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FIDC and Instructional Development announces October awards

The Faculty Instructional Development Committee (FIDC), elected by the University Senate, provides support for course and curriculum development, which goes beyond the means of the individual faculty and academic units. FIDC grants may be used to purchase instructional materials, travel for pedagogical development, travel to make a SoTL presentation, or other projects related to teaching. To submit a proposal, you will find the necessary information on the OID website. The next deadline is noon Monday, Dec. 3.

In October, the FIDC awarded travel grants to the following faculty members:

Scott Kerlin (Computer Science), $1,000 for Pedagogical Travel to attend AAC&U’s Conference : “Next Generation STEM Learning: Investigate, Innovate, Inspire.”

Andrew Quinn (Social Work), $1,000 for a SoTL paper presentation: “An Examination of How Field Agents View Information Technology Competencies” at the Council of Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting.

Jan Stube (Occupational Therapy), $712.55 for a SoTL paper presentation: “A Focus on Occupation Through a Study of Student Learning Outcomes” at the Kansas University Medical Center’s Continuing Education Conference titled “Implementing a Concept-Based Curriculum.”

In consultation with FIDC, the OID Director administers Flexible Grant monies in support of teaching related projects that span programs, departments or colleges. These funds may be used for group meeting or retreat expenses, outside speakers/consultant fees, and a variety of programs and events designed to enhance student learning.

The following were awarded a Flexible Grant during October:

Andrew Knight and Meganne Masko (Music), $500 for guest speaker, Deforia Lane, to present lectures and a pedagogical workshop.

To discuss ideas and drafts before submitting a proposal, contact Anne Kelsch, director, Instructional Development, 777.4233,

-- Instructional Development.

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