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Employee responsibilities and activities policy revised

President Kelley signed UND policy 1.3, Employee Responsibilities and Activities: Theft, Fraud, Abuse and Waste, on Feb. 5. While this policy is not new, both the policy statement and reason for policy have been revised to meet the requirements set forth by the State Board of Higher Education (SBHE), and to outline procedures that have been in place for some time.

Policy Statement: All University of North Dakota employees assume responsibility for safeguarding and preserving the assets and resources of the state and university system. Benefited employees are required to complete annual fraud awareness training. This training must be documented by the institution. Employees are expected to report suspected theft, fraud, or unlawful or improper use of public resources; anonymous reporting may be done through the fraud hotline.

Reason for Policy: In accordance with State Board of Higher Education policy 611.10 the University of North Dakota must provide a process for reporting suspected theft, fraud, or unlawful or improper use of public resources; designate an officer responsible for receiving and investigating such reports; identify a process for investigation, audit, or referral to law enforcement officials (if there is reasonable basis to suspect theft, fraud, or unlawful or improper use of public resources); and report findings, disposition, and, if appropriate, recommendations for additional controls to prevent recurrence.

Additional revisions:

  • Updated links in website references, related information and contacts
  • Updated email addresses in contacts
  • Removed references in related information that were no longer needed
  • Aligned definitions with those provided in SBHE policy 611.10
  • Removed outdated information from principles
  • Updated procedures: moved phone numbers and email addresses to Contacts; provided clarification on open records and anonymous reporting

To view this policy document in its entirety (including procedures), visit the Division of Finance and Operations’ policy website:

Contact Jennifer Rogers, special projects assistant to the VPFO, if you have questions: 777.4392.

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