University of North Dakota Faculty/Staff Newsletter

Trudy Soli receives March U-Shine Award

Staff Senate is pleased to announce that the March U-Shine Award recipient is trudy-soliTrudy Soli, Office Manager/Helicopter Flight Training Program Administrator for Military Science/Army ROTC.  Trudy was nominated by Captain Jarrod Simek, Executive Officer for Military Science/Army ROTC, and was presented with a check for $50, a small token of appreciation, and a certificate by Staff Senate Vice President Diane Hillebrand.

This award is presented monthly to a UND staff member who went out of his or her way to make UND a better place.

Here is an excerpt of what was said about Trudy:  “I strongly recommend Mrs. Trudy S. Soli be awarded the U-Shine Award for her 25 years of unconditional and patriotic service to UND’s ROTC program, United States Army, and our nation.

Mrs. Soli has served with unquestionable distinction as the Departmental Office Manager and Helicopter Flight Training Program (HFTP) Administrator at the University of North Dakota.  Over the past 25 years of distinguished service, Mrs. Soli has contributed to the successful commissioning of approximately 700 cadets and is truly the keystone to this organization.

Trudy has remained an indispensable asset to UND and the Army ROTC program for the past 25 years.  Trudy meticulously manages several financial tasks, ensuring cadets are paid all that is due to them and on time.  Trudy’s attention to financial detail is imperative being it impacts the overall recruiting and retention of cadets.  Trudy has taken a personal interest in every cadet that has walked through her door; not only does she ensure they are academically aligned, but will make time to listen to their concerns dealing with school and personal problems.  Trudy has built flawless rapport with the UND staff and cadets throughout her career, which is highly evident in the success of the program.  Trudy is a subject matter expert in the HFTP program and has remained consistent in providing current information to the command.

Trudy has meticulously managed the HFTP program for the last 14 years, which has exceeded a budget in excess of $700 million.  Trudy has worked with many federal agencies to include Fort Rucker, UND's Dean of Aerospace, Aviation Department, Fiscal Affairs, General Counsel, and Cadet Command.  Trudy also helped initiate a government contract with UND’s Student Health Services, which allowed UND medical personnel to give ROTC Cadets military flight physicals.  This initiative brought an additional $140,000 in revenues to the University, and also streamlined ROTC’s ability to qualify Cadets for flight service.

Trudy's mentorship, both to the department head and ROTC Cadre, has resulted in program growth and has maximized the HFTP program to its fullest potential.  Trudy possesses outstanding administrative skills enabling her to manage numerous types of tasks simultaneously in an efficient manner.  Her interpersonal skills with staff, cadets and the entire chain of command are above reproach.  This program could not operate efficiently without the abilities that Trudy possesses.  Trudy always has a smile on her face and greets people with a warm handshake and makes them feel right at home.  Trudy immediately has the uncanny ability to put people at ease and gain their confidence and respect through conversation.  Trudy visits with prospective cadets and their parents on a consistent basis either via the phone or in person.  Her congeniality has undoubtedly influenced many prospects to join our program and come to UND for their education.

Trudy performs every task to the highest possible standard and consistently exceeds the commands expectations and documented description of her job.  Trudy’s attention to detail is impeccable; she leaves no stone unturned.  Trudy spends on average two hours per cadet proofreading and making suggested changes to Cadet Planned Academic Worksheets.  This information is invaluable to the Cadets, since it lays out the classes in sequence that they will need to take over their college career in order to graduate on time.  These worksheets are also invaluable to Cadet Command, since they use the information as a planning tool to estimate the number of Cadets that will be commissioned into the Army, depending on force structure.

Trudy continues to expand her administrative knowledge by learning many new Cadet Command administrative programs implemented throughout the years, as well as interpreting many new updates to Cadet Command and Department of the Army Regulations.  Trudy is not afraid of change; she embraces it warmly without any resistance.  Trudy has the work ethic that allows her to grab any problem, dig into it, and work hard in order to find a solution to the problem.  This year the UND Helicopter Flight Training Program (HFTP) was suspended; Trudy has been instrumental in researching the facts and asking the right questions in dealing with its unfortunate status, ensuring a seamless transition into the new school year.

Not only is Trudy involved at work, but outside of work as well. Trudy has been a lifelong member of Our Saviors Lutheran Church in East Grand Forks.  She serves as volunteer coordinator and wedding coordinator for the church.  She is also involved with high school sports and works with various social and parenting groups.  Trudy is and always has been an exceptional performer when it comes to her accomplishments.  Trudy is underpaid for the responsibility and the demands placed upon her. Trudy’s performance is second to none and deserves so much more than just a pat on the back.  Trudy is very dependable, always on time, uses sound judgment when problem solving, and works long hours to ensure tasks are accomplished. Because of these exceptional qualities, Trudy deserves nothing less than to be awarded the U-Shine Award for her 25 years of unconditional service to the University of North Dakota and Army ROTC.”

All UND staff members are eligible to receive this award.  Nominations can be submitted through the Staff Senate website at; nomination forms are also available at UND Facilities, Dining Services and the Memorial Union Post Office.

Kim Keeley, Staff Senate U-Shine Coordinator, 777-4146,