University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

OLLI@UND summer course proposals due Feb. 22

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is UND's lifelong learning program of courses, events, creative workshops, lectures and trips for adults 50 years and better.

OLLI brings together a diverse, lively community of teachers and learners who together explore new areas of knowledge and traditional disciplines, challenging and fascinating subjects. There are no tests or grades. Instructors are encouraged to teach courses prompted by their enthusiasm for the topic and the heart of their expert knowledge. Such teaching is rewarded by the opportunity to work with mature and intelligent students drawn from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Their broad range of life experience and independence of thought challenge the instructor and enrich the exchange of ideas. Distinguished faculty from UND and other experts delight in sharing their knowledge and insights with attentive students who are dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning for the sheer joy of it.

The OLLI summer semester begins Monday, May 20. You may wish to offer a one-time lecture or a course spanning three to six two-hour sessions. Topics requested by OLLI members include history, English/literature, foreign cultures, quantum physics (science for the un-scientist), philosophy and religion, music, writing and current events. We are always open to new ideas! Course proposals can be found at, and are due Friday, Feb. 22.
OLLI provides older adults an intellectual, cultural and creative connection to UND as well as a place for UND's distinguished faculty and others to share their research and interests in an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. The value of lifelong learning speaks directly to the mission and vision at the heart of the University of North Dakota - and to the vitality and inquisitive spirit that OLLI members bring to everything we do.

Please contact Connie Hodgson, Coordinator for OLLI@UND at 777.4840 for more information.