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UND announces campus space reallocations

On Monday, Aug. 27, UND announced relocations and space expansions that align with the University's long-term strategic plans for the use of space.

In spring of 2012, the University announced that it would engage in a comprehensive campus master planning process. This review process is currently under way and is expected to conclude within the next 18 months. Once the master plan is submitted to the State, recommendations will be reviewed and additional decisions about space and relocations will be determined.

In the meantime, other near-term events, suchas the upcoming opening of the new Gorecki Alumni Center, have provided an immediate opportunity to utilize additional open space, since several groups will be relocating to this building.

To best utilize the space created by these moves, UND commissioned JLG Architects, a North Dakota-based firm specializing in design and architecture for universities, to conduct a limited-scope Space Reassignment Study. The study focused on a defined group of buildings. The Reassignment Study was a part of UND's ongoing strategic plan to effectively use space and facilities to meet our future needs.

The moves announced today are interim moves, and the development of the comprehensive campus master plan will provide the longer-term framework. We don't know right now whether any of the departments affected by this move will be impacted again when the long-term plan is implemented.

These relocation plans include changes such as physical moves or expansion of current space. It is not anticipated that any of the affected organizations will experience a reduction in current workspace. Additionally, the near-term moves will involve as few changes to the existing space as possible. Consideration will be given to leaving furnishings in their existing locations to the extent possible.

Some of the newly-vacated spaces will be left intentionally unoccupied in anticipation of potential major construction or renovation as part of the long-term plan. Costs associated with the moves will be funded centrally and coordinated through the Vice President for Finance and Operations. Additional information will be forthcoming.

The groups impacted by this announcement include:

  • Affirmative Action
  • Admissions
  • Arts and Sciences Dean's Office
  • Budget Office
  • Ceremonies and Events
  • Communications Sciences and Disorders
  • ELS Language Center
  • Enrollment Services
  • General Counsel
  • Graduate School
  • Institutional Research
  • Internal Auditing
  • IT Staff
  • Student Affairs Marketing
  • University Marketing

The following groups have either already moved or will benefit from expanded space:

  • Dakota Student newspaper (to the Memorial Union)
  • Desktop Solutions (to the Housing Office)
  • Student Health Services
  • School of Law
  • College of Business and Public Administration
  • Human Resources
  • EPSCoR Office

The space planning decisions announced today were made by the President's Executive Council, using the data provided by JLG as well as other data about our campus facilities.

The timing of the relocations varies, depending on the department and the facility. Some, such as the relocation of groups to the space in Twamley Hall previously occupied by Admissions, will take place in the next few months. Others will take place later in the semester.

Specific planning decisions within each allocated space, such as assignment of individuals to offices, will be made by the heads of the units being affected.

The space reallocations do not affect reporting lines or management structure.

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