliber of talent they represent and am looking forward to their participation in the co-op program.”

The EERC hired three students from the Geological and Petroleum Engineering areas as well as two more students from the Mechanical Engineering area. The students will be conducting cutting-edge laboratory- and modeling-based investigations regarding the potential use of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in oil fields of the Bakken petroleum system. Four of the students are recent graduates from North Dakota high schools in Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, and Hazen, while the fifth student is from Palmer, Alaska.

The students will also work closely with the EERC research scientists and engineers on activities that include detailed analyses of reservoir core and fluid samples using state-of-the-art equipment, interpretation of well log data, creation of static reservoir models, and dynamic reservoir simulation.

“I’m very pleased that we were able to secure extra funds through the Oil and Gas Research Program to fund these internships,” said Ron Ness, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council and member of the Oil and Gas Research Council. “North Dakota’s oil industry is continually looking for graduates with hands-on experience working on Bakken-related projects. The EERC’s partnerships with the industry to advance Bakken technology will ultimately also help develop our workforce.”

The co-op program complements the hiring of two other students from Oklahoma State University, who will be working in other areas within the EERC’s oil and gas portfolio. Both students are Ph.D. candidates in the area of Geochemistry.

“This was a perfect opportunity to hire additional students to advance our oil- and gas- related efforts,” said EERC Associate Director for Research John Harju. “These two geochemistry students have an extremely strong background in geology and can significantly contribute to our work in reservoir characterization, CO2 EOR, and reservoir stimulation/completion.”

All co-op students will be working at the EERC through the end of August.

-- Derek Walters, marketing, communications, and outreach manager, EERC, 777-5113,

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