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Information provided for faculty with summer grants or contracts

The following is being provided for faculty with nine-month appointments and being paid on a grant, cooperative agreement or contract during the summer.

  1. Faculty having nine-month contracts may be employed for up to three full months' salary on research grants or other sponsored program activities provided the sponsoring agency's rules do not prohibit such salary payments and the total cumulative salary being paid to the faculty member from all University sources does not exceed the equivalent of three months salary. Section III Part 5.1.2 of the Faculty Handbook
  2. This includes salary from grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, teaching responsibilities, and summer graduate research professorships’.
  3. Summer salary of nine-month faculty should be charged to federal grants at a rate no greater than 100% of the base salary for compliance with Federal OMB Circular A-21, Principles for Determining Costs Applicable to Grants, Contracts, and Other Agreements with Educational Institutions.
  4. Base salary used for computing summer salary will be the base salary of the faculty member’s current academic year appointment (that ends May 15) divided by the number of months in their academic year contract. This amount would be the monthly salary rate and would be used to calculate the summer salary for the period May 16 through Aug. 15. For example, a nine-month faculty member with a base salary of $90,000 for the current academic year ending May 15 would have a summer salary rate of $10,000 per month ($90,000/9 months = $10,000).
  5. The annual increase in base salary for nine-month faculty is not effective until Aug. 16 of each year.
  6. Normal research assignments are not considered overload.
  7. If you are paying yourself a full summer salary (three full months), your time commitments should reflect a full-time work schedule.

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-- Katrina Landman, Grants and Contracts, 777.4151,


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