University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Bob Schindele is November Staff Exceptional U recipient

Staff Senate is pleased to announce that the November Staff Exceptional U Award recipient is

Bob Schindele

Bob Schindele

Bob Schindele, building services technician at Twamley Hall for Facilities.  Bob was nominated by four individuals including Cheri Williams, Joy Johnson, Bert Klamm, and Jen Rogers.  He was presented with a certificate by Staff Senate Vice President Diane Hillebrand.

During Bob’s acceptance of this award he said, “I try to live and work by three core values; treat others with respect, do what is right, and accept personal responsibility.”  This clearly demonstrates that Bob is truly a deserving recipient of the Exceptional U award.

This award, in honor of World Kindness Week, recognizes and celebrates a UND faculty member, staff member, and student who have gone out of their way to demonstrate kindness to others.

Here are some excerpts of what was said about Bob:

“Bob Schindele is one of the building service technicians in Twamley Hall.  He is friendly and kind to everyone in Twamley, he is always positive and has a smile and greeting for everyone. Including my own, here are just a few stories that I have heard from different third floor Twamley staff: (1) Bob knew that I had dropped and broke a co-worker’s one-of-a-kind coffee mug. About a week later he stopped by the office and told me he had seen very similar looking coffee mugs at the Farmers Market. (2) Bob noticed her hummingbird paperweight had been broken and he offered and did fix it with super glue. (3) Another staff member mentioned that when the clocks were supposed to be set back this fall, her office clocks that needed to be changed manually had already been set when she came in to work on Monday morning. (4) A staff member reported that Bob offered to hang a new clock in the office when the broken one was replaced, and he checked in daily until that was done. (5) Bob rearranged his cleaning schedule to accommodate a staff member who is usually in her office before 7:30 a.m., so he wouldn’t be in her way.

These are just a few examples of Bob’s acts of kindness and I imagine there are other similar stories from other Twamley staff.  We all agree that we are very fortunate to have Bob in Twamley and he is a great example of exceptional staff representation at UND and an ideal candidate for this award for someone who puts forth special effort every day in making UND a better place.”

“Bob is the custodian in my building.  Bob noticed that I had a broken paperweight sitting on my desk and asked if he could try to fix it for me.  I said certainly, it was a gift from someone and I have had it for many years.  Bob searched and found some glue that might work and painstakingly tried to glue this delicate knick knack in two places.  Because of the delicate wings on the paperwieght, Bob had to try to fix it over a period of three days.  He was able to fix it and I am still using it.  I also talked with Bob in the early morning hours this fall while he was blowing leaves off the sidewalks around Twamley.  He was hoping it would help eliminate having so many leaves tracked into the building.  His thoughtfulness was appreciated and it really seemed to help keep the building cleaner.”

“Since Bob started working in Twamley, we have heard nothing but positive comments about his cheerful attitude and how noticeable it is that he takes pride in his job.  Each morning Bob will greet staff entering the building with a “Good Morning” and a smile.  He will even add your name, if he knows it.  One example we’ve had in our office was shortly after Bob had started.  I didn’t even know his name then–that is how new he was.  He stopped by my desk first thing in the morning and walked me into the VP’s office.  He explained that he was dusting and as he picked up one of the awards on the shelf, an emblem fell off.  He was so concerned on how to fix it and cared enough to bring it to our attention rather than just leaving it there to be noticed.  We were very touched and impressed by his integrity and approach.   I have seen Bob off campus as well.  When I’ve encountered him, he says he's just out riding his bike in the community and stops to see what is going on–Jazz on the Red downtown and tailgating at a UND football game.  He is always cheerful and stops to visit.  Having Bob’s friendly presence in our building is so refreshing.  His kindness is evident and he radiates qualities that make him so likable.  We are very fortunate to have Bob Schindele in our building and feel he is very deserving of the Exceptional U Award!!”

“I can’t think of a more deserving person for the Exceptional U Award than Bob Schindele.  I see Mr. Schindele nearly every work day.  He always smiles and says hello when I meet him, and goes the extra step to make small talk while waiting for the elevator or passing in the hall.  He takes great pride in his job and makes Twamley look its very best.  My office has never been so dust free (I’m allergic to dust so that’s a big positive in my book!). This summer, an air conditioner in our office was leaking water.  Mr. Schindele took the time to suck the water out of the carpet, brought in carpet dryers and cleaned the area even though his shift was done.  He could have easily passed the project on to someone else, but he wanted to make sure it was taken care of.  Mr. Schindele is courteous, friendly, kind to others, pleasant to be around and is overall the epitome of the EXCEPTIONAL U Award.  I highly encourage you to consider Mr. Schindele as a candidate for this special recognition.”

All UND faculty, staff, and students are eligible to receive this award.  Nominations in honor of Random Acts of Kindness Week will be accepted through the month of February and can be submitted through the Staff Senate website at  All staff member nominations will also be held in consideration for the U-Shine Award, which is awarded monthly to a UND staff member.

-- Kim Keeley, Staff Senate U-Shine Coordinator, 777-4146,