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SIL colloquia will feature Keren Rice July 2 and 5

Keren Rice, president of the Linguistic Society of America, will be speaking Monday, July 2, on “Ethics in Fieldwork,” and again Thursday, July 5, on “Relationship of Linguistic Theory to Fieldwork.” Both presentations will be at 8 p.m. in 300 Merrifield Hall.

Rice is a full professor at the University of Toronto, where she holds the Canada Research Chair in Linguistics and Aboriginal Studies. She was the founding director of the university’s undergraduate program in Aboriginal Studies and of its Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives. A winner of the Killam and Molson Prizes in recognition of her work with and contributions to the language communities of Canada, she has spent three decades studying the Slavey language of Canada’s Northwest Territories. She published A Grammar of Slavey, has served as a member of the committee that standardized the Dene writing system, and has been part of the effort to develop training materials for Dene language teachers.

Rice holds a bachelor's in linguistics from Cornell University, and a master's and doctoral degree in linguistics from the University of Toronto.

-- Douglas Fraiser, 352-215-2697,

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