University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Remembering Bill Wrenn

William "Bill" Wrenn, professor emeritus of biology, died Dec. 8, 2012, in Garden Grove, Calif.  He was 77.  william-wren

William Jack Wrenn was born July 18, 1935, in Los Angeles to Mary M. Makshanoff and Jack Louis Wrenn.

He earned his bachelor's degree in 1962 and his master's degree in 1964, both in biology from California State University, Long Beach.  He earned his entomoloy doctorate in 1972 from the University of Kansas.

He joined the UND biology faculty in 1969, where he taught and conducted research on insects, insect pestes, mites, and arthropods, especially chiggers.  At the time of his retirement in 2001, he was one of only two experts on chiggers, mites which spread disease and act as parasites on reptiles, birds, and mammals.  He was the only person in the United States who raised chiggers in a laboratory, and he conducted experiments to determine the effectiveness of repellents.

He enjoyed traveling, reading, gardening, deep-sea fishing, and cooking.

He is survived by his sister, Dorothy Samarin, along with many other family members and friends.