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Annual Dr. Elwyn B. Robinson Memorial Chess Tournament hopes to spur local interest in the ‘game of kings’

The UND Chess Club is set to host its second annual “Dr. Elwyn B. Robinson Memorial Chess Tournament,” between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., Sunday, April 14, in the Chester Fritz Library Department of Special Collections, which also bears Robinson’s name.

Baked goods will be provided by the Chess Club during the tournament. Anyone is welcome to play or watch the tournament. It will consist of four or five rounds of chess games.

The event is a nonrated chess tournament held in honor of the late Robinson (1905-1985), a professor emeritus of history and famed North Dakota historian who wrote one of the most complete accounts of the state’s history, titled History of North Dakota, in 1966. Robinson was also was an avid chess player – a lifelong hobby – and his love for the Game of Kings was well known.

Matt Dunlevy, a graduate student at UND, started the tournament two years ago in hopes of providing an opportunity for tournament-style chess for an area that typically “does not have the opportunity,” as well as to draw out more players for the club.

Andrew Owen a member of the chess club, said “my hope is that this annual tournament will grow in future years to the point where it can be rated as an official tournament for ranked players, and maybe even attract grandmasters. Either way, I hope it becomes a tradition here at UND that lasts for many years.”

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-- David L. Dodds, media relations/writer and editor, University and Public Affairs, 777.5529,

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