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Comments sought on Effort Reporting policy

A campus-wide comment period will be held Feb. 14-28 for Policy 2, Effort Reporting.

This is a new policy.

Policy Statement: UND requires employees to certify that the percentage of time (effort) charged or cost shared to sponsored projects is reasonable and consistent with the portion of total professional activity committed. This is achieved through after-the-fact certification of effort recorded on Personnel Activity Confirmation (PAC) reports or timesheets.

Principal Investigators (PIs) must perform and certify at least 5% effort to accurately reflect their leadership of the project. Key personnel must commit and report effort. A minimum amount of effort may be required by the sponsoring agency. Effort is to be captured during the time frame the work is performed. If actual effort is tracked by the use of an approved time sheet, the time sheets will be used in lieu of PAC reports and the 5% effort will not apply. This policy does not apply to equipment and construction grants. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis if approved prior to proposal submittal. Exceptions need to be approved by the University authorized signatory (Research Development & Compliance – RDC).

Reason for Policy: A policy is necessary to comply with Federal requirements. Applicable regulations require that time and effort reports reflect the total activity within the scope of an employee’s Institutional Base Salary (IBS). If you are working on a sponsored project, effort reports must capture not only activity on sponsored projects, including summer salary, but also teaching, patient care, service, administration, summer session teaching, summer salary to work on sponsored agreements, and Continuing Education requirements. Therefore, effort is equal to 100 percent of an individual’s IBS.

The federal government requires confirmation that their funds are being expended appropriately on sponsored projects. Effort reporting assures all external sponsors that funds they sponsor are properly expended for the salaries and wages of those individuals working on the projects. The Federal methodology for effort certification is used for all external sponsors.

To view the proposed policy, visit the Division of Research and Economic Development’s policy web site:

Submit comments to Trinity Bohlman, cost/compliance analyst:

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