University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Cindy Knudson is August U-Shine Recipient

Cindy-KnudsonStaff Senate is pleased to announce that the August U-Shine Award recipient is Cindy Knudson, administrative coordinator for the Memorial Union. She was nominated by Tony Trimarco, director of the Memorial Union, and presented with a check for $50 and a certificate by Staff Senate President Patricia Young.

This award is presented monthly to a UND staff member who went out of his or her way to make UND a better place.

Here is an excerpt of what was said about Cindy: “I wanted to share a story about the above and beyond service Cindy Knudson consistently provides to students. On July 2nd, a package came to the Union addressed to someone we didn’t know. It originally went to IT support but no one at either CILT or IT recognized the name. They brought it to the Union’s administrative office and gave it to Cindy. Cindy saw a UND phone number written on the package, which went to The Link. The Link checked and found out it was addressed to an engineering student.

Cindy then called the electrical engineering department, and they said the person must be a distance student. They then gave Cindy the student’s phone number. Cindy called the student and left a message saying she had the package. The student called back and asked Cindy to send him the package. He said he needed the part otherwise he’d fail the class! Cindy then called the dean’s office, explained the student’s need, and they said to bring the package over to them and they’d take care of it. Cindy then had one of our student employees hand deliver the package to engineering.

To close the loop, Cindy called the student back and left another message. She told the student that the package was sent over to engineering and they are taking care of getting it to him. She also told the student that if he didn’t get it, he should call Cindy back personally and she’d follow up. This is another example of how Cindy always goes the extra mile to investigate issues and resolve them, rather than passing the problem to someone else…even when the problem is beyond the scope of her job.”

All UND staff members are eligible to receive this award. Nominations can be submitted through the Staff Senate web site at; forms are available at UND Facilities, Dining Services and the Memorial Union Post Office. Nominations must be received by the 15th of each month.

Kim Keeley, U-Shine Coordinator, 777-4146,