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Update to the UND community on the progress and process of the VPAA/Provost search

The work of the Provost Search Committee is well under way.  Since first convening on May 10, 2012 and receiving its charge from President Kelley, the committee has engaged R. William Funk & Associates as the University’s executive search consultant.  In addition,  in fulfilling its obligation to the University the committee has spent much of its time and effort on developing two documents:  (a) a short position description that will be used in our official advertisements and (b) a more detailed outline of the “Responsibilities, Attributes, and Skills” necessary for this position. The Committee constructed these documents – which are available on the Provost Search website – based on several steps.

On May 31, 2012 the entire search committee met with Provost LeBel and President Kelley (in separate sessions) to collect data on their perspectives regarding the duties of the Provost/VPAA and the skills and attributes needed to fulfill that position.  A subcommittee was tasked with using the collected data to formulate a rough draft of a job description. After two meetings in early June, the subcommittee produced drafts of both a job description and the “Responsibilities, Attributes, and Skills”  document.  Subsequently, the search committee convened a meeting to vet the documents.  The committee suggested more changes and posted the draft documents on the Provost Search website.  At that point, the committee sought comments and suggestions from the larger UND community.  During this time, the committee made arrangements to bring Mr. Bill Funk of Funk & Associates for a campus visit and open forum.   Bill Funk’s visit included more data collection from an outsider’s perspective.  The visit helped us in finalizing our job description and in developing our candidate recruitment plan.

During Mr. Funk’s visit, he met with a number of constituent groups to learn more about UND and the expectations of a new Provost.  A vital part of Bill Funk’s campus visit was the open forum on June 19th.

A full recording of this open forum/webinar is available on the Provost Search website at: In addition, the Committee was pleased to report that many members of the UND community provided useful feedback via the website.  After the committee reviewed and reflected on the UND community’s comments and questions as well as feedback from Bill Funk, the committee revisited and modified the job description.  In addition, the committee incorporated the University feedback into the “Responsibilities, Attributes, and Skills” document.  Again, these documents are now finalized and available on the Provost Search website.

In conjunction with the Office of University Relations and William Funk & Associates, these two core documents are currently being used to formulate the “Leadership Statement” - a longer document which will be used as an additional recruitment tool, explaining not only the position and the expected attributes of the candidates, but also the opportunities that UND will provide to the successful candidate. The committee anticipates that this document will be finalized over the next few days and it will also be available on the Provost Search website.

To date, the University has placed advertisements in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Hispanic Outlook, Diverse Issues in Education, and Women in Higher Education. The search consultants have also begun their work of contacting potential candidates and are actively seeking nominations for the position.

Now it is time for all of us as members of the UND community to nominate candidates and spread the word about the search through listservs and other venues.  Please send nominations directly to:

R. William Funk & Associates, 100 Highland Park Village, Ste. 200, Dallas, Texas 75205, 214-522-1222 (214-295-3312 fax), ,

Finally, the updated timeline is also on the Provost Search website.  Please note the goal is to have finalists on campus this fall and the start date of the selected candidate will depend upon their availability.  The latest anticipated start date would be July 2013.  One of the goals of the search committee is to ensure an open and transparent process to the University community.  If at any time you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us.  Thank you for your support.

--Jim Mochoruk and Lori Reesor, Co-Chairs of Provost Search Committee.

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