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Biology faculty candidate to present seminar

Forest Isbell will present a seminar titled "Processes influencing biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and stability in grasslands" at noon Friday, April 30, in 141 Starcher Hall.

Forest Isbell is currently a doctoral candidate in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program at Iowa State University. His research has explored the mechanisms that maintain both biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in grasslands, and has considered the community- and ecosystem-level consequences of changes in land use and exotic species invasions. This research synthesizes and extends previous findings from several ecological fields which have considered:
- What natural processes maintain biodiversity? (Coexistence Theory)
- How will contemporary changes in biodiversity influence ecosystem functioning and stability? (Biodiversity- Ecosystem Functioning and Biodiversity—Stability Research)
- What are the consequences of global ecosystem changes? (Global Change Ecology)

Forest received a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Chemistry Teaching from the University of Northern Iowa, where he contributed to a medical entomology research program that focused on mosquitoes as vectors of West Nile Virus. Before attending graduate school, he was the director of Education Outreach at the Center for Energy and Environmental Education, and also designed and delivered educational programs for a science museum. He is the author of several publications in journals such as Ecology, Ecology Letters and Oikos.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

-- Bob Newman, 777-2254,

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