University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

UND Identity Guidelines and website now available

During the past year, a group of  UND communicators and designers, the UND Design Group, has been working to standardize the identity guidelines and logo we use in our publications, advertising, stationery and the other communication materials we create.

In the past, many different design variations on our UND logo have been used, and we are trying to reduce this number and standardize a common look so that we are more easily recognizable everywhere as UND.

In late 2012, we shared these ideas with campus academic unit leaders, senior staff, and communications and marketing professionals to gain feedback and additional ideas.  Their response was overwhelmingly positive, and we incorporated their feedback into refining the UND identity.  We have also developed a set of guidelines to support our University’s identity going forward, such as descriptions of the correct font style and color to use with the logo.

Those guidelines are now available for use broadly by the campus.  The UND Identity Guidelines website can be accessed at

On the website, you will also find a process for helping different departments implement these guidelines and create materials, such as business cards and stationery, with the standardized identity.

The University’s Identity Guidelines will be managed by the Division of University & Public Affairs. Please contact the Division at 777.2731 if you have questions.

I want to thank the UND Design Group for their hard work and perseverance through this important process.  I encourage all members of the UND community to familiarize yourselves with the identity guidelines and the resources provided on the website. Through your participation, we can help build an Exceptional UND by presenting a clear, consistent brand.

-- President Robert O. Kelley