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Pursuit of Wellness kicks off Jan. 9

Pursuit of Wellness is coming to campus once again Jan. 9.  It's a game designed to help students learn the correlation between wellness and academic success. Students will be encouraged to participate in a variety of existing campus activities, all of which connect to at least one of the seven dimensions of wellness.

The Pursuit of Wellness will be played from Jan. 9 – Feb. 27. Students can complete the game at their own pace.  Incentives will encourage participation. Winners of the prizes, including the winner of the Ultimate POW Challenge, will be announced at the Wellness Expo at the Wellness Center Feb. 27.

Students will have seven weeks to attempt to receive all seven WOW's.  At each activity, students will ask for a Wristband of Wellness, referred to as a "WOW," indicating that they fulfilled one of their seven dimensions (e.g. red = physical, yellow = intellectual, green = environmental, indigo = social, purple = spiritual, blue = occupational, orange = emotional).

Add your activity or event to the game board; submit an application to be included in the Pursuit of Wellness Challenge at Return it to Karina Wittmann or mail to Stop 8365, Attn: Karina Wittmann for your event to be considered. All applications must be submitted by Dec. 14.

-- Alexa Rudnick, Health and Wellness, 777.3003,

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