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Annual Air Pollution Workshop continues March 12

The 6th Annual Air Pollution Workshop will take place in the Chemistry Department on March 11-12. Five high schools with over 170 junior and senior students are registered to attend.

Students will learn from short presentations by faculty members in Chemistry (Alena Kubatova), Atmospheric Sciences (David Delene), Chemical Engineering (Frank Bowman) and Political Science (Robert Wood) about air pollution issues such as global warming, environmentally friendly energy strategies, and data necessary for climate modeling. Students will also participate in tours of the Airport and the Chemistry Department.

During the airport tour, students will learn about how the University’s Citation Research Aircraft is used to conduct air pollution research. While touring the Chemistry Department, students will see hands on demonstrations, which include: Aerosol Number Concentration Measurements, Air Pollution on the Web, Analysis of Arson Smoke Using Gas Chromatography, and Cloud in a Bottle. Students will learn not only about air pollution but will interact with graduate student guides and learn about life on the campus.

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-- Alena Kubatova, associate professor, Chemistry, 777.0348,

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