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Millie Strang is November U-Shine Recipient

Millie Strang

Millie Strang

Staff Senate is proud to announce that the November U-Shine Award recipient is Millie Strang, catering sales coordinator for dining retail.  She was nominated by Tony Trimarco, director of the Memorial Union, and was presented with a check for $50, a certificate, and a small token of appreciation.

This award is presented monthly to a UND staff member who went out of his or her way to make UND a better place.

Here is an excerpt of what was said about Millie:  “I arrived in the Memorial Union this morning, and went to the elevator on the lower level.  Millie came up with a student.  The three of us got into the elevator, and I asked where they were going.  Millie said she was trying to help the student get an answer to her question.

I asked the student what her question was, and it concerned an academic topic.  Millie said she was taking the student to the Student Success Center on the second floor (which was the perfect place to go).  I got off with them, and watched how Millie escorted the student back to the Student Success Center, which [can be] hard to find.  She made sure the student got connected to someone in that office who could help, and then Millie left.

I asked Millie how she came to be with the student.  Millie's office is located in the lower level of Swanson Hall, which is along the path of the tunnel between the parking ramp and the Union.  Millie said students occasionally stop in her office and ask questions.  In this instance, Millie took it upon herself to personally walk the student all the way to the Student Success Center, because she knew it was hard to find.  Millie cared enough to take the time to help the student get to someone who could help.  Once again, I was glad to have been in the position to see this act of kindness, and honored to recognize Millie for her efforts.  It's why we value her so much here at the Union.”

All UND staff members are eligible to receive this award.  Nominations can be submitted through the Staff Senate web site at; nomination forms are also available at Facilities, Dining Services and the Memorial Union post office. Nominations must be received by the 15th of each month.

-- Kim Keeley, U-Shine coordinator, 777.4146,

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